Genshin Impact Guide: How To Get Aloys’ Predator Bow

Learn how to get Aloys’ Predator Bow in Genshin Impact with this guide. This bow is great for bow characters and is one of the best weapons in the game.


In Genshin Impact, an action RPG, you may explore a beautiful world full with enchanted cities, monsters, and mythological animals. The Predator Bow, a strong bow wielded by Aloys throughout the game, is among the various weapons accessible in Genshin Impact. This tutorial will show you how to get this bow and use it to defeat adversaries.

Before we get into particular tips, let’s first discuss what makes this weapon so unique.

The passive ability, “Agile Archery,” is the main characteristic of the Predator Bow. Aloys may now fire up to three arrows in rapid succession at any target. It also does more damage to stunned or knocked-back opponents and gives him an extra critical hit chance when he strikes an adversary at close range. Furthermore, if all three arrows strike an enemy consecutively, they will become immobilized for a few seconds. Any player who uses the Predator Bow will be able to easily dispatch even the most difficult opponents thanks to the combination of these characteristics.

What is the Aloys Predator Bow?

A four-star bow from Genshin Impact is the Aloys Predator Bow. The bow’s blue hue is one-of-a-kind, symbolizing the ocean and whale bone. It was published as part of the Battle Pass in version 1.2 and makes use of Electro as its major feature. It has a 46 attack rating, a 20% physical damage boost, a 40% electro damage bonus, and a 15% electro damage increase while striking from a distance, making it particularly powerful in distant combat.

The Aloys Predator Bow features a unique passive ability called “Forces of Nature” in addition to its high basic stats. This passive allows characters who wield this bow to deal an additional 10% physical damage to opponents within 30 meters of them for 8 seconds after performing an elemental ability or Burst. This makes it ideal for teams that have numerous characters with elemental talents that can employ this potent passive effect.

How to Obtain the Aloys Predator Bow

In Genshin Impact, the Aloys Predator Bow is a weapon earned via the Abyssal Domains. To use this weapon, players must first finish the main story’s Sea of Clouds chapter and unlock the domain at Starsnatch Cliff. After that, they must enter each realm and kill the four bosses that reside within: Skyfire Scarleff, Skyfrost Nott, Skyward Harp, and Alpholone.

Players will be awarded with resources such as Adventure Rank experience and Primogems, as well as the Aloys Predator Bow, after all bosses have been killed.

In comparison to other bows in Genshin Impact, the Aloys Predator Bow has a stronger base attack. It also has a higher attack speed stat, making it one of the finest alternatives for dealing with speedier adversaries or speed attacking numerous targets at once. It also has the unique Ability “Crushing Arrow,” which does AoE damage after striking an enemy target. Its special Ability makes it one of the most sought weapons for PvE content in Genshin Impact.

Complete the Archon Quest

Aloys’ Predator Bow may be obtained via The Archon Quest, a side quest accessible in Genshin Impact. To accomplish this assignment, the player must first locate and activate the unique Seelie that has been buried throughout Liyue Harbor. To activate each Seelie, the player must gather five specific elements dispersed across the region known as Ascension Materials.

These Ascension Materials are usually connected with a certain theme, such as Glaze Lilies or Silk Flowers. Players must look for these objects in grass patches and complete daily commissions, unforgettable events, and other side tasks to find them. To properly complete the Archon Quest and get Aloys’ Predator Bow, all five Ascension Materials must be given in to the Statue of The Seven at Starsnatch Cliff.

Purchase from the Souvenir Shop

One of the most effective methods to get the Predator Bow in Genshin Impact is via the Souvenir Shop. Players may use real money to buy Aloy’s bow in return for Wishes. Simply enter the main menu and choose “Shop” to reach the Souvenir Shop. Once inside, players may exchange a limited number of Primogems for a limited number of Wishes.

As a result, this procedure is far more costly than getting it from any other source. In truth, depending on your area and platform, a single Wish will cost between $10 and $20 USD. As a result, it is critical to prepare thoroughly before making any purchases. Furthermore, if you choose this method, keep an eye out for seasonal deals, since they may provide superior Primogem packs at a lower price than normal.

Obtain from the Battle Pass

For high-level players in Genshin Impact, post-training is a crucial means to get Aloys’ Predator Bow. The bow is available through the Battle Pass, a system in which players may level up and acquire prizes depending on their accomplishments. To receive this weapon, players must first achieve a particular level by completing tasks. These tasks often involve players to kill opponents or solve riddles.

Players will acquire Aloys’ Predator Bow as a prize after finishing the tasks or attaining the appropriate rank of the Battle Pass. Paimon’s Gifts, which may be used to enhance weapons and armor, can also be obtained with the Battle Pass. High-level Genshin Impact players who wish to get these potent goods and enhance their game play experience must engage in post-training.

Tips and Tricks

Genshin Impact is a well-known open world game full with surprises and riddles. The Predator Bow, which belongs to Aloys, is one of the most sought-after equipment in the game. If you want to get this strong weapon, here are some tips and tactics to assist you:

  1. Keep an eye out for enemy-dropped chests; they may include the bow or other important goods.
  2. Complete events and activities since they often provide you with goods like the Predator Bow or the materials required to construct it.
  3. Defeat formidable bosses to get treasures such as planks and textiles needed to enhance the Predator Bow.
  4. Trade at one of Genshin Impact’s trade locations to get some valuable things.
  5. Search regions such as dungeons; if you can take down a tough monster here, there’s a possibility it’ll drop more stuff like as weapons or resources required for upgrades.

You should be able to get Aloys’ Predator Bow in no time if you follow these tips and tactics.

Upgrade the Aloys Predator Bow

Upgrading Aloy’s Predator Bow is essential if you want to get the most out of it. You will need four items to complete this task: Crystal Chunks, Whopperflower Nectar, Slime Condensate, and Mist Veiled Lead Elixir.

Each of these objects may be obtained from a variety of sources. Crystal chunks, for example, may be gained from mineral deposits or bosses, whopperflower nectar can be bought from select merchants in the game, and slime condensate can be earned by defeating any slime creature.

Once you’ve gathered all of the necessary supplies, go to your inventory and click Upgrade Weapons. Put the four components into the spaces given by clicking on Aloy’s Predator Bow. You must then choose whatever rarity stars you want to upgrade it to;. Even if you have the money for a two-star improvement, your bow may not make the cut. Before trying an improvement, make sure you have adequate resources stored up.

Use the Aloys Predator Bow with Elemental Reactions

There are various methods to use the tremendous Elemental abilities of the Aloys Predator Bow while utilizing it in Genshin Impact.

  • Combining two separate elements for an Elemental Reaction is the most effective method to utilize this bow. Combining Hydro and Pyro, for example, will result in a Vaporize reaction that does more damage to the target. This is essential for defeating adversaries with more strength or HP.
  • Furthermore, if you have numerous characters with various elemental powers, you may link their elemental talents together to produce even greater response effects.
  • Finally, maintain track of your amiibo supplies; This bow requires a number of materials, so make sure you have enough on hand.


Aloys’ Predator Bow from Genshin Impact is an incredible weapon that delivers a massive damage increase to anybody fortunate enough to own it. To unlock it, you must first collect 100 Mondstatts and two additional resources from both the open world and particular events. Anyone with the right resources and expertise may unleash this bow. Although this is a time-consuming procedure, it is well worth it for any dedicated Genshin Impact player looking to boost their strength in the game.

Your search for Aloys’ Predator Bow is going well.

Genshin Impact Aloys Predator Bow Guide: How To Get

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