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MCES overthrow Monster as Northern Arena Clash of Clans Championship heats up

The Northern Arena Clash of Clans Championship is the biggest Clash of Clans tournament in Northern Ireland and is happening in Belfast on July 24th and 25th, 2016. It’s a huge weekend of Clans and Clash Royale and as we saw during last year’s single elimination tournament, it’s always a great event. The 2016 tournament will be held at the Giant’s Causeway Visitor Centre.

We are only hours away from the Northern Arena Clash of Clans Championship at the iconic Pavillion Arena in Preston, England. Today, MCES were crowned the undisputed champion of the Northern Arena Clash of Clans Championship. Monster, the dominant team this year, secured the crown with an 8-1 victory over WiseFighters, a new team that entered this year.

MCES, the UK’s top military-themed gaming clan, were crowned the Northern Arena CoC 2012 champions, after defeating the clan known as Monster.

The Northern Area Clash championship is in the middle of the 9th round. The 18 First Division teams in the tournament are playing some of their best games yet. The Clash Championship is on. Let’s take a look at the current state and how the month went.

Earlier we presented the rankings of week 5, where Monster is in first place with a 5-0 record. MCES was not far behind and came in second. Tribe Gaming, Vatang and Alternate Attax took third, fourth and fifth place respectively.

The ranking is determined by the number of victories. In case of a tie, the point total, cumulative stars and attack percentage are taken into account for the final ranking.

Here are the current standings after the eighth round:

  1. MPS (6-2)
  2. Monster (6-2)
  3. Team Elevate (6-2)
  4. Queen Wanderer (5-3)
  5. Alternate attack (5-3)
  6. Wantag (4-3)
  7. Bandzinger (4-3)
  8. Tribal gaming enterprise (4-4)
  9. Family HT (4-4)
  10. Penta (4-4)
  11. Aphelion eSports (4-4)
  12. Carnage Gaming (4-4)
  13. GEAR (4-4)
  14. SpaceStation Gaming (3-5)
  15. Tompai Reich (3-5)
  16. SFN (2-6)
  17. The Unicorn of Love (2-6)
  18. S8ul (1-7)

Photo credits : Arena North

As you can see, Monster suffered their first defeats of the tournament and MCES are now at the top of the standings. Team Elevate and the Queen Walkers are relatively new to the top 5. Although Monster is no longer in the lead, it is supported by Alternate Attax, which retains its place in the top 5.

18 Division I teams are competing for $10,000 CAD in prizes. The Northern Arena Championship of Clash of Clans runs through the 28th. August.

We will continue to provide updates as the Clash Championship progresses. You can follow the match by connecting to GINX Esports TV Canada, the Northern Arena Twitch channel, or by watching one of the official streams.The MCES (Monster Energy Electronic Sports) has taken the RCS community by storm, so much so that they have announced they will be playing for the Northern Arena Clash of Clans Championship. RCS (Real Combat Sports) is a new style of gaming that is growing in popularity in Clash of Clans.. Read more about albion online pvp guide 2021 and let us know what you think.

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