How to Know That You Need to Advance From Shared Hosting to Virtual Private Server

Managing a website involves making various decisions and adjusting your approach over time. One of these decisions is choosing a web hosting service. There are several options available, such as shared hosting, dedicated server hosting, and VPS hosting. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages and is suitable for different types of projects and different levels of website growth.

Although shared hosting is not considered to the best of of the best option for hosting a website, it can still do its job well, as many websites don’t need exceptionally high levels of performance, don’t deal with too much traffic, and don’t contain the information that must be kept in security, like for example small personal blogs and one-paged websites are indeed not very demanding.

But many sites aren’t going to remain like this. Instead, their requirements will grow, and sooner or later, they will have to be transferred to a more advanced solution, like Netherlands VPS hosting.

In the following article, we’ll explore some of the indicators which will unambiguously say that it’s time to advance from shared hosting to a Virtual Private Server.

How to Know That It’s Time to Switch to VPS Hosting?

Not Enough Performance

The first thing that you can get with VPS is a bigger number of resources. Shared hosting gives you a rather limited amount of resources, and there is also not a great deal of control over them. Thus, sometimes you may have enough, and sometimes not. To make this more predictable, you can go for a VPS server where there is a constant well-defined amount of capacities reserved for you by means of virtualization technology.

Your Website Gets Popular

When your website is no more aimed at a couple of dozen of visitors a month while becoming an integral part of your business, it’s essential to take care of how it is delivered to your visitors. There is no guarantee that shared hosting will always perform well since it can cease to operate in a critical moment, during the presentation of some special offer or whatsoever. Therefore to make sure that your website is always accessible to people willing to visit it.

You Need Better SEO Rankings 

Another point why VPS hosting is definitely more advantageous than shared hosting is that websites on VPS are better ranked by search engines. This is related to the enhanced security of VPS, higher uptimes, and separate IP address. Search Engine Optimization is critical if you want your website to be frequently visited, so anything that improves it is desirable.

You Want to Have More Control

If on shared hosting, many things are decided for you, and you have to live up to the configuration that is pre-set for everyone on the server, on VPS, you can determine almost every aspect of its operation, fine-tuning it to the specific needs of specific projects. This is made possible by root access and the use of various server management tools, like WHM and cPanel, and the fully isolated virtual environment where you can install and run anything you need.

You Want More Planning

If you like to have everything planned, there is another good news regarding VPS for you: with VPS, you’ll be able to calculate exactly the amount of resources you require and fit your plan to it. Furthermore, VPS is an easily scalable service, so once you realize the expected demand for resources exceeds the current plan, you’ll be able to increase them by switching to a more advanced plan. Just contact your provider, and you’ll adjust your plan very soon.

You Need More Security

There are different websites and different levels of responsibility over the things that are going on in them. If you are sure that even in case of an intrusion by a cyber criminal, they won’t get anything useful for them in your files, you can just go on with shared hosting.


If instead, there is some sensitive information, then someone’s unauthorized access to it can cost you much more than the additional costs of renting a VPS. On the other hand, the virtual environment of a VPS is fully isolated, and there is no possible way of getting access to your server if someone else’s security is compromised.

This may be especially important in the case of e-commerce websites, where such information as credit cards and other personal information is broadly involved.

You Need More Flexibility

Another benefit of a VPS server is that it gives you much more freedom of action. Virtualization technology offers you a fully independent and isolated environment that can be used as a playground to try out any ideas. First, a VPS has its own operating system, which you can always choose. With this, you can finely adjust your choice to the specific needs of your project. Furthermore, you have much more customization options and can run any application regardless of compatibility. These features are especially great for a developer.


All in all, we can say that VPS hosting is a significantly more professional solution than shared hosting. In case you want to bring your website to higher standards of security and performance, make it more visible as well as be able to develop a wider variety of projects, then a VPS is definitely what you need.

Brett Shapiro
Brett Shapiro
Brett Shapiro is a co-owner of GovDocFiling. He had an entrepreneurial spirit since he was young. He started GovDocFiling, a simple resource center that takes care of the mundane, yet critical, formation documentation for any new business entity.

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