Genshin Impact Bennett Build Guide: Unlocking the Best Artifacts and Weapons

Genshin Impact Bennett Build Guide: Unlocking the Best Artifacts and Weapons. In this guide we will show you how to get the most out of Bennett in Genshin Impact.

Who Is Bennett In Genshin Impact?

Bennett is a significant character in Genshin Impact. He’s a sincere and enthusiastic explorer who pursues and works hard to attain his goals. He is also a Knight of Favonius, a guild dedicated to safeguarding the residents of Mondstadt from all dangers. His greatest distinguishing feature is his strong sense of justice, which drives him to utilize his unusual ability to fly into fight to aid people in need and protect them from attackers.

Bennett joins the Traveler as they traverse Teyvat in pursuit of The Seven, magical substances that bestow incredible abilities on those who possess them. Bennett’s combat skills and already strong physical qualities are bolstered by artifacts that provide him tremendous benefits like enhanced attack speed and added damage over time. He may also add weapons such as claymores, polearms, and catalysts, as well as armor and accessories like rings, bracers, and more, to further increase his powers.

Builds For Bennett In Genshin Impact

Bennett builds in Genshin Impact are diverse, enabling users to design and construct their ideal Bennett. There are numerous crucial elements to consider while constructing for Bennett in order to maximize his potential construction skills. His artifacts, weaponry, and constellations are the most important concerns.

When it comes to artifacts, it is preferable to concentrate on improving ATK and pairing it with energy regeneration items like Gladiator’s Finale or Bloodstained Chivalry. These will significantly increase Bennett’s damage output. The Skyward Blade is one of the greatest weapon options since it enhances attack strength when adversaries have less than 50% health, allowing Bennett to finish off enemies faster and with higher damage bonus.

Focusing on constellations that enhance Critical Hits is recommended, since this will improve Bennett’s overall damage output versus bosses and single targets equally.

Best Weapons On Bennett

You’ll want to know the finest weapons and artifacts to utilize in Genshin Impact and Bennett to optimize your damage output. Because there are so many different combinations, picking down the best ones is challenging. However, you may get a fair notion of which pieces of equipment work best with Bennett’s Cryo abilities by using our Chongyun: Ability Rundown guide.

This page includes a summary of Bennet’s talents, as well as which weapons and artifacts are most useful for his playstyle. It also gives useful hints on how to level up Bennet so that he can do the most damage to his adversaries. You may unleash Bennet’s full potential and become an unstoppable force in Genshin Impact by following the guidelines in this tutorial:

  • Summary of Bennet’s Talents
  • Which Weapons and Artifacts are Most Useful for His Playstyle
  • Useful Tips on How to Level Up Bennet

Best Artifacts On Bennett

A Genshin Impact Bennett build guide is the ideal method to maximize the potential of your character. Bennett is a very flexible character with a formidable assortment of weapons and artifacts at his disposal while facing battle against Teyvat’s hardest creatures. To get the most out of him, you must first learn which abilities to prioritize, as well as which artifacts and weaponry best fit his combat style.

This Genshin Impact Bennett Build Guide will walk you through unlocking Bennett’s greatest artifacts and weapons, as well as which skills you should prioritize. It will start by going over his fundamental talent tree structure and where to put talent points for a good build. Following that, it will go through which weapons are most suited for his particular playstyle, as well as which artifacts may aid him boost his offensive powers. Finally, this article will give a few valuable resource links for additional investigation into maximizing the potential of your character.

Whats The Best Team For Bennett?

Bennett is one of the intriguing characters presented in Genshin Impact. A master of Pyro and a superb Strategist. Players are experimenting with alternative builds for Bennett, as they do with other Genshin Impact heroes.

This tutorial will go through the various artifacts and weapons you should employ to get the most out of your character.

Are you wondering what your Bennett build should emphasize? You should concentrate on items that deal Anemo and Pyro damage. Bennett will need two weapons to form a balanced team: the Sunsettia for its energy recharge ability and the Sacrificial Sword as a backup option. Finally, when it comes to artifacts, you should combine Gladiator’s Finale and Noblesse Oblige sets to make an Anemo-Pyro combination.

