How to Stay Relevant in the Ever-Evolving YouTube Landscape and Gain Subscribers

Content marketing is on everyone’s lips. And among the web’s leading content, video has been at the top of the list for several years. This format is essential for educating, engaging and converting Internet users. That’s why more and more companies have YouTube channels.

However, constantly recruiting subscribers on this social network is a more tedious job than on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. You can always purchase subscribers for YouTube channel, but you can also use some secrets we will discuss in this article.

What Does it Take to Have a Successful YouTube Channel?

Before you make videos and develop your profile, you should know what it takes to have a successful YouTube channel:

Understand how the platform works. It would help if you started by learning about how video hosting works from the inside out, learning more about the experiences of successful video bloggers, understanding how meta tags work and picking up the secrets of successful promotion.

Defining the audience. It’s important to understand who the content will be targeted at clearly.

Come up with a concept. Here, you must understand why you need a resource and what it will tell subscribers about.

Craft unique and compelling scripts for your videos. Using a script generator can streamline this process, ensuring your content is not only engaging but also aligns with the interests of your target audience.

Budget estimation. It is worth calculating your possibilities in advance.

Take care of the design of the profile. Appearance plays an important role, so make a quality header, name and avatar.

Earnings on YouTube channel: Is there still time to catch up?

Next is the production of videos. Video in low quality will only scare away the audience. Before shooting, acquire a video camera with a resolution of at least 640p. Ideally, HD and Full HD quality are required. It is advisable to schedule your videos and think about a uniform format to make the channel recognisable and stand out.

Optimizing Your Videos for SEO

Take care with the description of your video by including keywords that will help optimize your search engine optimization. This will ensure you are regularly seen by qualified Internet users who want to subscribe to your YouTube channel.


In addition to the description, you can also optimize the search engine optimization of your entire channel. First and foremost, it’s important to understand how the YouTube algorithm works. There are a few best practices to follow:

Subtitle your videos: many videos are viewed without sound. This is a useful tip for referencing and the comfort of your subscribers.

Use relevant keywords: think about what the queries typed into the search bar might be.

Optimize tags for better referencing.

Bear in mind that the Google algorithm takes metadata optimisation into account, but not only that. It also pays attention to how your YouTube subscribers react to the content you post. Creating interesting videos that make people want to comment, like, and share is a considerable advantage when getting subscribers on YouTube.

Understanding Audience Demographics

YouTube offers a range of monetisation options, but you’ll need to get off to a good, solid content. We recommend that all YouTubers fully understand the need to analyze the demographic data of the various fan and follower profiles to be targeted.

How can you stay relevant and gain subscribers on YouTube by exploiting the demographic data of your target audience?

Suppose you plan to make money online quickly from your videos to post on YouTube. In that case, you need to keep just one thing in mind: the people you’re going to target will be more inclined to follow you if you design a channel positioned in a specific niche market that arouses their interests.

Alongside this search for a profitable, high-value-added niche, you should also analyse the demographics of your future subscribers according to the following criteria:

Age: the age bracket where most people who watch your videos and subscribe to your channel fall.

Gender: does your channel have a majority of male or female subscribers? Does it have as many subscribers as female subscribers? Does it have more female subscribers than male subscribers (or vice versa)?

Geographical location: the countries, regions and cities from which most people who follow and subscribe to your YouTube channel come.

Viewing time: the average time visitors watch your videos in streaming and replay mode.

By judiciously combining these criteria, you’ll be better able to identify and pinpoint the profiles of people who want to commit to following you. With such (valuable) data in your possession, you should easily be able to build your audience and gain more subscribers.

Note that a solid audience base will constitute a genuine customer portfolio you can promote to major brands that will likely become your long-term sponsors and partners.

Create Partnerships with Influential YouTubers

Collaboration on YouTube has become a very common practice among content creators. Get in touch with YouTubers who offer videos similar to yours but with a larger community to set up a partnership with you. This technique will enable you to reach a new audience whose interests are identical to yours and win new quality YouTube subscribers.

Organise Video Competitions to Win Subscribers

Partnerships can also take the form of video competitions. You can take advantage of the combined notoriety of your two accounts to gain more weight. Offering a competition on YouTube will enable you to get more engagement from viewers, especially if you make it conditional on subscribing to and sharing one of your videos.

This practice helps you to create a buzz around your channel and helps to raise your profile (and, by extension, your community).

