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Monster Hunter Stories 2 | How To Farm Zenny & XP Fast Early

Most players in the Monster Hunter series start at a point in which they are unable to complete the single player hunting missions on a consistent basis. This guide will help you in your early stages of the game by providing tips on how to farm Zenny and EXP.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 takes on a different role from its predecessor, and that’s creating a second route for players to earn money and XP. You’ll be able to spend time on the game’s story mode, which takes you through various events and battles, as well as completing the various quests it offers. However, the main source of making money and XP isn’t the story mode, but clearing out the game’s monster list.

After reading this guide, you will be able to farm Zenny and EXP the fastest from the beginning of the game. Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings Of Ruin contains many exciting adventures and offers a lot of interesting features to unlock. For every item you buy, you need a certain amount of Zen. The more zennies you have, the more items you can buy, right from the start of the game. This guide will show you how. Take a look.

How to collect zennies and exp quickly in the beginning of the game

Secondary tasks

In the beginning of the game, you have to concentrate on the secondary tasks. Some of the subtasks, such as. For example, the rider quest can only be completed once. But there are many subtasks that can be repeated. If you are looking for something specific, try Roly-Poly problems. This quest offers 1200 zennies. That way you can walk in, lock the door and walk out with enough money in your pocket. The entire process, including the cutting scene, should take no longer than 1 minute and 40 seconds. Then you can rinse and repeat this process until you have collected a large pile of zennies. If my figures are correct, you can get about 36,000 zennies for an hour’s work, and that’s a lot!


The task itself is quite simple. Just open the quest, mount your monster and leave the village of Hakolo. Run to the left and you’ll find the first pile of Conchus. 9 times out of 10 it will be 3 Conchus. I only know of the rare case where there are two. If you reach a higher level in the game and your team is fit enough, you can even end the fight automatically if there is no more chance of losing. Go right this time. Run to the waterfall and you’ll find a kind of mini-island where you’ll find the next batch of Conchus. Just press ZL + ZR to end the fight automatically. After collecting the 6 Conchu, return to Mahan village and you can exchange them for 1200 Zenni.

Other quests

If you want to do something less repetitive, you can also do the Peace in the State quest. You can get the stones for this quest by killing a monster, but this process takes longer. You can also get iron ore instead of stones, which equals a zenny reduction. There are a lot of other tasks you can do for Zenny, but the fastest one is the first one.

Arena Searches

Another option I want to talk about is Arena Quest. Quests in the arena are a great source of currency and experience. They are also very easy to make and can sometimes be finished in one turn. Although you only get 200 zeni for completing the task, you also get meat and a gold fragment that can be sold for 500 zeni and 1000 zeni respectively. Completing arena quests opens the door to other sub-quests, which in turn let you earn Zenny and exp. Arena quests are a good source of money throughout the game, and you can also level up monsters quickly if you have them on your team.

Gold fragments

Gold fragments are also a good source of money. Their exchange value is 1,000 zennies. You can get them not only by completing quests, but also by offering spells in the prayer spot. In fact, they can also be dismantled. You may want to collect these fragments to trade them in for larger sums of money later.

That’s our guide. If you want to play this game, let us know. You can also leave comments with useful information. We’ll get back to you. Thank you for reading our Monster Hunter Stories 2 guide. You can check out our other guides to this game here. We’ll be back with new instructions just for you. Until then, good luck and have fun!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you farm Zenny?

You can farm Zenny by playing the game.

How many monsters are in Monster Hunter Stories 2?

There are a total of 16 monsters in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

How long is Monster Hunter stories?

Monster Hunter stories are usually about a few hours long.

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