Once you’ve perfected your build, it’s time to enjoy all of the fantastic things Genshin Impact has in store for you.

Support Battery Team Comp (Raiden National Team)

The Support Battery Team Comp Raiden National Team build is an excellent team composition for Genshin Impact. Bennett’s support talents and artifacts are emphasized in this squad configuration. Bennett, Keqing, Mona, Diluc, and Xinyan make up the squad. Bennett should be the primary DPS, with the other four characters focusing on giving assistance and mitigating incoming damage.

Suggested artifact sets for this team composition include:

  • Gladiator’s Finale for physical damage
  • The Exile for elemental damage
  • Tools of Trade for utility/support

Try Skyward Atlas for Bennett, Lost Prayer for Mona, Wolf’s Gravestone for Diluc, and Favonius Warbow for Xinyan& Keqing as weapons. By combining these characters and equipment, you may construct an extraordinarily strong support battery squad that can assist you get through challenging tasks in Genshin Impact.


In Genshin Impact, Xiangling is a five-star Pyro Fire character. She is a healer and damage dealer that specializes in utilizing polearms to both attack and heal teammates as a member of the Geo Archon.

Her playstyle focuses on inflicting many DoT effects that stack, enabling her to deal large amounts of damage rapidly with her basic strikes. Guoba Attack, her ultimate power, unleashes an unleashed huge Panda that spits fire over a vast area for many seconds. At its most powerful, this may attack many enemies for massive amounts of damage. When combined with Xiangling’s other powers, she can also heal teammates, making her one of the greatest characters in Genshin Impact for working on Constellations.

Raiden Shogun

Raiden Shogun is a passive Talent in Genshin Impact from the Chongyun Ascension route. This Talent grants players better stats and damaging capabilities by increasing their electrical damage and resistance.

Raiden Shogun boosts Electro DMG by 8% while at level 1, and by 24% when maxed out at level 4. Raiden Shogun additionally provides a 20% boost to all Electro RES at level 4.

Overall, this passive Talent gives decent benefits for those wishing to build around the lightning element, giving them an advantage in combat. It is particularly beneficial when designing artifact sets with the goal of increasing the percentage of specific pieces. An additional boost for 3B is usually useful.


Xingqiu is the newest member of Genshin Impact and a skilled electrical user that specializes in AoE damage. He can also help with healing and CC. His preferred weapons are a sword and a bow, and his primary artifacts are the Noblesse Oblige or Gladiator’s Finale sets.

We’ll look at how to develop Xingqiu for greatest damage potential in this article. We’ll go through which artifacts and weaponry suit him best, as well as how to choose constellations and stat points to enhance his effectiveness. By the end of this tutorial, you’ll have all the knowledge you need to design a formidable Bennett build that will crush your opponents in Genshin Impact.

Character Synergies

When creating a Bennett character in Genshin Impact, keep in mind how the character will interact and interact with other characters in the game. Character synergy may be a very useful tool for improving your build, since some pairings can significantly enhance team damage output and make battles much simpler. Characters may be built to specialize in certain duties, such as bolstering allies or giving crowd control effects.

A solid Bennett build should comprise characters that complement one another’s skill sets. This may be combining Andrei and Diluc for greater physical damage output or combining Diona and Mona to complement each other’s elemental talents. You may design a specific gacha squad that matches your playstyle and boosts your chances of success in Genshin Impact by knowing character synergies.


Chongyun is one of the most powerful characters in Genshin Impact, his ice skills and crowd management allowing him to stand out from the throng. To get the most out of Chongyun, equip him with strong artifacts and weapons that complement his playstyle.

ATK%, Cryo DMG Bonus%, CRIT Rate/DMG, Energy Recharge, and Physical DMG Bonus% are the essential metrics to check for. When battling foes, these attributes boost Chongyun’s damage output and resilience.

