What Does a Python Developer Do? Introduction to the Profession

All over the world, beginners choose Python as their first programming language because of its simplicity and flexibility. Python is a high-level object-oriented programming language that allows you to transfer programs written by it to different platforms without changes and has huge support for standard libraries.

This open-source interpreted language with an integrated programming environment is free to use and dynamically typed.

Who is a Python Developer?

The competencies of a Python developer can be implemented in a wide range of directions. Depending on the needs of the project, he can fulfill the role of a software developer, data analyst, web developer, data scientist, automated testing specialist, artificial intelligence engineer, or machine learning engineer.

A Typical Python Developer Job Description Combines the Following Responsibilities:

  • Writing efficient, scalable, testable, and reusable Python code.
  • Development and creation of applications and websites.
  • Integration of data storage solutions.
  • Creation of integrative systems.
  • Integration of user-centric elements into various applications and data storage solutions.

A Python Developer is Also Expected to be able to:

  1. Understand, analyze and implement business needs in software components;
  2. Create predictive models for features based on artificial intelligence and machine learning;
  3. Improve productivity and automate applications;
  4. Follow the latest technologies and trends in the field of programming;
  5. Work with Python libraries like NumPy, Pandas, etc.

What Skills Should a Python Developer Have?

A Python developer should have a fundamental understanding of a number of basic concepts, such as variables and data types, data structures, exception handling, object-oriented programming, as well as data analytics, data visualization, and statistics. He needs to have skills in artificial intelligence, machine learning, neural networks, deep learning, and, of course, version control systems.

Such a specialist must be able to integrate various data sources and databases into a single system and implement design principles for scalable applications. If a Python Developer knows how to debug and evaluate the reliability of tools like Selenium and has a basic knowledge of Object Relational Mapper libraries, this will be his advantage in employment.

Technical Skills For A Python Developer Cover Knowledge Of:

  • Key fundamentals of the Python programming language;
  • Python libraries;
  • Frameworks such as Flask and Django;
  • Packaging, release, and unpacking of code;
  • Code version control tools such as SVN, Git;
  • Databases;
  • Loops, conditionals, and elements that control the order of program execution.

Python Developer Must Have the Following Soft Skills:

  1. Ability to write understandable and optimized code.
  2. Good understanding of algorithms and logic, analytical skills.
  3. Communication skills to support productive and friendly communication between developers, designers, testers, and users.
  4. Ability to effectively manage projects and solve problems.
  5. Have good time management skills, be able to allocate forces and means to complete the task and manage the project.
  6. Non-standard thinking and creativity.

A Developer’s Perspective on Python

There is a huge demand for Python developer specialists in all corners of our planet. Python programming language is used in various fields of development. These include application development, web development, game development, IoT (the so-called “internet of things”) development, machine learning, data mining, and much more.


The popularity of this language is associated with the growth of the field of data processing and analysis, including artificial intelligence and machine learning. Industries such as healthcare, education, and finance are using machine learning applications to improve their internal processes through innovation.

With that in mind, the outlook for Python developers looks bright. You can build a career in machine learning, artificial intelligence, data processing and analysis, and more. From web development to automated scripting and from startups to giant organizations, you can put your skills and knowledge to work and earn a decent salary. The estimated Python Developer salary in the US ranges from $97,968 to $112,590 per year.


Python is a universal programming language that is one of the best for beginners to learn. Its demand is very high because the simplicity and brevity of the Python syntax make it much easier for programmers and testers, and the presence of a large number of libraries provides it with the possibility of use in almost any IT field.

Brett Shapiro
Brett Shapiro
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