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Looking to find the best build for Chongyun in Genshin Impact? Look no further! In this article, we’ll show you how to unlock Chongyun’s full potential and build him into a powerful character.

Who Is Chongyun In Genshin Impact

Chongyun is a playable character in Genshin Impact, an open-world action-adventure role-playing game. He is the adopted son of Khaenri’ah, the Liyue Qixing chieftain, and a Cryo elemental user. His preferred weapon is a Claymore, and his combat style consists of strong polearm blows that employ momentum to produce more combinations.

Ascension stages in Chongyun require players to collect things from both the Reputation and Gacha banners. At each level, his passive abilities range from greater Cryo damage to improved Elemental Mastery, which allows for simpler elemental responses. With any luck, you’ll be able to unlock the finest Chongyun build in Genshin Impact. Max HP, Attack DMG, Crit DMG, and Crit Rate% are all ideal metrics. Chongyun may be utilized as a strong DPS support character by combining his elemental bursts with Anemo element ascension heroes like Qiqi or Jean.

Best Chongyun Builds In Genshin Impact

Chongyun is a Cryo-based Claymore user and one of the most recent additions to Genshin Impact. He has exceptional qualities that may benefit your squad in a variety of ways. Chongyun can be a powerful support DPS character with the correct builds, doing tremendous damage with his Cryo claymore and bolstering friends with his Elemental Burst.

His Normal Attack combinations let him to provide constant, long-ranged Cryo damage, while his Elemental Skill enables him to move about effortlessly thanks to its mobility choices.

Chongyun has many weapon options, but the finest ones are Wolf’s Gravestone, Favonius Greatsword, and Whiteblind. Chongyun has an additional attack boost while foes are Frozen, enabling him to deliver more damage and have a greater probability of critical strikes. Favonius Greatsword increases the pace at which energy recharges, allowing for more frequent use of elemental abilities, while Whiteblind increases CRIT DMG, which helps improve Cryo DMG overall. Gladiator’s Finale or Blizzard Strayer are ideal for artifacts, but the Lethal Bane set grants Chongyun enhanced ATK when striking an adversary with less than 50% HP, as well as quicker character HP regeneration.

Best Weapons On Chongyun

Equipping your character with the correct weapons is one of the greatest methods to level up quickly and get Adventure EXP in Genshin Impact. This entails arming Chongyun with formidable melee weapons. The Wolf’s Gravestone and Favonius Greatsword are two of his strongest alternatives. Both weapons have high attack numbers and elemental bonuses, making them suitable for rapid and effective battles. Furthermore, having two separate elemental benefits helps you to use efficient techniques against a variety of creatures. Finally, when vanquished in combat, both of these weapons provide a significant amount of Adventure EXP.

Taking these factors into account, equipping Chongyun with the Wolf’s Gravestone and Favonius Greatsword is one of the greatest methods to level up quickly and collect Adventure EXP in Genshin Impact.

Best Artifacts On Chungyun

The Gladiator’s Finale, Bloodstained Chivalry, and Blizzard Strayer are the finest artifacts for Chungyun in Genshin Impact.

  • The Gladiator’s Finale set increases ATK by 5%, making it the best choice here.
  • The Bloodstained Chivalry set increases Elemental Mastery by 2% and increases the frequency with which Elemental Reactions are activated. This set is ideal for increasing damage output.
  • The Blizzard Strayer set improves his already formidable Ice aura’s stats while also delivering additional flat HP and ATK% bonuses.

Overall, the Gladiator’s Finale set is the best pick for Chungyun because of the sheer number of attack stats it contains, although the Bloodstained Chivalry set does give a decent increase to his skill damage output. If you need extra HP or want to boost his Ice aura even more, utilize the Blizzard Strayer artifacts.

Whats The Best Team for Chongyun?

Chongyun, the Claymore-wielding cryo user in Genshin Impact, is a valuable member of any adventuring squad. His Cryo attacks freeze foes in place and may be combined with other characters to create deadly combinations. Chongyun, with the correct squad composition, may be a devastating force in Genshin Impact.

Chongyun’s ideal team should contain characters that can capitalize on his cryo attacks, enabling them to build up combinations and do strong elemental damage. Characters like Qiqi, Bennett, Diluc, Barbara, and Venti are excellent possibilities since they all have strong elemental responses that synergize with his Cryo element. Remember that Chongyun is mainly a melee character, therefore players should favor characters that can assist him at close range.

Having a competent squad for Chongyun will provide players an advantage while facing the most difficult foes in Genshin Impact, as well as making exploring the realm of Teyvat much simpler.