You should also have an Artifact Set that grants Chongyun extra stats or effects that improve his Elemental Skill and Burst. Look for pieces of equipment that compliment each other in terms of bonuses or effects that directly boost Chongyun’s damage output while developing a Bennett Build for him.


Ganyu is a 5-star polearm user in the Genshin Impact universe who is also known as the “Eternal Star of Fortune” and may be interacted with. Ganyu is an experienced warrior who can battle with players on their quest. Her preferred weapon is a polearm, which she utilizes to assault enemies from a distance.

Certain minerals are required to completely enhance Ganyu’s abilities. These resources are usually gained by world drops, which may be discovered in chests or locations or purchased from merchants. Some weapons need specific crafting ingredients gained via limited time events before they may be utilized for skill upgrades. Furthermore, certain artifacts may grant stat enhancements that will improve Ganyu’s overall combat skill.

Players will be able to unlock the finest weapons and artifacts suited to her playstyle and increase her combat efficiency in battle circumstances by accumulating these upgrade materials.


Rosaria is a 5-Star character from the Cryo element in the Genshin Impact game. Rosaria is a nun from the Church of Favonius in Mondstadt who acts as a protector for individuals who seek sanctuary there. Everyone loves her, yet her chilly exterior keeps most at distance.

Rosaria fights with a candy-themed short sword, which she utilizes to freeze her adversaries and defend her comrades. Her ultimate ability, Flickering Candlelight, requires creating up to five Ice Pillars on the battlefield that will continually strike foes with Cryo damage for fifteen seconds. Rosaria may also use her Blast ability, Frozen Punishment, to sacrifice these pillars for a tremendous burst of damage. This makes Rosaria a superb support character that can do huge damage while defending her friends.

Bennett Ability Rundown

Bennett Ability Rundown is a cheat sheet that lists the optimal weapon and artifact combinations for Bennet in Genshin Impact. This article describes in detail the best artifacts and weapons to use while creating Bennett, as well as information on their effects and how to unlock them. This guide will help players pick the optimal alternatives for their loadouts, allowing them to experience a more successful Bennett build.

Bennett’s talents are detailed in the ability breakdown, which includes:

  • Ascension benefits
  • Elemental Resonance
  • Elemental Mastery
  • Talent Level awards

It also covers all of Bennett’s fundamental abilities. This guide is intended to assist players in selecting the optimal builds for their Bennett playstyle so that they may make the most of Genshin Impact’s newest adventure character.

Normal Attack: Strike Of Fortune

Normal Attack: Strike Of Fortune is a Normal Attack configuration in Genshin Impact. Bennett Build Guide: How to Get the Best Artifacts and Weapons. When Bennett’s HP is full, this configuration enhances his physical damage by 15%25. Bennett has a better probability of launching an Aimed Shot after utilizing a Normal Attack with this configuration. It is advised to utilize as either a Primary or Secondary stat in this setup. Bennett’s ATK is additionally increased by 7%25 thanks to Strike of Fortune.

In terms of material expenditures, its ascent to level 1-4 demands

  • 4 Crystal Chunks
  • 2 Recruit’s Insignia

It then needs

  • 15 Crystal Chunks
  • 6 Hoarfrost Cores
  • 6 Recruit’s Insignias

to level 5-6. Finally, it requires

  • 30 Crystal Chunks
  • 12 Hoarfrost Cores
  • 9 Recruit’s Insignias

to level 7-8.

Charged Attack

The Genshin Impact Bennett Build Guide: Unlocking the Effectively Artifacts and Weapons takes an in-depth look at how to best use Bennett’s strength and special skills. This guide discusses which artifacts and weapons to equip for the best performance, as well as which talents to focus to optimize his strengths.

There is also a detailed explanation of how to get the strong Albedo: Contemplation in Chalk buff, which allows players to further personalize their playstyle by taking advantage of certain weapon interactions and skill set bonuses that may give a significant advantage in battle.

