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Striking out alone

For anyone who likes the idea of striking out alone and becoming an entrepreneur, one of the most important things to consider is where you will sell your product or service. Marketing theory discusses the four Ps; product, price, promotion, and place. These are the elements that need to be right if you are going to succeed.

In 2019 the Polish eCommerce marketplace was worth $11.1 billion and is now estimated to be worth over $17 billion. Poland is one of the fastest-growing eCommerce markets in Europe, and the country has more than 27.8 million internet users. As a result, it is a lucrative market to sell into, and the Polish Government is keen to attract inward investment. So, where is the right place to be to get your share of this market?

Best options for Polish entrepreneurs

Poland offers many opportunities to wannabe entrepreneurs, whether micro or on a larger scale. After decades of central control, the economy has much more flexibility than in previous years. However, the central Government still has a high level of control in specific markets.

For example, tech and creativity have been core drivers of Polish entrepreneurial success. The video games industry is one of the country’s major success stories, with CD Projekt Red being one of the biggest names in the arena. However, developers using similar technology for video slots do not have access to Polish online casinos due to restrictive Government practices.

What are the best sales platforms?

If you want to sell in Poland, ensure you know which platforms are the right ones to attract your target audience. For example, if you are based in the UK or USA, you might think that eBay and Amazon are the perfect storefronts for your product.

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You could have all your listings translated into Polish and set up a fulfillment operation in the country. However, neither of these marketplaces is the leading platform in the country, and you will not be setting yourself up for success. Regardless of how brilliant your product is, how right the price is, and the fantastic promotion you are offering, your business will not take off if the place is wrong.

OLX is the largest online marketplace

The online platform that is the most popular in Poland is Naspers OLX. It has local ads and is used by 12 million people a month. Over 70 percent of the traffic is accessed from mobile devices. OLX stands for online exchange. The platform was formerly known as Tablica. Pl, but it changed its name when it became part of the Naspers family. Naspers operates OLX classified portals around the world. Ads cover every category, including cars, houses, homes and gardens, electronics, fashion, agriculture, animals, sports and hobbies, education, and music. OLX does not offer payment facilities and merely introduces the buyer to the seller and vice versa.

Allegro is a favorite online auction site

Like eBay, Allegro was set up as an online auction site but, over recent years, has transformed into an official marketplace. It is estimated that it has over 16 million users in Poland and is the fifth most popular website in the country. It has over 50% of the online marketplace share. It hosts all kinds of businesses, and 75% of Polish people named it their online store of choice in a survey. Allegro awareness amongst the population is as high as 98%. It is the country’s equivalent of Amazon. It is a native language site, so all listings must be translated into Polish.

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Ceneo is the top comparison site

Ceneo has 15 million active users and is the second-largest online marketplace in Poland with 15 million users. It features 18,000 online retail businesses. The site lets buyers compare millions of products and services. Unlike OLX, they can complete their purchase online through a virtual cart. As it is a comparison site, customers can learn about the seller and their products from a list of criteria. The site gives each retailer a Trusted Opinions Ranking too.

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