What is the difference between a Verizon store and an authorized retailer

With a revenue of approximately $128.4 billion, Verizon is one of the biggest telecommunications companies in the United States of America.

Verizon provides a variety of communications information, as well as entertainment products and services for anyone and everyone. From voice and data services, equipment, cloud services, as well as security, to all the products one might need to make use of all of these, it is no wonder that there are approximately 1.45 million US subscribers that take advantage of everything they have to offer.

There are hundreds of thousands of Verizon stores scattered throughout the country to ensure easy access to any customer and/or future potential customer, although, not all stores have been created equally and are divided into Verizon Corporate stores, and Authorised Retailer stores.

Continue reading to find out the differences between the two.

Verizon corporate stores are fully owned by Verizon.

Corporate Verizon stores

Although very similar to each other, the two different stores have a few differences that might go unnoticed but certainly make a difference when it comes to the individuals working in or owning the stores. Verizon corporate stores are fully owned by Verizon. With having full ownership of the stores the company reaps all the benefits that owning a store has to offer and retains the ownership of these stores. One of the interesting factors is that these Verizon corporate stores work in conjunction with the parent company, Verizon Wireless.

While still being a Verizon store, and selling and marketing the same products, authorized retail stores are owned privately but work in conjunction with Verizon Wireless directly. 

Authorized Verizon retailer

While still being a Verizon store, and selling and marketing the same products, authorised retail stores are owned privately but work in conjunction with Verizon Wireless directly. This allows for both parties to reap the mutual benefits of the stores. Usually, with these kinds of stores, the retailers will receive very attractive looking commissions, as well as co-accruals, and maintenance fees when a customer chooses to use the Verizon Wireless Telecommunication services.

Who’s the boss?

When it comes to Verizon corporate stores, Authority comes from the parent company Verizon Wireless. Authorised retail stores, however, are slightly different when it comes down to who is the boss. In authorized retail stores, the owner generally gets to call the shots and be their own boss, although, Verizon Wireless does have some authority over each store.

When it comes down to the nitty-gritty, authorised retailers get to take a step back while Verizon takes over for certain things such as the billing and collection of fees from each customer.  Another important factor in an authorised retail Verizon store is that it is a requirement for the retailer to post a banner in order for people to see their connection to Verizon

Do they look different?

Walking into either a Verizon corporate store or a Verizon authorised retail store, one might not immediately, or perhaps ever, be able to tell the difference. With the Verizon corporate stores being owned by Verizon itself, it allows for more fluidity and flow between stores, whereas the authorised retailers have a little bit more freedom when it comes down to it. They all look the same from the outside and, to be honest, you probably won’t be able to tell the difference between the stores unless you look up specific locations and whether they are corporate stores or authorised retailers.

Returns and warranty

As an authorised retailer, owners are allowed to set their own policies that may differ from the corporate stores slightly, in order to suit the store more appropriately. Generally, it is easier to make exchanges at a corporate store because it is directly connected to Verizon, but on the other hand, at authorised retail stores, financing seems to be much more accessible and easier. Both stores have different qualities that work better for each individual customer.

Although the products sold at each type of Verizon store are practically the same thing, there are some little differences between the two stores. The reason why both types of stores are an option is purely to increase the coverage and reach, ad to have checkpoints all over the country for ease of access to customers. For the updated differences, you can find out more from the official website.

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