Whether you’re just getting started or searching for ways to improve your squad composition, this detailed guide will assist you on your Teyvat adventure.

Plunge Attack

Plunge Attack is a very strong technique that is only available to Bennett in Genshin Impact and can be obtained after achieving Adventure Rank 15. It allows Bennett to charge forward, inflicting AoE Pyro damage and healing adjacent teammates as he falls. When utilized appropriately, it is an excellent technique to heal oneself while delivering heavy damage.

With the correct weapons and artifacts, the Plunge Attack may be enhanced even more. The Noblesse Oblige Artifact Set or the 4-piece Gladiator’s Finale may significantly boost one’s offensive capability. Furthermore, employing 2-handed Claymores like Sacrificial Sword, Wolf’s Gravestone, or Favonius Greatsword may greatly improve Bennett’s diving attacks for more efficient healing and damage output.

Elemental Skill Passion Overload

Bennett’s special move in Genshin Impact is Elemental Skill Passion Overload. When activated, the talent causes a tremendous electrical effect to surround Bennett, dealing a large amount of elemental damage to any opponents within its range. Because to its amazing AOE powers, it is one of the most effective skills to utilize against groups of hostile mobs.

Its effects may also be amplified by donning artifacts and weapons that grant additional elemental damage bonuses.

It is advised that while creating Bennett in Genshin Impact, you equip him with artifacts and weapons that specialize in raising his Elemental Skill Passion Overload. He will be able to maximize the damage potential of his most powerful attack and become an unstoppable force on the battlefield as a result. Bennett may quickly become a strong character capable of dominating any conflict with careful handling and cunning equipment choices.

Elemental Burst Fantastic Voyager

The Elemental Explosion Bennett’s preferred weapon is Fantastic Voyager, which is both strong and adaptable. When used, this artifact may generate waves of elemental damage that inflict Pyro on all foes over a vast radius with the appropriate mix of artifacts and weapons. Bennett’s Elemental Skill Plunging Attack works well with this ability, enabling him to maintain optimum DPS while killing adversaries in a matter of seconds.

With the proper equipment and optimization, the Fantastic Voyager is without a doubt one of the greatest weapons in Genshin Impact and should be obtained as soon as possible.

Bennett Passive Talent

Bennett’s passive skill in Genshin Impact is one of the most intriguing options for players to consider while customizing their character. Bennett may select between three different passive talents, each distinct and unique in its own way.

The first is Iron Spirit, which increases maximum HP and resistance to interruption while also providing an Adepti-sealed Talent level-up bonus. When the current element matches the character’s, Starvision improves both Anemo DMG Bonus and Elemental Mastery while restoring energy. Finally, Glittering Benevolence increases durability by enhancing overall healing efficacy and temporarily lowering incoming damage incurred during low health times.

Each of these passives may be employed in a variety of ways to tailor Bennett to the player’s playing style.

Ascension 1 Talent Rekindle

Bennett’s outfit in Genshin Impact includes Ascension 1 Talent Rekindle. For 10 seconds, this Talent offers a flat+20% healing efficiency to any healers within a specific radius. Bennett’s talent has a baseline radius of 15 meters, which you may expand with artifacts and weaponry.

Rekindle has no energy cost and is triggered by performing any of his healing abilities: AOE Healing Burst or True Story of the Wilderness. It also has a greater range depending on how many stacks of its related Elemental Burst are active, with a maximum of four stacks. This increased healing output is critical for improving Bennett’s effectiveness since it keeps your team healthy over extended engagements and increases the efficiency of his burst.

Ascension 4 Talent Fearnaught

Fearnaught, an acquired Talent in Ascension 4, is a formidable talent that boosts Bennett’s stats significantly. Bennett’s attack damage, defense, and HP are all greatly increased by this Talent, enabling him to do more damage and survive for longer periods of time.