Enabler/Sub-DPS Team Comp

For Albedo players, a Sub-DPS team comp with Chongyun as the Enabler is typically the best option. This competition demands all members of the squad, including Chongyun, to be DPS characters capable of doing massive damage in short bursts. This team composition will not only complement Albedo’s hallmark skills, but will also take use of his strong Elemental Reactions and Ultimate.

Albedo’s Sub-DPS Team Comp should contain Xiao, Diluc, Razor, Fischl, and Chongyun. They will be able to optimize the efficacy of Chongyun’s Cryo energy strikes by switching positions based on the scenario. Furthermore, while swapping AoE& single target capabilities among its members, this squad offers for maximum versatility.

Character Synergies

Character synergy are crucial in Genshin Impact and in assembling the ideal squad for Bennett. Synergies are interactions between various characters, elements, and weapons that may be employed to balance each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Bennett envisions his ideal squad as characters that compliment his elemental assault with their own special powers.

When two or more of these characters are merged in a team, they not only improve Bennett’s total damage output but also his survivability by fully using the combined team’s elemental attacks and shield capabilities.

Furthermore, while thinking about character synergies for Bennett, make sure your composition doesn’t become too one-dimensional by having all characters with the same element or weapon characteristic. Bennett’s performance may be improved by considering both elemental synergy and character abilities in a competition.

Chongyun: Ability Rundown

Chongyun is a playable character in the Genshin Impact video game. His elements are Cryo, and his weapon is a Claymore. As a result, he’s a fantastic Cryo-based damage dealer and crowd control character.

Chongyun’s abilities are meant to lock foes in place, enabling him to easily take out large groups of adversaries.

  • His passive ability boosts his Cryo attack strength, enabling him to cause greater damage with his abilities and normal attacks.
  • His initial active ability lets him to generate a circular frost region that harms and slows foes inside it.
  • His second active ability forms an ice pillar in front of him that does single target damage and freezes the opponent for 4 seconds, giving him extra time for crowd control and teammate following strikes.
  • Chongyun’s ultimate ability generates a large frost region that causes tremendous AoE damage and freezes any opponents within it.

As a result, he is a strong character for taking out big groups while simultaneously providing massive single-target damage with his other abilities. Chongyun is a very strong character that specializes at both crowd management and inflicting massive AoE damage.

Normal Attack: Demonbane

In Genshin Impact, Demonbane is one of the abilities required to improve Kazuha’s Normal Attack.

Demonbane may be obtained via completing global objectives in Liyue, as well as defeating certain opponents and completing specific tasks. Demonbane may also be earned via wishes, daily commissions, and other means.

Demonbane is used to raise the level of Kazuha’s Normal Attack ability, increasing his attack damage, combo damage, and elemental burst damage. When players have accumulated enough Demonbane resources, they may use them to level up the talent. Kazuha’s Normal Attack will get more powerful as her skill level increases. Players will be able to optimize their party’s firepower with Chongyun in Genshin Impact thanks to this improved ability.

Charged Attack

Chongyun is a strong four-star Cryo Ice character in Genshin Impact who has the unique ability to perform a charged attack that can be utilized both offensively and defensively. Unlocking the greatest Chongyun build requires maxing up his charged attack, which is controlled by two factors: elements and artifacts.

To begin, it is critical to choose a skilled collection of element effects to maximize the damage output of Chongyun’s charged strike. Then, choose the finest artifacts that boost critical rate and damage against adversaries of various elements. By selecting the correct element effects and artifacts, you may develop a strong build for Chongyun in Genshin Impact that can be utilized against practically any opponent type.

You’ll be able to unlock the most powerful build and make optimal use of Chongyun’s charged attack if you utilize this tier list as a guide.

Plunging Attack

A diving attack is a terrific choice for Bennett players wanting to uncover the optimal build for their character. Bennett may use this technique to generate a tremendous air current that drives him downwards towards his target. When Chroma’s assault hits the ground, it does elemental damage and generates an AoE explosion.

This not only provides incredible damage, but it also allows Bennett to approach adversaries that would otherwise be out of reach. Bennett can do a lot of area-of-effect damage with his Elemental Burst and Plunging Attack combined, and he can do it quickly. Bennett’s diving strike also has significant Crit Rate and Crit Damage bonuses, making it even more effective when employed against foes weak to his element.

Elemental Skill: Chonghuas Layered Frost

Bennett’s greatest elemental talent in Genshin Impact is Chonghuas Layered Frost. This talent summons an aoe field with a casting period of 3.0 seconds that does enormous frost damage to all foes within its range. The effects of the field last for six seconds after the original casting period and have the power to freeze all opponents on contact.

