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Whatever happened to the Age of Wushu franchise?

The Age of Wushu franchise has been around for a long time, originally announced in 2011 for a more Western audience, but it never became a reality. But with the rise of mobile MOBA games on mobile devices, the developer decided to bring Wushu back as a mobile-only game.

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It was January 2000 when Angel Studios, a young startup, released the first Age of Wushu game for the PC. Its unique combat system, combined with its extensive and beautiful 3D environments, was a huge success in the martial arts video game genre. Players quickly became hooked on the game, and the franchise became a huge success.


This tale progresses in an intriguing way. It started with an investigation into what happened to Age of Wushu, which led to a discovery of Age of Wushu 2, which has its own plot. With that in mind, we believe it is appropriate to take a look at some of the most recent advancements in both games.

Let’s begin with the initial goal, the Age of Wushu. A few months ago, there was some worry expressed on Reddit about the game’s chances of survival, with the post noting that the game’s main website was down. To add to the confusion, the game’s Steam listing is now broken, implying that the MMO has been pulled from the platform.

So, what went wrong? Obviously, the game is still operating, although with a slightly altered address. However, things seem to be a little threadbare here, with the most recent update article focused on a refund for gold bought a few weeks ago — an occurrence that appears to be repeating. In addition, the game’s download page contains a number of files that must be manually placed in a folder. So, although things are working here, they aren’t nearly as well-managed as one would anticipate.

No video games out there.

In the case of Age of Wushu 2, a simple search revealed a Facebook post from November 2020 announcing the game’s cancellation. According to our coverage of the game, Chinese pre-registration began in 2017, while fellow blogger Connor of MMO Fallout mentions beta signups in 2017 and a 2018 release date, but things had gone quiet for long enough that gamers were worried about the game’s future. Although the Facebook statement does not seem to be from an official source, all signs point to Age of Wushu 2 being cancelled.

So, how far has the game progressed? People are apparently puzzled since there is a new game that seems very similar to Wushu 2 in concept: The Swordsmen X: Survival is a large-scale open world multiplayer survival game with a 256-square-kilometer environment on which players may manufacture things, construct homes, discover skills, battle over territory, explore dungeons, and even start their own martial arts school if they so want.

We think it’s essential to point out that this new game isn’t being created by Snail Games, the Wushu dev company, but fans on the official Discord and on Reddit are fighting over it. Publisher Yooreka Studio promoted the game this past E3 and PAX East, especially as part of an independent games expo — a presentation that didn’t feature Age of Wushu 2.

For more information on The Swordsmen X: Survival, interested fans may read this developer blog or watch the video below.

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In the real world, the Age of Wushu series is a popular series of action games released for the Playstation 1 in the early 2000s. Made by the now-defunct developer Ensemble Studios, it was a series known for its large and diverse cast of characters, creative scenarios and difficult-to-master combat system. Over time, Age of Wushu became a fan-favorite in both China, where it was originally released, and in the United States, where it was later released for Playstation 2, and Xbox.. Read more about age of wushu dynasty and let us know what you think.

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