Fearnaught, when paired with the correct artifacts and weapons, may be very effective in dealing large amounts of damage while keeping your team alive throughout combat. To get access to this boon, players must first achieve Ascension 4 with Bennett, which needs a total of 160 Adventure Rank (AR). In order to level Bennett up, you’ll also need things like Primogems and Character EXP. Fearnaught will be unlocked and available for use in battle if you have achieved all of the requirements for Ascension 4.

It Should Be Safe Automatic Unlock

It Must Be Safe When rising Chongyun in Genshin Impact, Automatic Unlock Genshin Impact Aloy is a common strategy for obtaining the greatest artifacts and weapons. This approach requires players to have enough resources on hand to safely craft the items they need. All resources necessary for this strategy cost a total of 16000 Mora and 1000 Genesis Crystals..

It also takes Level 60 Chongyun and 540 Adventure Rank, as well as maximum level weapons, artifacts, and characters. This approach is swift, enabling players to quickly get strong Chongyun gear. It does, however, need a large number of resources, thus players should be prepared before using this strategy.

Bennett Constellations

Genshin Impact Bennett Build Guide: Unlocking the Best Artifacts and Weapons is a complete guide on unlocking powerful artifacts and weapons for Bennett, a Pyro character in the game.

The section “The Bennett Constellations” explains how to unlock each of Bennett’s five constellations, which will provide him access to powerful artifacts and weaponry. The player may get a special set of artifacts and weapons by unlocking each constellation, such as the Twin Nephrite Blades or the Sacrificial Bow, by unlocking each constellation. Each constellation also offers extra passives that might improve Bennett’s fighting skills.

  • Unlocking one of his constellations, for example, allows him faster HP recovery in combat, while another grants him faster Energy Recharge while performing abilities.
  • This section also gives a quick rundown of how each constellation works and the perks it bestows to Bennett after completed.

Level 1 Constellation Grand Expectation

The Level 1 Constellation Grand Expectation from the Genshin Impact Bennett Build Guide is essential for unlocking Bennett’s greatest artifacts and weapons. When battling Crowd-Controlled foes, Bennet may use this Constellation to regain his stamina. If a Crowd-Controlled adversary survives the strike, it will restore some of Bennett’s HP as well as deliver an AOE explosion that deals Cryo Damage to adjacent foes. This constellation is critical for rapidly and effectively dispatching difficult opponents.

Chongyun’s Frozen Ardor uses the Level 1 Constellation to increase his Physical Damage against Crowd-Controlled adversaries while also offering him with a shield every time he successfully attacks a Crowd-Controlled adversary. This makes it an excellent weapon option for Genshin Impact players trying to get the most out of their Bennett build.

Level 2 Constellation Impasse Conqueror

Chongyun may be obtained in Genshin Impact by first reaching Level 2 Constellation Impasse Conqueror. This is a unique gaming challenge that demands you to combat creatures and bosses while also accomplishing additional tasks. You will be awarded with the strong Chongyun character after you have achieved all of the missions. In order to unlock this character, players must also acquire a particular quantity of special cash.

Chongyun is one of the most strong characters in Genshin Impact, and he can work well with Bennett’s build. When attacking foes, he possesses exceptionally strong attack power and can do a lot of damage. He also has access to several powerful elemental abilities that may deliver extra damage and make him even more dangerous in combat. Players searching for an advantage in Genshin Impact should strongly consider unlocking Chongyun.

Level 3 Constellation Unstoppable Fervor

Bennett’s Level 3 Constellation Unstoppable Fervor is an intriguing ability in Genshin Impact. Bennett’s DEF and Elemental Mastery are boosted by 15% when his HP falls below 70%. When his HP falls below 50%, this bonus rises to 25%. Bennett has the ability to stay alive in combat and withstand elemental damage with this passive.

Bennett will also regain 1 Energy every 10 seconds while this constellation is active. During battle, its regeneration enables him to constantly fire off abilities and supports.

Finally, when Bennett performs an Elemental Burst, the skill duration of his Burst abilities is boosted by 20%, giving other members of your party greater support buffs and damage increases.

