The Wagadu Chronicles devs consider the challenges of building an afrofantasy MMORPG

Afrofantasies are stories in which the protagonists are imagined to be African-American. They can take on a variety of forms, including comics and video games, but they generally focus on aspects of African or African-American culture that are generally viewed as taboo to most white people, like poverty, crime, and death. Although in the past decade afrofantasies have attracted a lot of attention, there are still plenty of challenges that the developers of Wagadu Chronicles face in bringing this story to life.

Still playing around with the latest build of The Wagadu Chronicles , the MMO by ex-Paradox developers, an American indie studio called Icy Veins . Its a 2D MMORPG that mixes exploration, survival and combat elements, with a focus on building strong black characters.

In this series of interview blogs, the Wagadu Chronicles, a team of African and African-American game developers, will talk about some of the challenges they had in making their game. These challenges will range from the technical (how to implement graphics effects when working with a limited technology stack) to the creative (how to create a believable and realistic world for your players to interact with).. Read more about wagadu chronicles pdf and let us know what you think.


The world of upcoming sandbox MMORPG The Wagadu Chronicles has piqued a lot of interest, particularly because its afrofantasy setting isn’t something we get to see a lot of in our genre, let alone gaming entirely. Tackling that challenge was the subject of a video presentation from Twin Drums founder and game designer Allan Cudicio, who spoke as part of an event held by Games for Change.

Cudicio discusses how the African continent and Black people are represented in gaming, how Wagadu is attempting to break many of those design stereotypes, and the impact of colonialism on Black and African culture, which has erased most traces of ancient civilisations, making game design difficult in a unique way.

“Colonialism has caused so much harm to the African continent, Black people, and then actual slavery, that as a game developer working on a Black and African-inspired game, we are constantly confronted with these legacies. We have to battle against decades of damage, so it’s a lot more work.”

While we’ve been tracking Wagadu’s development for a while, the MMORPG subreddit decided to give the game a full feature, presenting the game’s setting, development team, and a slew of artwork and design. Cudicio’s presentation is available in the embed below, which is scheduled to start playing as soon as the presentation starts. lEpooWJI


One of the biggest challenges developers face when developing games centered around cultures outside of the Western World, is understanding the cultural nuances of the people who will be playing them. As I was helping the Wagadu Chronicles team design their game, I came across a very interesting issue. How do you translate your cultural nuances into a game that is intended to appeal to people from all around the world?. Read more about wagandu and let us know what you think.

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