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Zelda: Skyward Sword HD Ghirahim Boss

For those who don’t know, Ghirahim is the boss of the Skyward Sword HD remake. He’s the antagonist, and the final boss of the game. He’s a telepathic demon with the ability to read minds, well, kind of like a GOG version of Kevin from South Park. I won’t spoil anything, but his attack patterns are a little different than his original appearance in Skyward Sword. Ghirahim is definitely a tricky boss to beat, and the fight is pretty long.

This year at E3, the Nintendo booth blew the roof off with the announcement of a port of the critically acclaimed Wii action-adventure title, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, for the Wii U console. The port will feature the game’s HD graphics, all of the post-release downloadable content, and a brand-new, HD cinematic intro sequence that takes place after the events of Skyward Sword. The music of the game will also be remastered.

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As you go through Skyward Sword HD, you’ll encounter a sword-wielding opponent named Ghirahim, a terrifying Lord who wants to bring Demise back to life. Between taunts and tongue-waggles, he’ll put your swordsmanship and abilities to the test in ways that no other foe can. And he’ll be a challenge! He brings a variety of tactics to each battle to keep things interesting, and he continues to be a big thorn in Link’s side. So, if you’re having trouble defeating Ghirahim in Skyward Sword HD, this short tutorial will take you through all three battles!

Please proceed with care if you don’t want to get spoiled! Ghirahim plays a significant role in Skyward Sword’s narrative, thus the following guide will include some plot spoilers.

Ghirahim in Zelda: Skyward Sword HD: How to Beat Him

During the course of the Skyward Sword, Ghirahim appears in three battles. In all three, he’ll have Link utilize some of his sword skills – as well as other devious tactics – if he wants to win!

The First Ghirahim Battle

This battle takes place at the Skyview Temple’s conclusion. The Demon Lord seems to be very secure in his abilities, blocking your sword strikes in the direction you’re holding your weapon. However, his hand is sluggish to follow you around; take advantage of this! Ghirahim’s hand should be moved to one side, then rapidly swung in the other way. This will allow you to score a hit right away!

If your sword is captured, he will use it to attack you. Play conservatively and shield smash the Demon Lord to convince him to drop your sword early, then pick it up before he does. You may also wait for Ghirahim to throw the sword and then attack it before he does.

The actual battle starts when Ghirahim pulls his own sword! Reflect his red blades in the direction they’re going with a shield smash or a well-timed sword strike. When he lowers himself to charge at Link, you may either wail on him to halt him or use Shield Bash to throw him off balance and do free damage. Finally, you must attack him in the same direction as he teleports behind Link and holds his sword out.

When you’ve dealt enough damage to the Demon Lord, he’ll flee. Excellent job!

The Second Battle

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD Ghirahim

This battle takes place towards the conclusion of the Fire Sanctuary. Ghirahim is now defending himself with his red squares; swinging the sword in the other way is no longer an option! Early on, you may inflict harm by directing Ghirahim’s hand away from the squares. In essence, you want to draw a straight line between the two squares, with Ghirahim’s hand at one end. Then you swing from the other end to strike the Lord.

When he summons four squares, though, this won’t work. You’ll have to withdraw at that point and compel him to shoot the squares at you. These are easily avoided or deflected. After that, just rush at him and get some hits in!

When he’s angry, he’ll now draw two swords! Use the same route approach to inflict damage to Ghirahim while avoiding his swords, just as you did with Stalfos!

He’ll charge at you as well. Shield Bash him with excellent timing to throw him off balance, leaving him vulnerable to assault. You may be able to slash at him before he hits you, but timing is difficult to master.

Dodge the assault when he leaps up and teleports to trap Ghirahim on the floor. As a result, he’ll be vulnerable to assault, providing you some free damage.

Finally, when he’s on his dying breath, he’ll conjure forth a slew of crimson diamonds. He will sometimes surround Link with diamonds. You must employ a horizontal or vertical spin attack to kill them. Alternatively, slash the diamonds in the correct direction as they are shot at you to knock them out of the air.

Ghirahim will withdraw after a time of smacking gems… This time, though, he was a bit less sure of himself. You’re on your way to him now!

The Third Battle

Ghirahim isn’t wasting any time; he’s attempting to resurrect the demon king! You’ll have to deal with him fast, but it won’t be simple.

Slaughter the creatures using the same strategies you’ve used throughout the game: locate the right angle to breach their defenses, or utilize Spin Attacks to destroy huge groups.

Ghirahim is invulnerable to assaults, thus your objective in this battle isn’t simply to strike him. You’ll need to use a flurry of well-aimed strikes to drive him over the brink. Then finish it off with a Fatal Blow!

But be cautious. Ghirahim will kick you or attempt to swap places with Link to prevent falling over the cliff! You may prevent this by keeping an eye out for the grab and ducking at the appropriate moment. To keep pounding him back, you must target his vulnerable areas while he raises his hand wrapped in electricity.

He’ll draw his sword again after three deadly strikes. You must now utilize thrust strikes to target the gem in the middle of his chest in order to beat him. A sluggish variant of the Skyward Strike is one of the new moves. To stun the Demon Lord, reflect it by striking it in the same direction it’s traveling. If you approach too near to Ghirahim, he’ll attack you, but a Shield Bash will catch him off surprise once again. He’s never learned how to use a shield, has he?

Ghirahim’s last phase entails the creation of a huge broadsword. Defend yourself from his blows by dodging or blocking them until he lifts the sword vertically or horizontally. By repeatedly striking the sword in the opposite direction that it is held, you may chip away at it. Don’t take too much time! After a time, the Demon Lord can and will restore the sword.

It is discovered after a time in the Broadsword phase that his strategy succeeded; he delayed you long enough for Demise to revive. Oh no!

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Ghirahim is a character in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword , and I don’t know why, but he’s always seemed like a strange choice for a boss battle. I mean, he’s a fairy king, he floats, he seems to have a large vocabulary, and he’s got a cool sword. But where’s his armor? Why is his weapon so simple? And why does he float on air like a jellyfish, instead of being a more menacing figure like, say, Mother Brain?. Read more about skyward sword ghirahim fire sanctuary and let us know what you think.

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The final boss in Skyward Sword is a giant dragon called Demise.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How do I beat Lord ghirahim the first time?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
You have to complete the game before you can fight him.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How do you beat Ganondorf in Skyward sword?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
You have to use the Master Sword to defeat Ganondorf.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the final boss in Skyward sword?

The final boss in Skyward Sword is a giant dragon called Demise.

How do I beat Lord ghirahim the first time?

You have to complete the game before you can fight him.

How do you beat Ganondorf in Skyward sword?

You have to use the Master Sword to defeat Ganondorf.

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