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Taego Player Unknown Battlegrounds 2021 Update 12.2

In the last couple of years, I’ve been playing a lot of Player Unknown Battlegrounds. I’ve played it a lot, and it’s been so long since I’ve played it that I am not sure if I’ll ever re-install it. But I did just recently, and I found a couple of things to be particularly interesting in the latest update. One of the biggest additions is a UI that allows the game to run on your phone as a tablet. This is a multi-screen gaming experience, which is great if you’re playing with friends that want to play on larger displays. Another new feature is a UI that can be used to find servers you want to play on. This is also great, because you can pick servers

The latest update for PUBG is here, and that means we are finally able to put together a full guide on how to use it. There are a lot of changes that are worth discussing, but for now, it’s time to dive into what’s new.

It’s time to take a look at the PUBG new map, Taego, now that the largest PUBG update 12.2 is out on PC and console. Taego, the eighth map, has fresh topography and ecosystems, as well as a large number of settlements and compounds.

With so many multiplayer games like PUBG, Fortnite, and ARK releasing new levels, there’s no question that we’ll have enough to do this summer!

Taego Map in PUBG

pubg-new-map-taego pubg taego map Taego is a new map in PUBG.

Taego is currently the featured map in PUBG, and it can be played in both TPP and FPP:

  • Solos, duos, and squads are all available (including 1-man Squad modes)
  • Only FPP duos are supported in the NA and SA regions.

The new PUBG map supports up to 100 players and has no Red Zone. Bots may spawn, and two different types of friendly birds can be found across PUBG’s newest area, Taego.

What Is PUBG’s Comeback BR Map?

Comeback BR is a Taego-exclusive second-chance feature that enables players who perished during the initial Blue Zone phase to resurrect later in the battle.

pubg-taego-map pubg taego map

If a player dies in the Taego map’s initial Blue Zone phase, they will fight it out in the Comeback Arena. This place is distinct from Taego; in phase 3, any survivors who are still alive will be transferred back to Taego’s mainland.

  • Comeback BR may only be used in Taego Duo and Squad matches.
  • Only players who pass away before the start of the first Blue Zone phase are eligible.

There are no bots or knockdowns in Comeback BR. To stay alive, players must find treasure and equipment while competing against other players. If a player returns to the battle on the PUBG Taego map, their health and boost levels are reset.

Taego Exclusive PUBG Self AED

pubg new map taego self aed exclusive Taego Self AED in PUBG

Another Taego unique feature is Self AED, which allows players to stay in the battle longer. It’s a world-loot item that allows players to resurrect themselves after they’re DBNO without the assistance of a teammate.

  • It may be utilized in both solo and team games.

Players must click the interact button in their inventory to activate the Self AED. The Self AED can’t be turned off once it’s started, and it can’t be utilized while being revived by another teammate.

New Items in PUBG Update 12.2

There are a variety of new guns, vehicles, and objects in the newest PUBG version 12.2 to go along with the PUBG new map, Taego. A brief rundown of the new 12.2 weaponry follows:

  • K2 — 5.56mm caliber AR that can fire in single, burst, or full-auto mode.
  • MK12 – 5.56mm DMR, found in both standard and custom matches.

There’s also a new vehicle called the Pony Coupe, which is Hyundai’s first concept car. The Pony Coupe has a maximum HP of 1,000, a speed of 150 km/h, and is an all-wheel-drive system.

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