The 10 Rarest Skins in League of Legends (2021)

League of Legends has a diverse amount of legendary skins. Some are legendary in their own rights, like Freezerburn Urgot, while others are legendary because they are rare, like Hextech Annie. In this article, we count down the 10 rarest skins in League of Legends. We must warn you, though: the list might be a little bit biased to Riot’s new skin system. If you’re looking for a truly unique, rare skin, check out our list of the most unique skins in League of Legends.

The world of League of Legends is changing. We’re now in the Season 3 and Riot Games is constantly updating their game with new skins, champions and more. Ever since the start of the Season 3, there’s been a trend to make the skins even more rare and valuable. Some of the skins Riot has released this year are already some of the rarest skins in the game, and will be lucky to ever see the light of day again.

League of Legends has been around for a while – almost twelve yearsif you can believe it. As the game ages, some skins become more difficult to obtain over the years. Chances are you’ve never seen some of these rare skins in LoL, and accounts with these skins are gradually getting smaller and inactive…..

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Thank God for the internet! We always find screenshots, videos or renderings of 3D models of each skin! However, if you want to try one of these skins yourself, you will find that it is incredibly difficult to do so.

Many of the skins we’re going to talk about today are no longer available (even on PBE) or require old redemption codes. If you are not willing to spend a lot of money to buy the code on a marketplace like eBay, you will have to settle for hoping to find it in the wild.

10 rarest skins in LoL

Now that we’re done with the introduction, let’s move on to the list of the 10 rarest skins in League of Legends.

1 /10

Skin Collector’s Edition

Image: Riot Games

Silver Kayle, Black Alistar and Young Ryze are the three rarest skins in League of Legends . They were all obtained by buying the League of Legends collector’s edition when it came out in 2009.

The Kayle skin was included with all collector’s editions, while the Alistar and Ryze skins were exclusive to the digital and retail pre-order editions respectively. It was incredibly unlikely that anyone would buy both versions just for the two skins, especially considering the game was launched as a free-to-play game. Only the most die-hard fans will buy the Collector’s Edition, let alone pre-order it.

While Black Alistair as a skin has not been well preserved (it’s really just a repaint), Silver Kale and Young Rise have received significant visual updates in their respective VGU (visual and gameplay updates).

In particular, the Kayle skin gets a stunning new splash screen and an epic look in the game. Young Ryze’s Skin gives us a glimpse of Ryze before he became the purple mage we all know now. Although the design of the game leaves something to be desired, the initial screen is quite nice.

Unfortunately, the skins are no longer available because Riot disabled all redemption codes in 2014. Even if you buy an older Collector’s Edition, you won’t be able to get these skins.

However, it should be noted that the Silver Kayle skin was available for a short period of time in 2019….. on Garena’s SEA servers. Garena works independently of Riot, which gives her the freedom to decide which skins can come back.

To date, Riot has announced no plans to make these three skins available again on Riot-owned servers, putting them at the top of our list of rare LoL skins.

2 /10

King Rammus

Picture: Riot Games

Issued to players who participated in the closed beta test by invitation from April to 20. October 2009 participated, and remains one of the few hard to find League skins. This obvious homage to King Bowser from the Mario game series was introduced to players at the game’s launch on the server. Since an invitation was required to participate in the beta test, the number of players who received this skin is incredibly low.

If you created your account between April and October 2009, you will automatically receive this skin when the servers are operational. Unfortunately, Riot has stated that they will not be making this skin available again and that it will remain a one-time reward for beta participants.

The quality of the leather is pretty good according to Rammus’ last VGU in early 2021 and definitely looks like Bowser’s image, though it’s mostly just a repaint.

3 /10

Rusty Lightning Sick

Image: Riot Games

This skin was released in November 2009 and is considered one of the rarest skins in LoL , as it was permanently removed from the store within three months of its release.

The reason for the suspension? Well, um… It sucks.

This might have happened in the early days of LoL skins, but this skin was just a slap in the face to the players who bought it. The only difference with the classic Blitzcrank was the slight rust discoloration very . At first glance, you can’t even tell it’s skin.