Level 4 Constellation

The Genshin Impact Bennett Build Guide shows players how to get the greatest equipment and artifacts for Bennett. To maximize the usefulness of these artifacts, players must first achieve Level 4 Constellation. Players must collect enough experience points from daily events and fights to level up their character in order to do so. Furthermore, the battle pass prizes in Genshin Impact may help you level up rapidly by granting additional experience points.

When players achieve Level 4 Constellation, they may equip Bennett with the greatest available artifacts and weapons, such as the Serpent Spine, Royal Bow, and Favonius Sword. Each of these weapons has its own set of attributes that offer it an advantage in battle, such as greater attack speed or increased attack damage. Bennett also has access to specific elemental effects like Electro-Charged or Fervent Flames.

Players may further personalize their weapon set with their favorite artifact set, which provides additional stat boosts like as attack damage or critical hit chance; by inserting an artifact into a weapon’s resonance slot. Bennett may eventually become a strong opponent on the battlefield with the correct mix of weapons, artifacts, and skill set.

Level 5 Constellation

Level 5 Constellations are unique landmarks along a character’s constellation route. When compared to all other constellations, it delivers the most potent bonuses to the player. Bennett’s options include raising his own healing output, increasing his Anemo damage, and giving him a chance to regain HP with each hit. This implies that by level 5, Bennett has the potential to become one of the finest healers in Genshin Impact.

Furthermore, these levels provide Bennett access to unique weapons and artifacts that provide enormous stat bonuses and other advantages. Despite the time and effort required to get to this stage, being able to use such significant perks makes it worthwhile for those that want to make their Bennett construct as powerful as possible.

Level 6 Constellation

Level 6 constellation is Bennet’s last level in Genshin Impact, and reaching it enables him to reach his maximum ability. Bennett’s pre-training for this level focuses on unlocking four unique artifacts and weapons that are required for his maximum potential. These artifacts and weapons have unique effects that function in tandem with Bennett’s passive talents, considerably enhancing his total damage output.

Players must acquire a large number of resources in order to equip him with the artifacts and weapons described in the guide. They must also get access to Bennett’s unique skill books in order to improve them to their strongest states. All of this ensures that players have the most effect while powering up Bennett at Level 6 Constellation.

Bennetts Ascension: Stats and Material Costs

The goods, resources, and upgrades required to ascend Bennett of Genshin Impact are referred to as Bennett’s Ascension: Stats and Material Costs. Ascension is the process through which characters level up and gain access to new abilities. It requires particular resources, which may be obtained in a variety of methods, such as via activities or by spending actual money.

Bennett’s Ascension requires the following items:

  • 10 Tusk of Monoceros crystаlіzed еnеrgу.
  • 20 Primo Gеоvіshарs рlаnt stаlks known to carry elеmеntаl еnеrgу.
  • 30 Teachings of Gold basin stones еtсhеd with mystісal symbols.

Aside from these, climbing Bennett needs Adventurer Rank 10 or above, as well as one weapon of 4-Star rarity or higher. Ascending Bennett not only raises his level from 40 to 90, but also unlocks his talent system and special artifact set.

Knowing what resources are necessary for the ascension process will allow gamers to level up more quickly.

Bennett: Trial By Fire: Lore and Ability Showcase

Bennett is a Pyro-based character in the video game Genshin Impact. He is a member of the daring Favonius soldiers, and his function in the game is to help the player complete their goal. His main weapons are swords, although he may also fight from a distance with bows and spears.

Bennett’s main skill is Trial by Fire. This ability enables him to temporarily raise his attack power and lessen physical damage sustained. It also does fire damage to all opponents in the area.

Bennett also possesses various special abilities that may be unlocked via artifact combinations and weapon upgrades. These powers include crowd control techniques such as spreading flame and freezing water surfaces with ice blocks, as well as damage output abilities such as Starfall, Eternal Flame, and Fervent Flames.

Bennett, with the appropriate mix of equipment, may become an exceptionally strong character capable of defeating even the most formidable opponents.

