Virtual Number: Get Rid of All the Doubts and Choose the Modern Solutions for Your Company Right Now

The main feature of a virtual mobile number (VN) is the ability to use it without an operator’s SIM card. You don’t even have to visit a communication salon or an operator’s office to connect it. Both an individual and an organization can purchase the mentioned number. There are significant advantages in both cases. Let’s take a closer look at the principles of VN’s operation and the way they can be used, as well as analyze the nuances.

VN: What Tasks is This Service Suitable for?

A business will be able to solve the following tasks with the help of this feature.

  • Telephone costs optimization. You can rent several numbers for different offices and remove/add the desired combinations in a matter of minutes. At the same time, calls within the network will not be charged if all numbers are connected to one corporate virtual PBX.
  • Fast telephony office. Renting a VN for calls is a great way to provide your office with high-quality communication in a short time. An important role here is played by the fact that IP telephony does not require any special infrastructure – only Internet access is needed.
  • Scaling corporate telephone networks. They can be purchased from an IP telephony provider and quickly connected to provide company employees with telephone numbers.
  • Toll-free (800) and virtual number are two of the most popular options for businesses today. But which one is right for your company? Automation of many different operations and business processes in the company. A rented virtual number can be integrated with CRM and other specialized systems/services. Thus, various tasks are solved (call management, automation of collecting statistical data, and so on).

WhatsApp business number is a free to use messaging platform designed to help small businesses reach their customers quickly and easily. It allows small business owners to manage customer conversations, create customer segments, and build automated customer support experiences.

You can also get several phone numbers, including Indian virtual number, Chinese, American, etc., to organize advertising campaigns related to receiving many phone calls. It is possible to quickly increase the number without making significant changes to the infrastructure.

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This service will also be useful if the company needs to quickly enter new markets. You can buy the VN in the target region at a minimal cost, providing the company with the ability to receive/make calls from the desired location at favorable rates for business and clients.

Which Numbers are Available?

IP telephony providers offer different types of number combinations and you can get any of them.

  • City. The digits combination corresponds to a specific location (city, region, etc.). One of the advantages of this option is a fairly high level of trust from customers. The experience of many companies (as well as research) shows that users are much more willing to contact companies that have a local phone number.
  • Mobile. The VN will be useful for those companies that do not want to be tied to a specific region and emphasize its presence in a large number of locations.
  • Toll-free (800). One of the key features of this option is free calls to such a number for the company’s customers, regardless of the region in which they are located. This helps to increase user loyalty. In addition, many perceive the company’s toll-free number as a sign of its reliability, scale, seriousness, etc.

Benefits and Features

A virtual Internet number is not only about calls. You get a lot of useful features and functions (both provided by default and optional) when using it.

  • Multichannel. The VN can serve several operators or managers. It is possible to implement various call control scenarios and call distribution between operators due to the required functionality available to IP telephony users.
  • Lack of GEO binding to a specific area. You can use a VN from any location as it’s assigned to a SIP account. You only need access to the Internet to get the number and to start using it from the workplace. This means that the operators and managers of the company will be able to use the corporate VN practically anywhere.
  • Automation of communication with customers and reducing the burden on operators. Many user issues can be resolved without the intervention of managers/operators via the use of advanced IVR (for example, collecting some information from subscribers, choosing a specialist with whom the connection will be made, and so on).
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Erase all doubts as the Freezvon Company is ready to demonstrate in practice all the advantages of VN use by offering many additional options. Moreover, everyone has a great opportunity to get a round-the-clock consultation and find out the answers to all their questions.

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