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Are Virtual Call Centers the Next Big Thing, or a Fad?

The market size for call centers will be $28.09 billion in 2022. It’s a $5 billion jump from last year’s numbers; it means the industry is growing exponentially and will continue to do so. Therefore, innovation in standard call center services is imperative to keep the good times running. Virtual call centers can be a big part of those good times, as they provide a high return on investment.

Customers’ and employees’ satisfaction determines how a call center eventually performs. Want to know how satisfied they are with virtual services? Then read on…  

Virtual Call Centers

Virtual call centers come in two types. The first one is a single service that is stretched across many areas. So, for example, a company may send incoming calls to one of many call centers depending on the customer’s location (and other factors).

This is more about the branches rather than being entirely virtual. The agents might still commute to an office near their location.

The second type of virtual call center is entirely decentralized. It means there is no physical setup. Instead, employees work remotely, and the business can be stretched to many regions.

Future of the Virtual Call centers

A virtual call center removes the extra efforts and steps required to run a business. So, for example, an employee doesn’t have to commute to work every day and sit in an office with dozens of phone booths. Instead, they can do the same thing from the comfort of their home.

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In average conditions, employees are more relaxed and productive in their homes compared to an office setup. A happy employee often means a satisfied customer and, in return, a high profit for the call center.

So, virtual call centers are likely to become the next big thing. And they are already on the path to success. Want to know the details behind this claim? Head onto the next section.

Reasons for the Claim

Virtual call centers have been performing exceptionally, especially after the pandemic hit the world. As a result, with most people confined to their homes, virtual businesses and ventures started gaining popularity. For this and many other reasons, a virtual call center often works more effectively than a traditional one.

Here are the reasons why these contact centers are on track to become the next big thing:

Scale Up Opportunities

As the agents in virtual call centers work remotely, it’s often far easier to set them up with a new kit.

Once a call center invests in this equipment and makes its communication medium effective, it can also help them with other challenges. For example, you can upscale your services and increase the effectiveness of every single call.

Return on Investment

It’s a well-known fact that virtual call centers eventually make more money than traditional ones. As many working locations and conditions are feasible, it increases agents’ productivity and improves customer experience.

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Additionally, a virtual call center can efficiently juggle between inbound and outbound calls. Therefore, one team can handle both departments, saving additional money for the center.

Location Independent Services

Virtual call centers give them the upper hand in the business of their location-independent services. Unlike a small call center functioning in a designated area, a virtual one can cover the globe.

It provides more opportunities to grow and essentially make more money.


With virtual call centers, you don’t have to worry about seasonal workload and upscale or downscaling your business. So, if a business doesn’t require the same support throughout the year, these contact centers will help.

Whether you require 10 or 100 agents, a virtual call center will cater to your needs.

Work Efficiency

Workers’ efficiency and productivity matter a lot in making a business successful. Virtual call center workers are free to work from home or in an office setup. This increases freedom and provides the agent peace of mind.

In return, a happy and satisfied agent works longer and better than those constantly under pressure. This helps the virtual contact centers to perform better than the standard ones.

Customer Satisfaction

All the above-mentioned points guarantee that the end customer will be satisfied with the services. Clients always want the call agents to be friendly and helpful and professionally answer their queries.

Virtual call centers help the company always task the best agent for every call. Moreover, these centers allow us to depend on call centers with adequate, relevant experience and high customer satisfaction rates.


Now that you know how a virtual call center can potentially change business models and employee behavior, it’s time to get started. If you are a part of the traditional contact center, you can try effectively working on making it more remote and accessible. It will eventually benefit both the company and you.

Jess Shaver
Jess Shaver
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