Make Your Introductions Short and Dynamic

The first few minutes and even seconds of a video are crucial for capturing the attention of Internet users. Imagine yourself in the shoes of someone who has just arrived on your channel and is watching one of your videos for the first time. What message do you want to convey?

As a general rule, avoid pointless ‘blah-blah’ and long intros: be dynamic and get straight to the heart of the matter. You’ll be less likely to lose impatient visitors right from the start! What’s more, this will increase the average viewing time of your YouTube channel, which is good for SEO.

Create Quality Content

This is the key to having a YouTube channel that works and whose audience grows exponentially. In the race for views and popularity, you can quickly tend to spread yourself too thin and want to do everything, even if that means favouring quantity over quality.

But if you want toget subscrib ers on YouTube and keep them, you must provide them with real added value through your videos. Concentrate on your niche and what you’re good at to create quality, useful, unique content.

Bear in mind that today’s web users are demanding and that the quality and the engagement of your content will determine your success. You can put in place all the strategies in the world regarding visibility and promotion, but content that has no value is no longer attractive to anyone.

Interact with Your Audience in the Comments

Want to know how to find subscribers on YouTube? Start by looking after the community you already have and talking to them.

What distinguishes YouTube from media such as television or radio is the exchange between the person offering the content and the viewers. The latter can then become more attached to and identify with that person.

That’s why you must interact with your audience to win new subscribers. So take the time to visit the comments area regularly, and respond as much as possible to show that you read them.

Generate Engagement and Curiosity

Similarly, don’t hesitate to engage with viewers directly in your video. Address them, ask them questions and invite them to share their experience and opinions on a subject.

The aim? Encourage people to comment on your videos (which, by the way, is great in the eyes of the algorithm), to get involved in your channel, and above all, to keep following you!

A good strategy for gaining more YouTube subscribers is to tease at the end of your video by mentioning upcoming videos on your channel. This arouses people’s curiosity and encourages them to subscribe to experience future content that might interest them.

Remember to make a call to action occasionally to ask them to subscribe to your YouTube channel if they like it!

How to Maintain a YouTube Channel in a Highly Competitive Environment?

The first and most important rule is to release new videos regularly and stay consistent with your channel. And for this, you need to plan and think about the realization of the future media product. As a rule, the pre-production stage consists of the following components:


The choice of subject matter (how relevant, interesting, whether it will be useful for the audience, drawing up an approximate structure). It would help to consider the question, “What direction to choose for content on the YouTube channel in 2023?”. You can understand what will be in trend thanks to numerous studies and information. However, it would help if you also stuck to your concept.

Business plan (calculating the costs of video production). It would help if you understood what you can afford at this stage of the channel’s development and what you can’t afford yet.

Advertising and promotion (you can order PR from bloggers with many subscribers and promote your videos yourself).

Content plan (thinking of ideas for future videos; the list should include at least a hundred possible options, and it is important to generate original ideas).

The larger the competitors in your topic, the more you need to create content on low-frequency queries. You can also think about questions such as: “What can I do or know that my competitors don’t?”, “What topics are trending right now?”, and analyze your competitors and their audience. It is very important to follow what is popular now and be the first. It will help you to stay in the trend and constantly increase the number of readers of your channel.

Licensing your Premium and Paid YouTube Content

You want to know how to make money and gain new subscribers on YouTube by capitalizing directly on the potential of your unusual videos. If you can produce videos likely to generate buzz, they will be sold under license at the best price to television media and news sites.

This method of making money and gaining new subscribers on YouTube can earn much more than trading on a Forex exchange. It’s an excellent way of saving time and making as much money as possible because you’ll directly sell copyrighted (i.e. legally protected) videos.

The associated rights of use can also be the subject of a periodic income payment. What better way to make money online safely, profitably and sustainably?

To Sum Up

By combining all the techniques mentioned above, you can build a real strategy based on your expertise and the trust of all the people who follow you from near and far. These may be your fans, viewers, followers or subscribers.

Adding links to the descriptions of your videos will only strengthen your credibility and improve the positioning of your videos and your online pages, whether they are a blog page, an e-commerce site page or a Facebook Fan page.

It’s even better if you’ve signed up for several affiliation programs and redirected your followers to your website, blog and social network pages.

Jeremy Edwards
Jeremy Edwards
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