Wizard101’s summer update reworks the newbie and grouping experience

Wizard101 is a fully online game that’s aimed at kids ages 6-12 with the goal of letting kids explore new worlds, make new friends and earn cool rewards. The game is free to play and rewards users with badges and coins for completing quests and leveling up. One of the most exciting aspects of the game is that it introduces a social system to make grouping up with friends much easier.

W101 has been on a roll this year. Their newest update (which I’m going to call the Summer Update) is the first major update since our re-launch, and it has been almost completely reworked.

In July of 2017, the popular online game “Wizard101” launched a new update to their game. This update reworked the grouping and new-player experience, improving some of the existing features while introducing new ones. Some of the changes implemented in this update included the replacement and reorganization of several existing tutorials, the addition of several new (and improved) instructional videos, and the restructure of the clan system.. Read more about new world arena pvp and let us know what you think.


Because of the redesigned tutorial that KingsIsle has been teasing for months, Wizard101’s summer update promises to be an intriguing one for lovers of the family-friendly MMO. They’re calling it the FTUE (first-time user experience), and it’ll assist newcomers get used to it.

“The Summer Update not only improves the experience for novice wizards, but it also adds a slew of new features to Wizard101’s most popular feature: its vibrant community,” KingsIsle states. “Players may now establish Adventure Parties, which enable them to schedule meetings in-game for bigger groups. New perks for wizards adventuring in a full group have recently been added to KingsIsle, including a Friendly Flag feature that allows players to identify themselves as wanting to chat or group together, and Team Up Volunteers, which allows a player to designate themselves as available to help others while they continue their own adventure. The player may rapidly teleport over to others who have requested help.”

There are also quality-of-life enhancements and activities planned for the remainder of the summer.

“The Summer Update improves several of the game’s events in addition to providing a better questing and socializing experience. Beastmoon Monster Mayhem introduces a new area (Avalon) and creatures to fight, as well as the opportunity to acquire powerful spell upgrades through the Spellwrighting system. Events, of course, continue to run throughout the summer, providing gamers something new to do each week. Wizards may climb the Deckathalon towers to collect school-themed pets and an unique trophy for topping the leaderboards, get points for playing with pets in the Pet Promenade, or just stroll around the Spiral Scene to see all of the amazing, artistically designed player castles.”


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