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Monster Hunter Stories 2: How do you decide on the best weapon to use in Monster Hunter Stories 2? How do you choose the best weapon you can get to make your journey easier? In this guide, I will go over the three best weapons to get in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 is the latest mobile game in the Monster Hunter series from Capcom. The game was released on Android and iOS in 2017 and is considered to be an excellent game. The game features new monsters, weapons and mechanics, as well as an open world setting. The game also supports local and online multiplayer.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 may be a spin-off of the Monster Hunteradventure, but it does have something going for it: Weapons and armor. Collecting these items works almost as well as Monster Hunter, meaning each weapon can change the way you play. Fortunately, the number of choices in this game has been simplified to six, compared to 14 in modern games. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have a choice! Check out some of the best weapons to have with you in the version of Monster Hunter Stories 2.

What is the best weapon in Monster Hunter Stories 2?


Before we go any further, there is no real answer to the question of which weapon is the best in Monster Hunter Stories 2. All builds can become usable for any weapon; there are certain skills, armor, and monsters that each benefits from. Also, you can’t always get upgrades for all weapons as you progress through the game. If you choose the strongest weapon of each damage type, you’ll switch games often!

You can carry three weapons into battle and freely switch between them. This guide focuses on the mechanics of changing weapons, as they are essential to the gameplay of Stories 2.

Description of weapons

There are six weapons in Monster Hunter Stories 2. The weapons are divided according to the type of damage and the effort you have to put in. The damage type is pretty simple; there are three (slash, pierce, slay), and monsters are weak against 1 or 2 of them. As you explore the world, you should take one of each type of damage; after all, you have three slots for it!

Devotion is a strange category, but indeed, some weapons require more time and effort to recharge their abilities. It is difficult to switch from one weapon to another, as they take some time to reach their most powerful form. You get a nice reward for loading these weapons, but you have to make sure you really want to use them in this fight! In this manual, the term arms refers to the light kit or the charging arms.

Oblique thrust

  • Sword and shield – easy exchange of blows: The sword and shield are the basic damage distributors. As the story progresses, it gains counter mechanisms and the ability to cause damage through impact. The skills the weapon acquires cost a small amount of kin and reward you with a decent amount of damage.
  • Great Sword – Charge Slash: The great sword uses skills to accumulate levels that can then be consumed with stronger skills. These weapons are expensive, as a large amount of mother body must be used to achieve high damage. But if you spend chin, your damage becomes meaningless. Greatsword stays true to the main series and does a lot of damage, but at great risk if you don’t know what you’re doing.


  • The hunter’s horn is a simple substitute for theSpade hit: The hunting horn is a simple percussion weapon that emphasizes the buffalo party. Each hunting horn has certain songs it can play. Songs can range from buffing your team’s damage or defense, to healing, to damaging a monster. With the hunting horn you can also perform special skills, for example B. Knock monsters out of the ground with the Explosion skill. If you know what numbers are in the hunting horn, you can get out of some trouble, but you will miss some damage.
  • Hammer -punch load: The hammer gains levels when you hit head on by choosing the right type. It may sound complicated, but you can also win levels with double attacks. In this way you can win levels by combining your attacks with the monsters and yourself. In these levels, you can do a lot of damage, either with spins aimed at the elements or with high kicks where you escape. You have to know what the monster attacks with, but the reward is worth it.


  • Arc – penetrating with easy replacement: The bow damages enemies with arrows. The type of arrow it shoots depends on the bow; a fast arrow damages a single target, a sharp arrow can hit an entire field, and a penetrating arrow causes high partial destructive damage. The basic mechanisms of the bow are charging, which increases the damage of the abnormal state when attacking on the next turn, and firing a powerful arrow at the end of the next turn. The arc is excellent for applying status values like stun and poison without relying on low percentage odds or blades.
  • Lance – penetrating charges: The spear deals damage and produces ammunition at the same time. Ammunition can be used in place of kinship for fire or Wyvernstrike attacks. These attacks take a long time to charge; normal attacks give one round of ammo, while one-on-one victories give two rounds. If you have two or five units of ammo, you can deal very high damage to monsters without using resources. This makes Gunlance a good way to get permanent roll states with your monster as it deals damage. That’s why it’s terribly boring to eliminate Gunlance.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Best weapon

All weapons are logical; the game is not too difficult! However, our personal list of the best weapons inMonster Hunter Stories 2is as follows:

  • Greatsword
  • Gun Lance
  • Onion
  • Hunting horn
  • Sword and shield
  • Hammer

Gunlance and Greatsword have similar, but completely different problems. Gunlance requires the Reload skill to get very powerful abilities, which means you have to use Armour of Bling to get it. The Greatsword is very expensive for your clan, which means you can’t ride it as much. Riding and using kinship skills are crucial to nullifying a monster’s movement, so the grey sword must be wielded with care.

The hunting horn, bow and sword and shield are all very easy to use. Use the skills when you want to do damage or support your team, and do good damage the rest of the time. The arc charge mechanism is weird, but you can use it if you don’t want to double attack and you’ll be fine.

The hammer is the best weapon, because with it you learn double attacks, learn the patterns of monsters and get huge rewards! It has the loading mechanisms and rewards of the King’s Sword, but it’s not worth 25 Kin to get the skill hammer at maximum power.

Do you need a specific weapon in Monster Hunter Stories 2?

You need to make basic weapons for hunting. Monsters get a lot of extra damage from their weakness; the fire sword and the ice sword are very useful in two completely different battles! Discover the weaknesses of your targets and build weapons to complement them.

Does this mean you need five of each weapon to balance the elements? Not really. But if you want to be completely optimal, it would be good to have weapon options for each type. Elemental weaknesses will change the best weapons in the game, after all!

Go for it! We have more guides for Monster Hunter Stories 2 , if you are looking for more tips on this RPG!

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