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Saga of Lucimia rebrands as Embers Adrift, abandons Lucimia IP

The LACE IP has been abandoned and Embers Adrift has been created, as a new game (and new IP) that is set within the same world. It is a fantasy game, and will feature a morally ambiguous story and mature content.

Saga of Lucimia developer, Embers Adrift, has abandoned the Saga of Lucimia IP in favor of a new IP called Embers Adrift. The game was renamed and the original IP abandoned after a legal dispute.

It’s been two years since Embers Adrift, a mobile strategy game that used the Saga of Lucimia franchise name, launched. Since then, the game has seen a number of changes and updates, including the introduction of a new world map, a new user interface, and a new character creation system. Now, the game is poised to release its most significant update yet, with a new name, a new IP, and a new publisher.. Read more about saga of lucimia release date and let us know what you think.

Just a week ago, we analyzed Saga of Lucimia, a group-oriented MMORPG that has been in development since 2015; its final launch was scheduled for this year. Communication with the public has been rather low-key over the past year, and in early 2021 we learned that the game’s founder and his family members had quietly stopped working on the game they had founded last fall, and subsequently parted ways with Stormhaven Studios. Apparently, for legal reasons, clarification was not possible at that time. Nevertheless, the remaining developers claim that work on the game is in full swing, and promise many exciting announcements on the horizon, but at the time of our last post these had not yet appeared; all the developers said was that testing of the game is underway.

It turned out to be the result of an internal rebranding process that was going on behind the scenes of the company. Stormhaven Studios announced on Twitter today that it is changing the name of the game Embers Adrift and dropping the LucimiaIP. In fact, the game’s design seems to be changing drastically in response to player feedback, which should come as no surprise to players who remember the controversy and penalties of the initial testing phase.

We looked at our product and realized we needed to focus on the features and mechanisms that worked and drop the things that didn’t, the team says. Our goal is not to recreate an MMORPG from the past, but to create a new game that is innovative in design and inspired by classic MMOs and tabletop games; a community-oriented MMORPG that presents them with deeply engaging and challenging content that will help them make lasting memories.

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29 June 2021

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29. June 2021Lucimia Development, providers of the popular Lucimia RPG, has rebranded as Embers Adrift. While the Lucimia IP has been abandoned, Embers Adrift has retained some core elements of Lucimia’s gameplay, including a brand new story, new character classes, and a variety of improvements to both gameplay and graphics.. Read more about ashes of creation and let us know what you think.

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