Blizzard further experiments with WoW Classic’s same-faction battlegrounds

On the surface, WoW Classic is a regular, vanilla version of the massively multiplayer online role-playing game. However, hidden among the gameplay tweaks Blizzard made for the new Classic is a subtle shift in the way the game’s battlegrounds work. The changes are subtle enough that they haven’t been universally noticed, but they could significantly influence the way the game is played.

Video games have been a cornerstone of the entertainment industry for decades. Players across the world have spent countless hours of their time battling monsters, exploring dungeons and solving puzzles in order to see their wares succeed. One such phenomenon is the massively popular MMORPG World of Warcraft.

While Blizzard is still experimenting with same-faction battlegrounds, they’re still going ahead with their WoW Classic release. This is an intriguing step for the studio, which has previously said it’s still working on the implementation. The change appears to be based on player feedback from the first four weeks of the game’s beta.


Implementing same-faction battlegrounds for some of WoW Classic’s outrageously imbalanced servers sounded like a no-brainer to us, but Blizzard isn’t quite satisfied with how the test runs have gone so far. While the studio claims that this update “dramatically reduced wait times,” problems like premades and Alliance vs. Alliance BGs (on Horde-heavy servers) indicate that the system still needs development.

As a result, Blizzard is experimenting with same-faction battlegrounds while testing this modification. Reduce Alliance-only battles, assist lone players in avoiding pre-made raids, enable players to sign up for same-faction BGs, and provide the minority faction on a server a prize for participation are just a few of the changes.

These changes are being implemented right now for a one-week trial period. The studio said, “We believe it’s important emphasizing up front that the most significant element of this test should be the limitation on premades, and we’ll be very attentive to how battlefield PvP feels for both players who normally queue up alone and players who would have organized raids before queueing.”


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