Bennett will be able to utilize this ability if he achieves level 4%;, however it costs 8 energy to cast and may be rapidly depleted by taking too much damage while in use. Bennett should equip Anemo/Cryo based items or Artifacts that decrease cooldown duration and enhance Energy Recharge or Elemental Mastery to realize its full capabilities. This allows him to maintain his Elemental Skill with minimum Energy consumption while doing huge damage in teamfights.

Elemental Burst: Cloud-Parting

Cloud-Parting Starfall, Chongyun’s Elemental Burst, is a strong AoE talent that does Cryo damage and forms an ice zone. All foes within the field take Cryo damage over time, are frozen for a brief duration, and have Albedo’s passive ability applied to them. It also heals any allies caught in its range and provides them with an ATK bonus.

Cloud-Parting Starfall is therefore an essential tool in any team battle or dungeon run. Cloud-Parting Starfall, like other components in Genshin Impact, provides players greater leeway when it comes to building specialized characters like Chongyun. Because the skill is still in its early stages, players may wish to experiment with different builds that take full use of the potent Elemental Burst:

  • Increase ATK
  • Increase healing
  • Increase duration of freeze
  • Increase damage

Chongyun Ascension Passive Talents

Chongyun Ascension Passive Talents are unique Passive Talents that may be unlocked in Genshin Impact after achieving certain Ascension levels. Chongyun may choose from five distinct Ascensions, each with its unique set of Passive Talents to unlock. As you go through the Ascension stages, your character’s damage output and overall stats will improve.

The first two Ascensions enhance your HP, ATK damage, and Physical/Elemental resistance, while the final three raise your elemental mastery and spell damage. The latter two Ascensions also unlock a series of new passive talents that boost your overall stats and even give you access to new abilities like Chongjin Cell and Wind Shield. No matter where you are in the game, these passive talents ensure that once you reach a specific level with Chongyun, he has the appropriate stat increase to tackle any obstacle that comes his way.

Steady Breathing 1st Ascension Passive

Chongyun’s Passive Ascension is Steady Breathing 1st Ascension, which offers him increased Attack and Defense numbers at the expense of HP. This passive is obtained as part of the first Amiibo Basics bundle, and it may be raised up to get extra stat boosts. Steady Breathing 1st Ascension leveling up boosts Attack by 40% and Defense by 40%.

This may be particularly useful in confrontations when protection is more important than attack, enabling Chongyun to live for a longer period of time while accumulating strong strikes.

Other Passive Ascensions included in the Amiibo Basics set include:

  • Icewhirl Blade
  • Glacial Illumination
  • Icestorm Strike
  • Crystalize Resolve
  • Qingxin Blossom

All of these passive abilities contribute to Chongyun becoming one of the strongest characters in Genshin Impact when completely leveled up.

Rimechaser Blade 4th Ascension Passive

The Rimechaser Blade 4th Ascension Passive is a Chongyun-only talent in Genshin Impact. It boosts Chongyun’s Normal Attack DMG by 24% and grants him the ability to administer a Frostbite debuff on hit, delivering Cryo DMG equal to 20% of ATK. Every time Chongyun beats an adversary with a Normal or Charged attack, this passive gives Fast/Normal/Charged Attack SPD and improves ATK SPEED.

Finally, Frostbite causes Explosions to deal AoE Cryo DMG equivalent to 60% of ATK. This upgrade material will allow Chongyun to use the greatest build in Genshin Impact and boost his damage potential.

Gallant Journey Automatic Unlock

Chongyun in Genshin Impact is the ideal character for those who want to do massive damage and make their opponents cringe in dread. Players will be able to unlock the greatest Chongyun construct possible with his Lore and Ability Showcase, Flickering Candlelight.

Chongyun’s Flickering Candlelight’s Art passive ability boosts not just his attack damage but also the amount of attacks he can perform inside a single combo chain. Furthermore, it boosts his usual attack speed by 10%25. This enables him to do greater damage per second while assaulting several targets at the same time.

This showcase’s Lore feature is the ability to summon Yin Bladed Swords that deliver 400% AoE Electro DMG. This allows him to do substantial damage to even the strongest opponents in Genshin Impact.

Overall, acquiring the greatest Chongyun construct while employing Flickering Candlelight will enable players to maximize their fighting ability and easily crush their opponents.

Chongyun Constellations

Chongyun Constellations are a group of six constellation abilities that characterize Chongyun’s build and power in Genshin Impact. These constellations boost Chongyun’s basic stats while also unlocking new abilities and effects. The “Celestial Alignment” refers to how the constellations are grouped into a series of star-based patterns. These constellations may be obtained in a variety of ways, including through completing missions and opening chests.