Riot heard the negative reaction and pulled the leather from the store shortly after. The funny thing is that this early removal of the skin has made it a very sought after skin because of its rarity.

It still looks terrible, even with the modern improvements to the Blitzkrank model in the game, but the splash art is an interesting detail.

If you want this skin for the memes and rarity, Riot has unfortunately stated that there are no plans to bring it back to the store. It’s kind of a shame, because you could have worn that skin and told your team you were a little rusty.

4 /10

Victory Jarwan IV

Image: Riot Games

The first prize at the end of the season that is only given to golden players.

While in every season of League of Legends , players who reached gold rank received the Victorious skin for the strongest champion of the season, Victorious Jarvan IV is the first Victorious skin in history.

Given that the game is now twelve years old, it’s not surprising that this skin has become increasingly rare over the years, as the number of players who have received a gold rating and are still actively playing is incredibly low. This is especially true since the number of players in LoL only increased in the second and third year after the game’s release.

The skin itself is not well cared for, lacks the unique animations and shine that modern Victorious skins do, but it remains one of the rarest skins in LoLand indicates a true veteran player.

5 /10

Bare yard

Image: Riot Games

Another skin from season 1 that also happens to be for Kayle! This skin was awarded to players who participated in ten ranked games during the first season of LoL. They didn’t even have to win! As long as it was in season, this leather was quite common, but of course now that over a decade has passed, it has become incredibly rare.

As with Silver Kyle, this skin has been heavily modified in Kyle’s GUV and has taken on a form befitting a cold, emotionless Arbiter whose eyes are hidden behind a cold, emotionless face. Unfortunately for their opponents, their new dark color scheme doesn’t bode well.

This skin, like the Silver Kayle skin, was also available on the Garena servers shortly after the redesign. Also, as in the previous case, Riot will not make it available again on its own servers.

6 /10

UFO Korky

Picture: Riot Games

When LoL won the IGN and Gamespy Readers’ Choice Award in 2009, Riot decided to offer this skin to all players as a thank you for voting for LoL.

All players under 14 years of age are eligible. January 2010, they could get a free skin. The repayment period was only two weeks, from day 1 to day 14. January. Then it’s gone for good.

Many believe this was Riot’s first attempt at a legendary skin, as it changed his game model more than a minor change in weapon or color. The standard aircraft has been replaced with a UFO saucer with updated textures and particle effects. It’s not legendary by today’s standards, but it was certainly a legendary skin in the LoL era. Besides, it was free, so no one would complain.

Since Riot has classified this skin as an achievement skin, they have no plans to make it available again, except on the rare occasion that their skin gifting feature works with a glitch, making it one of the rarest skins in LoL.

7 /10

PAX Prime Skins

Image: Riot Games

PAX Twisted Fate, PAX Jax, and PAX Sivir are three unique themed badges awarded to players who participated in the 2009-2011 Penny Arcade Expo.

Each has a unique theme, and the simplest of all is Twisted Fate (a rather nice reskin in the event colors of black, blue and white). Jax references the penny arcade webcomic Samurai of the Cardboard Tube, in which he is outfitted with a cardboard tube (well) and a parody samurai costume, complete with a Pacman cape. Civir looks like something out of the movie Tron, in a futuristic motorcycle suit and an improved boomerang.

All three skins could be redeemed with a code that came with the PAX Pass. However, since many people don’t play LoL or just don’t bother trading in the skin, many of these codes were sold online for hundreds of dollars because there was no other way to get them.

Unfortunately, Riot deactivated all of these codes in 2014, so it is currently no longer possible to obtain them.

Although it’s worth noting that Riot temporarily released the NEO PAX Sivir skin in 2017, essentially an updated version of the skin. It can be made with ten gems, or you can hope to get lucky and get it from an epic loot pod. If you had the original PAX Sivir skin, you also get a new one for free!

