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Knockout City Season 2 Release Date – Start and End

Knockout City Season 2 is set to premiere on Netflix on April 1st and will be available for streaming on all your favorite devices. To celebrate we are giving away a limited edition Knockout City poster that was hand signed by the cast and crew!

For those of you who have been following our blog, then you already know that Knockout City is a multiplayer football game in which you play for three teams: The Fighters, The Riders and The Fans. The team you choose determines your position in the game, and the higher you are on the team hierarchy, the better your shot at finding the legendary “Knockout’ cards in the game.

Based on the popularity of the first season of Knockout City , the Tag Team Tv network and the production company have decided to air a new season of this fun, competitive game show. The 40 contestants will be divided into 4 teams that will battle each other for a chance at the title of Knockout City Champions. The game consists of three rounds – a Striking Round, a Tag Battle Round, and a Knockout Round.

Publisher Electronic Arts has revealed that Knockout City’s Season 2 has locked down its start date to July 27, which happens to be in a bit under one month. The third and fourth seasons will follow in fall and winter, respectively, so it’s safe to say that the goal is to constantly give players something new to do.

While Knockout City’s Season 2 end date wasn’t mentioned directly, we expect it to occur on September 28. Provided it ends at the same time as the second season begins, the title’s debut season will have lasted a whole 9 weeks, which is what informs our above guess.

  • Knockout City Season 2 Start Date: July 27
  • Knockout City Season 2 End Date ( estimation): September 28

Before Knockout City Season 2’s release date comes around, however, there’s still plenty to do. Updates come each week and the Heatwave limited-time event has just kicked off.

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Knockout City is available on PC, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

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