Chongyun’s Celestial Alignment consists of six Constellations:

  • Starseeker Strength
  • Moonlit Chains Cryo DMG Bonus
  • Frozen Bones Resistance to Elemental Debuffs
  • Cryocore Lord Anemo DMG Bonus
  • Northern Lights HP Bonus
  • Frost Burial Increased Energy Recharge

When all six constellations are active, he has greater attack range for his primary attack, increased damage for particular strikes, and other benefits. Unlocking all of these constellations enables players to tailor their Chongyun construct to their preferred style of play.

Level 1 Constellation Ice Unleashed

A Constellation is a magnificent star that the Ancient Gods drew in the night sky. Chongyun’s Level 1 Constellation Ice Unleashed will be unlocked when you first unlock him in Genshin Impact.

This skill is divided into two parts: Albedo and Contemplation in Chalk.

The first half of Ice Unleashed is Albedo’s ability. It generates an ice rush in a radius surrounding Chongyun. When adversaries come into touch with this ice, they suffer Cryo damage and their speed is reduced for a brief period of time. Furthermore, if an opponent remains in the area of influence for too long, Albedo will trigger an explosion that causes even more Cryo damage, as well as re-enter all impacted foes.

The second installment of Ice Unleashed is Contemplation in Chalk. All foes within Chongyun’s range suffer increasing Cryo damage over time as a result of deep chill and severe cold temperatures generated by frostbite-like effects on their bodies. The cold also temporarily slows them down before greater harm is delivered over time owing to hypothermia caused by the icy winds surrounding them.

Equip your Chongyun with weapons that give added cryo damage or hypothermia resistance to him during fights to boost his efficacy with his Level 1 Constellation Ice Unleashed powers.

Level 2 Constellation Atmospheric Revolution

Atmospheric Revolution, Chongyun’s second-level constellation, is his greatest power. Chongyun may become an unstoppable force in any combat when this constellation is maxed up and he is armed with an Albedo set. Albedo is a substance obtained in chests at random and as a prize for killing elite adversaries throughout Teyvat.

Because elite monsters respawn rather rapidly, farming chests around their spawn sites is the best method to collect the required material. The bulk of these places are visible on the map, enabling players to plan their farming expeditions properly. When enough resources, such as Electro Crystal and Pure Quartz, are obtained, players will be able to build 5-star weapons at the blacksmith in Mondstadt; allowing them to fully use Chongyun’s talents and maximize his potential in Genshin Impact.

Level 3 Constellation Cloudburst

In Genshin Impact, Level 3 Constellation Cloudburst is a strong Amiibo construct for Chongyun. Unlocking this build will increase Chongyun’s stats, making him considerably more valuable in combat. Level 2 Elemental Skill and Burst are required to obtain Level 3 Constellation Cloudburst. This implies Chongyun must gain Adventure Rank 20 and finish Windblume’s Archon Quest Invitation “. Once these conditions are completed, you may begin collecting Amiibos for the ultimate stat increase and unlocking Level 3 Constellation Cloudburst.

Chongyun has improved Movement SPD, ATK SPD, CRIT Rate, Shield Strength, Anemo DMG Bonus, Cryo RES Bonus, and HP Recovery Rate Bonuses as a result of this constellation enhancement. As an extra benefit, the player will be able to use the Passive Skill Frostgnaw “which boosts your damage output while using Cryo DMG strikes on foes.

Level 4 Constellation Frozen Skies

Chongyun’s finest build in Genshin Impact is Level 4 Constellation Frozen Skies. This build is designed to maximize Chongyun’s Cryo DMG. It uses his abilities to freeze his prey for further harm. Furthermore, Frozen Skies may be utilized to extend the duration of his Cryo effects, amplifying their damage output and dispersing it across all adjacent opponents.

In addition, it gives him a substantial HP increase, enabling him to survive attacks that he would otherwise be unable to resist. The Level 4 Constellation Frozen Skies build will offer you an advantage while playing as Chongyun and allow you to fully use his fighting abilities.

Level 5 Constellation The True Path

Chongyun’s Art level, also known as Constellation Level 5, is the greatest level in Genshin Impact that Chongyun may achieve. This level unlocks a significant increase in Chongyun’s overall stats. To reach this level of expertise, you must unlock his unique abilities and employ the greatest artifacts and weapons available to him.