It was available from August 2017 until the end of the year and has not been present since. However, Riot has said that they may bring it back in the future when the company is back at PAX.

8 /10


Image: Riot Games

With a rather perverse sense of humour, Riot decided that Warwick should canonically hunt down, kill and skin Urf the manatee to wear as a costume.

The skin was originally released as part of April Fool’s Day 2010 to appease fans who wanted to see Urf in the game. Sold for 5000 RP, the following week for only 50 RP, the following week to 500 RP, and the last week to 5000 RP, after which it disappeared from the store.

One would think that such a pricing scheme would cause a lot of outrage, even if it were an April 1 joke. However, all profits from the sale of the skin are donated to a foundation that protects the hunted manatees. So if Urf died a horrible death, hopefully the real manatees will thrive and live on.

The skin itself contains no new effects or animations, but the sight of Warwick walking through a badly stitched Urf corpse is well worth the effort.

By the way, it’s still technically possible to get them – you just need to know where to buy the rare LoL skins!

You see, from time to time Riot brings leather back to the shop, but with a new twist. You can’t buy a skin for the RP – instead, you have to spend a whopping 150,000 blue gas to get it. It’s entirely possible, but you’d have to grow blue gasoline most of the year to afford it.

9 /10

Rebellious skin

Picture: Riot Games

There are currently five unique skins in the Riot series: Riot Blitzcrank, Riot Graves, Riot Kayle, Riot K-9 Nasus and Riot Squad Singed. All of these skins have a riot police theme and are a nod to the company’s name.

Generally, you can only get these skins if you participate in an official Riot event and if you receive a promo code from a Riot player. However, players can usually purchase a skin for a small amount of RP when they first appear, but take your time as they usually disappear from the store permanently. Riot also sometimes hands them out at birthday events and other activities.

Also, all Riot skins can be obtained through hexcrafting and lootboxes, so technically you can still get them if you’re lucky.

One part sung.

Singed is a unique case because it cannot be obtained through the Hexa-Technology crafting system. The only way to catch him is to remove the codes issued during the 2010 and 2011 events, but all of those codes were deactivated in 2014.

Riot Squad Singed is currently the rarest of the Riot skins and is not expected to reappear anytime soon, it is one of the rarest skins in LoL in general. Too bad, because he’s holding the iconic rebel shield.

10 /10

Riven Championship (Original)

Image: Riot Games

This skin is a bit of a special case, as there are two almost identical versions.

In 2012, Riot released a World Cup skin, starting the trend of releasing a new World Cup skin every year. Those who had bought tickets and had physically come to the championship, received a code for a skin with their ticket.

About 8,000 people had access to leather and it was the only way to get it at the time. Of course, people started selling the leather easily on eBay for over $300. In response to the high demand from players for the skin and to limit online sales, Riot has made the skin available for one week after the final, from the 14th to the 22nd. October available for PR purchase. It has since been removed from the store and has become one of the rarest skins in LoL .

For three years there was a promotion where everyone could choose a winning team in each round, and the person who guessed all the scores correctly got a skin.

However, Riot decided to re-release the skin in 2016, albeit with some caveats to preserve the value of the original skin. Owners of the original Riven league received a new free unique summoner badge, the original skin had a unique loading screen frame, and the game added a crown to the Riven model.

The original version of this skin will not be available in the future, making it one of the rarest skins in LoL.



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Have fun playing!{“@context”:””,”@type”:”FAQPage”,”mainEntity”:[{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What’s the rarest skin in League of Legends?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:” The rarest skin in League of Legends is the Victorious Janna skin.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How much would it cost to buy every skin in League of Legends 2021?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:” The cost of buying every skin in League of Legends 2021 is $1,845,000.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How do you get riot singed in 2021?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:” You can’t.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the rarest skin in League of Legends?

The rarest skin in League of Legends is the Victorious Janna skin.

How much would it cost to buy every skin in League of Legends 2021?

The cost of buying every skin in League of Legends 2021 is $1,845,000.

How do you get riot singed in 2021?

You can’t.

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