How To Obtain Bennett?

Bennett is a five-star character in the Genshin Impact game and one of the game’s most popular characters owing to his ability to use fire and ice magic. He may be earned by completing certain objectives and obtaining specific artifacts to help boost his stats.

This guide will cover all you need to know about unlocking Bennett, the greatest artifacts and weaponry, and how to optimize him to be a powerful warrior on your squad:

  • You may get Bennett’s “Heroic Challenge” quest, which is essential for unlocking him as a playable character, by fulfilling specific prerequisites, such as earning Adventurer Rank 10 or above.
  • Once done, you may gather four pieces of debris from certain spots that he need in order to maximize his skills.
  • Furthermore, obtaining exceptional artifacts such as Spiral Abyss drops or elite boss drops that further boost Bennett’s powers and make him an efficient member on your squad is strongly encouraged.
  • Finally, elemental reactions give Bennett’s weapons even more potency, making him an unstoppable force on your questing travels.

1. Featured Banner

The highlighted banner in Genshin Impact Bennett Build Guide is an excellent approach to get Bennett’s greatest weapons and artifacts. You can get special characters, weapons, relics, and other in-game things from the highlighted banner. These things are one-of-a-kind and can only be gotten from the banner.

Players should pay close attention to the directions on the highlighted banner, as they will give tips on how to use Primogems and other resources more effectively. Featured banners are also only accessible for a short period, so gamers should take advantage of them while they can. It is advisable to check all accessible banners on a frequent basis so that gamers do not lose out on any unique deals or awards.

2. Weapon Banner (Epitome Invocation)

The Weapon Banner, also known as Epitome Invocation in Genshin Impact, is a gacha system that enables players to obtain 5-star weapons. It is vital to remember that this banner only allows characters to gain two 5-star weapons: one primary weapon and one secondary weapon. Despite the banner’s primary emphasis, players will be able to gain 4-star and even certain 3-star weapons.

It is critical to test and maximize your odds of receiving those things from the Epitome Invocation banner to guarantee you receive the greatest potential 4-Star and 5-Star relics for Bennett. This entails experimenting with various banners and tactics in try to increase your chances of obtaining better rarity artifacts for Bennett. Testing will need grinding for additional resin in order to pull several times, but it will also assist players in becoming better acquainted with the system’s drop rates and possibilities:

  • Grinding for additional resin
  • Experimenting with various banners and tactics
  • Becoming better acquainted with the system’s drop rates and possibilities

3. Standard Banner (Wanderlust Invocation)

Wanderlust Invocation is the Standard Banner for Genshin Impact’s Bennett Build guide. This group of artifacts is regarded as the greatest in the game for Bennett. The Wanderlust Invocation Circlet, Mantle, Graced, and Goblet are the four parts. When all four pieces of this set are donned, they will offer a total of 48 basic Attack, 4-star rarity, an extra 20% Attack; 10% HP; and 9% CRIT DMG stats benefits.

In addition to its great stat enhancements, most notably its high attack value, the Standard Banner’s unique Elemental Mastery bonus gives significant elemental damage modifiers. It provides Bennett with a significant amount of additional energy while delivering Physical or Elemental DMG, including Anemo DMG. Furthermore, it boosts his Elemental Mastery, which increases both his and his companions’ resilience to hostile Crowd Control effects. Overall, this set is intended to boost both offensive stats and resistance to opponent Crowd Control effects on the battlefield.


The Genshin Impact Bennett Build Guide recommends the ideal artifact and weapon combinations for Bennett. Throughout the book, we learn about the kind of characters Bennett works best with, the best attacks for him to employ, the greatest weapon for his build, and which artifacts to use to optimize his potential.

This tutorial also gives gamers advice on how to level up rapidly and make the most of their elemental attacks. With the help of our Genshin Impact Bennett Guide, players will be able to take their game to the next level and become one of the game’s best performing characters.

Genshin Impact Bennett Build Guide: Best Artifacts - Weapons

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