The Ultimate Genshin Impact Aloy Guide: Materials, Best Weapons, Art

Looking for the best ways to get materials and weapons for Aloy in Genshin Impact? Check out our ultimate guide for everything you need to know!

Genshin Impact Aloy Ascension And Talent Materials

Ascension Materials are goods necessary for Aloy, a playable character in Genshin Impact, to ascend. These items may be obtained via completing tasks, opening chests, killing monsters, and interacting with other players. Spars, Feathers, and Fragments are necessary resources. Before attempting Ascension, all of these items must be obtained. Aloy’s ascent will also need the use of talent supplies.

The following supplies are necessary for ascension:

  • Seelie’s Light may be gained through participating in global events such as Rescue Camps,
  • Hilichurls Technology can be obtained by killing level 35 Kebes in Stormterror’s Lair or weekly monsters in Abyssal Domains.

It is critical to note that all skill supplies must be acquired prior to trying an ascension; else, the procedure will fail.

Ascension Materials

In Genshin Impact, Ascension Materials are essential goods for ascending characters such as Ayaka. You’ll need 6x Teacher’s Notes, 6x Divining Scrolls, 9x Slime Condensates, and 3x Whopperflowers for her ascent. These resources may be obtained from a variety of sources, including chests, crafting, and killing certain foes.

Make sure to thoroughly inspect each location; they might be difficult to locate. Teacher’s Notes may be earned from chests or the Forsaken Rift event, Divining Scrolls by completing Visions at the Starglow Caverns, and Slime Condensates by battling Hilichurls or Primo Geovishaps. Finally, Whopperflowers may be found in areas like Liyue Harbor and Lihu Lake, among others. With these artifacts in your possession, you will have all you need to climb Ayaka.

Talent Materials

Talent Resources are materials used to level up a character’s talents in Genshin Impact. A character’s skill level will rise with time, offering them stronger stat benefits and enhanced abilities. The Skill Materials available differ per character, and the sort of material required for each tier of talent growth is specified in the character’s profile.

Anemo Sigils, Geo Sigils, Electro Sigils, Primogems, and Mercenary Medals are the most prevalent Talent Materials. Each of these resources needs a certain quantity to raise the skill level by one star. Furthermore, certain characters need you to mix many resources in order to increase their abilities, so be sure you have everything you need before trying an upgrade.

Best Aloy Build

The Best Aloy build in Genshin Impact is a hybrid construct that enables players to optimize their characters’ potential and performance. This hybrid build focuses on spending resources to equip the greatest weapons for Aloy, followed by the addition of Artifacts that increase her attack power and elemental damage.

The combination of these two will dramatically improve Aloy’s damage output, enabling her to do more damage to foes more rapidly. Furthermore, donning specific Artifacts might increase her defense numbers, enabling her to be more resilient in combat. Furthermore, the application of certain Talents may increase her strength.

Finally, a well-crafted Best Aloy Build combines all of these elements and helps players to get the most out of their characters:

  • Equipping the greatest weapons for Aloy
  • Adding Artifacts to increase attack power and elemental damage
  • Donning specific Artifacts to increase defense numbers
  • Applying certain Talents to increase strength

Best Weapons

Aloy is one of the various characters available while playing Genshin Impact. She is a hunter that specializes in the usage of many weapons, and this guide will go through the finest weapons to employ while constructing a powerful Aloy.

Bows, claymores, and spears are the most effective weapons for Aloy in Genshin Impact. Bows are useful because of their extended range and tremendous damage output, whilst claymores provide an incredible AOE area of effect that lets you to attack numerous opponents at the same time. Spears have high reach and movement speed, but their DPS damage per second is modest when compared to other weapon kinds.

When deciding which bow or claymore to employ, examine their metrics like as attack speed, critical rate, and so on, as well as any passive bonuses they may give. Furthermore, some Genshin Impact artifacts might provide extra stats when combined with certain weapon types, such as bows or spears;, so keep this in mind while selecting your choice.

Best Artifacts

Artifacts are required to improve your characters’ skills in Genshin Impact. Choosing the perfect artifact mix may be the difference between success and failure in combat. Players should concentrate on equipping Beidou with four-star items that improve her static stats rather than her Elemental Burst damage.

The finest four-star artifacts for Beidou are Gladiator’s Finale which boosts ATK, Bloodstained Chivalry which increases Physical Damage Bonus, and Instructor which raises Elemental Mastery. If they can locate them, players should try equipping five-star pieces like Martial Artist or Retracing Bolide, which enhance Physical DMG Bonus and ATK, respectively. Furthermore, since Beidou is a Hydro user, any artifacts that improve Hydro damage will benefit her as well.

Genshin Impact Aloy Guide: Materials - Best Weapons - Artifacts

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