Chongyun’s Elemental Skill has a 40% boost in duration and a 60% increase in damage at Constellation Level 5. His Elemental Burst receives an extra 50% damage boost, as well as enhanced attack range and a 2.5-second cooldown reduction. Furthermore, when his Elemental Skill is active, he obtains a 20% increase to Attack Speed while utilizing Cold or Hydro strikes, as well as an impressive +20% ATK bonus when employing Ice or Hydro attacks. With all of these benefits combined, Chongyun becomes an exceptionally strong character capable of defeating even the most formidable foes.

To create the ideal weapon set for Chongyun at Constellation Level 5, players should look for alternatives for both physical and elemental damage enhancements in order to fully use his abilities during battle. Look for artifacts that provide ATK boosts and Elemental Mastery bonuses for both Ice and Hydro elements, based on Chongyun’s preferred attacking style. Players should opt for weapons that specialize in either Physical Damage or Cryo/Hydro Damage, depending on the demands of the current team composition. Overall, possessing a strong weapon arsenal will allow Chongyun to reach his full potential and become one of the most formidable characters in Genshin Impact.

Level 6 Constellation Rally Of Four Blades

The Level 6 Constellation Rally of Four Blades is a strong combination that unleashes Chongyun’s full capabilities in Genshin Impact. This potent combo is unlocked by raising Chongyun’s constellations to level 6, which takes 18 constellation points in total. This build emphasizes on Chongyun’s Ice abilities, using FrostFan, Frostfall Spellblade, and DawnChill to create an unrivaled freezing area. Enemies trapped in this freezing field will be pummeled with a flurry of ice and knocked down for an easy combo climax with the Level 6 Constellation Rally of Four Blades.

As a result, Chongyun’s ability against mobs, monsters, and even other players is really maximized by this combo.

Chongyuns Ascension: Stats and Material Costs

Ascending is an important aspect of the game mechanics in Genshin Impact. It enables characters to learn new skills, improve their stats, and become even more powerful than before. Chongyun, as one of the numerous characters in Genshin Impact, falls into the same group. Unlocking his finest construct requires careful preparation and comprehension of the stats and resources necessary for each Ascension level.

Chongyun’s stats improve dramatically with each Ascension level. Base HP, ATK%, DEF%, Physical DMG Bonus%, Energy Recharge%, CRIT Rate%, and Healing% Bonuses are all included. While these stat boosts might provide a significant increase in damage output or survivability, they are not without cost – particular materials required for each Ascension level, which can vary from common to rare things. Chongyun’s Abilities must also be raised up using Ability Books or Mora in order to access all of their potential benefits at maximum level. With this knowledge, gamers may plan ahead and prepare all they need before Ascending their character.

Chongyun: Frozen Ardor: Lore & Ability Showcase

Chongyun is a prominent character from the game Genshin Impact. He uses Cryo to his advantage, and his elemental talent, Frozen Ardor, enables him to freeze many adversaries at once. Chongyun possesses a variety of defensive talents in addition to his attacking powers, making him a formidable long-range combatant.

His passive talent grants him lifesteal and boosts the damage done by weapons like Claymores and polearms. Chongyun also possesses an ultimate ability that freezes foes while causing damage over time. In addition, his unique ability generates two ice pillars that may be destroyed to take down adjacent adversaries.

Chongyun is a fantastic character in Genshin Impact for anybody who appreciates playing as a long-range fighter. With his combination of offensive and defensive qualities, he’ll be an asset to any club.

How To Obtain Chongyun?

Chongyun is a character in the open-world RPG Genshin Impact. He is a playable character that gives great assistance to your squad by increasing elemental damage and deflecting opponent strikes. His unique ability enables him to boost his defense when adjacent adversaries are vanquished, and he may also use earth-based powers on his own.

To get Chongyun, complete the “Unlocking the Best Build for Chongyun” task. This is an Art task in which you must gather 5 lupus crystals from various locations throughout Liyue and then fight 5 foes using Chongyun’s directed wind ability. When you accomplish this challenge, Chongyun will become a playable character in Genshin Impact. As a result, understanding how to finish this quest is critical if players wish to access this strong character.


Overall, in Genshin Impact, the ideal build for Chongyun is one that focuses on increasing his Elemental Burst damage. This is accomplished by equipping artifacts with ATK, Elemental Mastery, and Energy Recharge bonuses, as well as Core Crystals and weapons like the Frostbearer and Aquila Favonia to increase his damage even more.

When it comes to Talents, it is critical to prioritize those that boost Chongyun’s attack power. Finally, while choosing an optimum build for their character, players need consider both the Sub-stats of their Artifacts and Weapons as well as their Ascension Levels. Players that adopt this build will be able to fully use Chongyun’s skills in both PvE and PvP content, enabling them to maximize their damage potential in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Chongyun Build Guide: Best Artifacts - Weapons

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