EVE Online announces the return of the 10v10 Alliance Tournament PvP event

There’s a new tournament on the EVE Online calendar, and it’s looking to offer some of the best PvP action that the sandbox game has to offer.

EVE Online is back for another Alliance Tournament season, and this time there’s an extra twist. Back in the Alliance Tournament’s days of yore, players would usually fight it out in a 10-on-10 alliance battle, against teams of 10 players that each had their own individual home bases.

After a two-year hiatus, fans of the official EVE Online PvP tournaments, CCP Games has announced the return of the Alliance Tournament in November – a double-elimination, 10-on-10 PvP tournament in which Alliance representatives will compete for glory and prizes.

Registration for the tournament begins next Monday, July 19, and instructions for those wishing to participate will be provided the same day. After the registration deadline of 16. There are a number of pre-tournament events in August, including feeding contests and open practices at the Thunderdome, prior to the tournament itself on the weekend of August 6-13. November begins.

Prizes will be pancakes, with discounts on Garmur, Orthrus and Barghest, and there will be several flat ships competing for Alliance tournament prizes. The event itself is also undergoing some changes, including the addition of new prize SKINs, plans to bring back old prize ships in future events, and some rule changes to keep the tournament fresh.

As mentioned in the first paragraph, the 2019 alliance tournament has been postponed to allow CCP to reconsider its approach to supporting official events. The announcement now confirms that the development studio is willing to support tournaments like this throughout the year. Our blogger friend Wilhelm Arcturus of The Ancient Gaming Noob has written an excellent article on why the return of this event is important, as well as the history of the tournament.



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