Monster Hunter Stories 2 Bottle Caps Location

In Monster Hunter Stories 2, you can collect, or “caps”, monster-themed bottle caps from different monsters. Some of these caps can be used as deco items for your room. Other caps have special abilities that can be used in battle. You can find all of these in this article

In March, Capcom released the Monster Hunter Stories 2 app on iOS and Android mobile devices, which allows users to play in the new story mode. The story revolves around a boy named Ryo and a monster girl called Jin, who are on the hunt for a rare bottle cap at the start of the story. The bottle cap is used as an element to help the player fight even stronger monsters and boss battles.

Getting bottle caps is a good way to get stronger in Monster Hunter Stories 2. You can exchange them for valuable items at Melynx Inc. merchants. For obtaining good material, it is an excellent alternative to forging. But first you need to know where to look for them.

Where to find bottle caps in Monster Hunter Stories 2

In Monster Hunter Stories 2, bottle caps can be found in special treasure chests located in Everdance, a special kind of monster lair. They exist in many different places around the world Monster Hunter Stories 2 :. Wings of Ruinbut their position is always fixed. One of the things that helps players find Everdens is what the entrances look like. Unlike typical caves, special caves always have huge rocks in front of the entrance. You will find red treasure chests that contain what you are looking for.

When looking for bottle caps, there is a very easy way to find Everdeens, if you have the right sample for the job. If you use a mount action called Find Nest, all possible caves will be shown on your map. You still have to go to them and check their records to see if it is Everden or not, but it will make the process much easier and faster. Once you find the place, just go in, find the right boxes and collect all the bottle caps you can find!

The cats gladly accept this seemingly useless money in exchange for new hairstyles, unique weapons, upgrades to Monstey’s stable, armor, and more. While there are ways to get bottle caps through quests, it’s not as effective as mining single denominations. Learning where to find what cats want works best.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 is available for PC and Switch. If you want to know more about a game or a franchise, check out our guides:

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