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Monster Hunter Stories 2 is out now in Japan, and if you’re like me you’ve been too busy playing to find out where the best egg laying spots are. That’s why we’ve developed the Monster Hunter Stories 2 Egg Locations Guide, which will show you everything you need to know to get the most out of Monster Hunter Stories 2!

There are a total of 36 Great Jaggi and Kushala Daora eggs in MH Stories 2, and you need to find them all in order to unlock the best parts of the game. While the game is fairly forgiving, you’ll still have to do some work to keep the best parts of your character and the game.

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Welcome to Monster Hunter Stories 2 Egg Locations Guide , which will help you find more rare egg locations in the adventure RPG for Switch and PC.

Here is an overview of the location of the eggs in the game.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Manual Index:

Monster Hunter Stories 2-Eg

More hatched eggs and placement of bottle caps

Advice: The eggs can be found in monster burrows that appear randomly on the field. You can only take one egg out of the hole, but as long as the eggs remain in the nest, you can trade the one you have for another. But if you choose an egg, be wary, because the monster can wake up from its slumber or suddenly return to its nest and attack you. The duration of your stay is entirely up to you!

How to hatch several eggs at once? Get more room for eggs by buying more bottle caps at Everdens. The location of Monstey collectibles in the game for eggs and more is described in this detailed video tutorial.

Timeline in minutes for Bottle Caps & Everden’s location guide

  • 0:00 – Need more room for eggs?
  • 0:24 – How to enlarge your egg chamber
  • 1:39 PM – Use of bottle caps in Melynx
  • 2:55 PM – Everden posts with tips
  • 4:07 – Position of bottle caps
  • 5:07 AM – Keep your bottle caps / invocation ritual


Monster Hunter Stories 2: More room for eggs: bottle cap.

Rare specimen burrows with egg laying

Advice: There are even rare caves that rarely appear, where you can obtain hard-to-find monster eggs, and eggs that contain hard-to-find genes. Once you’re safely out of the monster lair, grab an egg from the chicken coop and incubate it to get a new monster for your journey!

Genes: A channeling rite is a ritual by which the gene can be passed from one Monstey to another. That way, you can generate a new power in the monstrosity that receives the gene, creating your own original monstrosity. During the ritual, you can choose where to place the gene. This gives you the ability to upgrade your monsters and bring out new skills and abilities in interesting combinations.

Each Monstey has different genes. The color of a gene represents its element and the pattern of a gene represents its attack type. Form a row of three pieces of the same color or pattern – vertically, diagonally or horizontally – and you get a bingo bonus. This will give your monstia even more power! In this game you can place a gene in an empty slot, stack a gene, and even get multiple bingo effects with genes of the same color! By upgrading your skills and getting bingo bonuses, you can strengthen your monsters!

Examples of piping: By transferring the fire bellows to Yian Kut-Ku Lagombi, you can give him the ability to manipulate fire that he would never naturally possess. Or, if you transfer genes from Glavenus, Gammoth, Mizutsune and Astalos to Arzuros, Arzuros can use the Destiny Four abilities from Monster Hunter Generations! With the channeling rite, you can create a versatile Monstey that can use Strength, Speed, and Technique skills. You can also upgrade Monstey’s skill to the fire element until he becomes a fire specialist. With gene transfer, you can customize your monsters to make them that no one else has!

Rare eggs Cooperative task: In co-operative expedition quests you can connect with another racer from anywhere in the world and explore special areas that are only available in multiplayer. This is a great way to get monster eggs. There are multiple nests in each area, which means a greater chance of rare eggs. You can even get a large number of eggs during an expedition.

You must purchase special in-game expedition tickets to participate in joint expedition missions. There are different types of shipping receipts, which are classified according to their rarity. If you use a rare shipping card, you can get more hard-to-find eggs.

Where can I find eggs in Monster Hunter Stories 2?

Timeline in minutes for a guide to find caves and rare monster eggs

  • 2:11 PM – How to discover rare monster caves
  • 4:16 PM – Rare monster mines revived
  • 6:56 PM – Gene identification from eggs
  • 8:14 – Trail Quest: Five rounds?


Monster Hunter Stories 2: Best Monster Egg Farm

Rare genes with prayer teeth and rare egg seats

Rare Eggs Search Guide Chronology in Minutes:

  • 0:00 – Ready for some rare bullets?
  • 4:26 PM – New Ambriz administrator sworn in
  • 1:38 – Farming with Charms/Sundukes/Blue Bodies
  • 3:01 – Brown coffin operation/restoration of coffins
  • 4:20 – Blue box comes out
  • 6:27 PM – Prayer pot strategies
  • 6:32 PM – New administrator of ambulance services advises people to follow norms and standards
  • 9:13 – Star genes (1UP/2UP) ?


Monster Hunter Stories 2: Rare eggs: Prayer spot

That’s it! All the eggs in Monster Hunter Stories 2 are yours!

I hope these tips have helped you find more hidden eggs in the game.

Check out our other guides at the top of this page for more Monster Hunter Stories 2 fun!

Thanks to Poogie Boogie for the video and advice.

Feel free to comment if you have other tips for placing eggs in Monster Hunter Stories 2, we appreciate it. – Thank you for your visit!

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