Nexon drops videos and details for Project HP, Project ER, Project Magnum, and more

With titles like “Project HP – The next-generation smart watch” and “Project ER – The ultimate smartphone”, Nexon today revealed details about three new game titles that will be released in the first half of 2018. These titles are part of the Nexon Arcade project, which seeks to integrate online gameplay into traditional mobile games.

While not all of these new projects are brand new games, and not all of them are online games, it seems likely that a lot of these titles are going to include both online and offline components. And, with the Korean company planning to lay off 20% of its staff, that means there is some good news for the people who work for Nexon.


Nexon is revealing a number of projects this week, but before we get too excited, keep in mind that we don’t know whether all of them will make it to the west, and some of the earlier Nexon projects intended for the west never saw the light of day, so don’t get your hopes up just yet. Also, farewell, Peria Chronicles. But enough of that: here’s what Nexon is currently working on. wNuI

Project HP is currently billed as “a hand-to-hand PvP (PvP) action genre PC game in which over 30 players fight at close range against the background of a realistic fantasy medieval battlefield.” As of today, an alpha test with two 16v16 “casual” PvP variants is reportedly ongoing in Korea. Yes, the game’s title is still listed as a working title.

Without a doubt, Project ER is an MMORPG with lots of PvP. With approachable siege warfare, 24-hour PvP with a collision system, and a “one-channel seamless environment,” Nexon considers this one of its most ambitious flagship games.

Project Magnum is an online third-person RPG looter shooter that is available on many platforms.

Overkill is a “3-D action RPG that succeeded and developed Nexon’s super IP Dungeon & Fighter,” the studio says, calling it a “new attempt […] that overcomes various limitations that could not be realized in 2-D.”

Mabinogi Smartphone is a mobile version of the traditional Mabinogi MMO created by the game’s developer. Nexon explains, “We aim to offer a new fantasy world by introducing tales, new characters, events, and experiences that were not previously available in the original.”

Project Mod is billed as a “next-generation play environment,” a “content-creation platform,” and a “metaverse project where anybody, at any moment, may create the content of their dreams.”

Other notable games include KartRider Drift, Talesweaver Mobile, and Project SF2, as well as three more with just images and code names: Project P2, Project P3, and Project DR – we think they’re mobile games, but you may disagree.

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