6 Benefits of Office 365 Migration

It is important to have a reliable email system for your business to sustain communication aspects such as client contact, supplier contact, in-house communication, and sending of invoices, among more. Without this essential aspect of communication, your business could smoothly be crippled. As technology advances, more dedicated email solutions and systems, such as the cloud-hosted Office 365 from Microsoft, have been developed to take over the traditional, on-premises Microsoft Exchange servers.

Office 365 Cloud Migration has become an essential step for the business as Office 365 provides you with many benefits like online access to your email, communication, collaboration, and office web apps.

Here are the significant benefits of Office 365 migration:

You can Save heavily on costs with the pay-as-you-go pricing

Office 365’s pay-as-you-go model and flexible subscription plans mean that you can be selective about which applications and plans you choose. Microsoft offers a number of different Office 365 options, including Business Essentials, Business, Enterprise E1-E4 and F1 plans. Microsoft also offers customized options for larger organizations that require additional features or custom installation.

Every plan includes different features, so you can select the one that best suits the needs of your organization. With Office 365, customers pay only for the applications they use, which ensures budgeting predictability and cost optimization. You may also be able to take advantage of various discounts and other special offers to further reduce costs.

Automatic backing up of files

No one enjoys losing a document because it had not been saved early enough. It results in time wastage and too much hassle writing another piece of the same. Office 365 takes away the hassle of saving these important files from you. It automatically saves your files and provides backup, ensuring that your latest version of any file is automatically updated and never lost.

Trusted source and high-end security

6 Benefits of Office 365 Migration

An Office 365 migration can provide businesses with the benefit of automatic backing up of important data. Automated backup helps protect data integrity and reduce the risk of accidental deletion or malicious malware attacks corrupting your stored information. With data replication that takes place across multiple geographic locations, you can be ensured that your documents remain safe with diminished risk of loss due to natural disasters or other disruptions.

Office 365 also offers a range of options for setting up backups with different schedules and frequency rules, allowing you to customize the setup to best suit the needs of your organization:

  • Setting up backups with different schedules.
  • Frequency rules.

Enhanced accessibility

With office 365, you will be able to access your data on Virtual Cloud Desktop Server from any place and at any time. Cloud hosting enables easy access to mail, files, and apps at the workplace, at home, or even when on the move. You no longer must sign into your work desktop or laptop to view your email securely. Use your computer, tablet, Mac, or even smartphone to view your emails even while on the go.

Better communication through collaboration

Office 365 has introduced new collaborative tools that are revolutionizing business communication and collaboration. Users can easily create content, collaborate on projects, and share files with other team members. The suite of Office 365 applications encourages smoother communication between individuals and teams across the business by allowing them to access the same real-time files, eliminating the need to send documents back and forth via email.

The suite consists of enterprise-class tools like SharePoint, Exchange, Skype for Business, Teams, Outlook Client & Yammer that enables users to communicate effectively within their organizations. Through these tools individuals can easily communicate with colleagues in any part of the world on a secure platform.

  • SharePoint provides a dedicated managed workspace for teams to share documents and track activities online; it also allows for workflow automation which can help streamline business processes and ensure tasks are properly completed on time.
  • Exchange synchronizes emails between multiple devices so you can access your emails from any device with an internet connection.
  • Teams allows users to chat in real-time as well as share files quickly and securely.
  • Skype for Business provides audio and video conferencing capabilities so dispersed teams can engage more effectively together face-to-face if need be.

Bringing collaboration together under one platform will enable businesses to increase efficiency in day-to-day operations through faster access to information, improved productivity by minimizing the number of emails sent back and forth, better information sharing thanks to enhanced search capabilities and robust document management features all within a secure platform – key advantages Office 365 Migration will bring!

Online conferencing

6 Benefits of Office 365 Migration

Online conferencing is one of the top benefits of migrating to Office 365. Office 365 makes it possible for people in different geographic locations to easily stay connected and share ideas. With online conferencing, users can participate in audio and video communication, access shared documents, present slideshows and polls, co-edit documents in real time, capture meeting notes and create group whiteboards for collaborative brainstorming.

Additionally, with Office 365’s cloud storage capabilities, all files related to a meeting are stored safely in the cloud – making them instantly accessible from any device. All these features make it easier for organizations to quickly and effectively communicate with their remote team members. Furthermore, administrators can also keep an eye on how frequently teams interact and facilitate team building activities through interactive chatbot programs called ‘ChatOps’.


Microsoft Office 365 migrations have become increasingly popular, but the decision to move to the cloud should not be taken lightly. Apps4Rent specializes in mission-critical, high-risk projects – both of which rely on their ability to deliver a successful outcome with the shortest possible downtime. Their team comprises data migration experts who have been with them for years, guaranteeing your peace of mind. Apart from that Apps4Rent even provide Managed Desktop as a Service with 100% assistance and 24/7/365 tech support which makes them ideal partners to designate for the service.

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