Microsoft releases Edge Dev 93.0.957.0

The first release candidate for the Windows 10 dev channel has been released, and it is the first one we’ve had in a while. There are a number of new features and bug fixes coming to the Windows 10 Edge browser. The new release is also the first to be available in the Windows Insider Program, so it’s possible some of the features may change before the final version is released.

Microsoft has released the latest update to its web browser, Edge. The latest update brings it up to version 93.0.957.0 of Microsoft Edge. The changelog is as follows: * No new features were added. ~ New developer features ~~ More noticeable changes ~~ Not found here ~~ Changes that apply to all versions of Edge ~~ Changes that may help you troubleshoot issues ~~ Changes that will help maintainability ~~ Changes that will help security ~~ Changes that will help performance ~~ Changes that will help reliability ~~ Changes that will help accessibility ~~ Changes that will help consistency ~~ Changes that will help drive up quality ~~ Changes that will help drive down complexity ~~ Changes

Microsoft published Edge Dev 93.0.957.0 today, which is a really dull update for a casual user. It includes the only fancy option for changing the icon for a website that has been installed as an app, as well as PWAs. The rest are minor tweaks and enhancements. There are a few more policies available for system administrators.

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The modifications are listed below.

What’s new in the Edge Dev world? 93.0.957.0

The following are some of the new features mentioned by Microsoft.

  • When PWAs or webpages installed as applications are installed, the possibility to modify the icon has been added.
  • Management policies have been added (administrative templates and documentation are on the way):
    • A management policy has been added to regulate whether OneAuth Authentication is enforced.
    • Printing a Webpage Layout now has a management policy.
    • A management policy to set an Autoplay Allowlist has been added.
    • Feature Flag Overrides Control can now be granted or revoked by a management policy.
    • On Mac, a management policy was added to govern whether MAU is enabled, which determines whether updates are delivered via Microsoft AutoUpdate.

The following enhancements are listed in the change log:

  • A problem with the browser not opening has been resolved.
  • On Linux, a problem with the browser not opening was fixed.
  • A crash that occurred when typing into the address bar has been fixed.
  • When closing a window, a crash was fixed.
  • When spellcheck is enabled, a crash has been fixed.
  • When specific extensions are installed, a crash occurs upon startup.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when certain popups were closed.
  • When playing certain movies, a crash was fixed.
  • PWAs could no longer be installed or fixed due to a bug.
  • When syncing Collections on Mac, a crash was fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where pressing F6 might cause the browser to crash.
  • When closing the browser, it no longer hangs.
  • Fixed a problem where the browser couldn’t be removed in some cases, prompting the user to dismiss all windows and try again.

The following list describes how browser behavior has evolved.

  • There was an issue where certain videos didn’t have any sound.
  • Fixed an issue where websites pinned to the Taskbar would occasionally vanish without warning.
  • On Linux, the Password Settings page was blank. This was fixed.
  • Fixed a problem where some AV1 or HEVC videos wouldn’t play.
  • On Linux, a bug was fixed that caused tabs to vanish from the tab band.
  • The cookie exceptions list in the erase browsing data settings sometimes didn’t remember changes, which was fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where the PDF viewer would occasionally report that it was on a different page than it was.
  • The button in Settings to set the default browser was not working. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where the management policy for importing browsing data would occasionally fail to import data.
  • A bug where dragging an image into a Collection might sometimes fail has been fixed.
  • When modifying a text note in a Collection, the arrow keys could occasionally not be utilized to move the cursor.
  • The Collections pane no longer crashes when empty text notes are added.
  • The Collections pane no longer fails to fully load on occasion.
  • Fixed an issue where profiles would occasionally say Not Syncing when no such message was expected.
  • The site information box no longer fails to open properly on occasion.
  • The option to open a downloaded PDF in the system viewer was not working. This was fixed.
  • The issue where password health and leak alarms didn’t always show up in Settings has been resolved.
  • Fixed an issue where pages were not being translated when they were supposed to be.
  • Context menu choices on some popups were not working due to a bug.
  • Fixed an issue where removing a profile might sometimes open a Kids Mode window unexpectedly.
  • When the content in the textbox has a mistake that prompts the spellcheck popup, autofill popups occasionally don’t appear.
  • WebView2 had an issue where files with particular names would sometimes fail to download.
  • WebView2 had an issue where mics couldn’t be utilized since permission requests were never shown.
  • Fixed an issue where PDFs that should have been protected by Information Protection were not.
  • If extensions are installed, a problem where browser windows open unexpectedly has been resolved.

Finally, the known issues list remains consistent from release to release. You may read more about it in the official press release.

You can download the latest Microsoft Edge Dev version from the official Edge Insider website. If you have it installed, head over the Settings menu (Alt + F) > Help > About Microsoft Edge  to check for updates and get the most recent release.

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