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Monster Hunter Stories 2 | How To Get The Perfect Rare Monstie Egg

The only way to get the perfect rare monstie egg is to do the quest: Monster Hunter Stories 2 | How To Get The Perfect Rare Monstie Egg.

When playing Monster Hunter Stories 2 on the Nintendo Switch, the rare monstie eggs that you need to roll the dice on are actually the least important part of the game. While they can provide you with the best weapons, they can also pose a huge threat to your health and the health of your teammates. So, how do you get the perfect rare monster egg? The answer lies in the handy guide we’re about to show you.

In this guide to Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings Of Ruin, I will share with you the details on how to identify and collect the perfect rare monster egg. We’re all eagerly awaiting the full release of Capcom’s Monster Hunter Stories 2, and so it should be. If you are a fan of the Stories franchise, then you will definitely enjoy this game. It promises a lot of exciting new features, as well as an endless list of monsters and monsters to add to your team. So let’s start this fascinating journey by exploring this guide.

How to identify and collect the perfect rare Monstey egg in MH Stories 2

First of all, you have to find rare names. That’s where the best eggs come from. If you dive into the few caves and climb up to the nest, you will see that there are several different types of glows.

The glow

There are basically 2 types of shine that can be obtained by taking an egg. One looks like a gold note and the other like a rainbow note. Basically, you’re looking for a rainbow glow. It’s very subtle, but you certainly won’t miss it if you take the egg. The method of annealing determines the degree of stinkiness of the egg. The more fragrant the egg, the more likely it is to be rare.

egg weight

You want to take the eggs, they are heavier and also smell more. As soon as you pick up an egg, you have an indication of its weight and smell. Heavier eggs will probably be rare.


The easiest way to determine which egg is a sample is to consult the Monsterpedia. It’s a sort of Pok√©dex that contains your hunter’s data, and it shows very clearly what an egg-shaped Monsti looks like. That way, when you pick up the egg, you can determine exactly which sample will hatch.

Why are rare eggs the best?

The rare eggs in Monster Hunter Stories 2 contain rainbow genes that can be placed in any slot in the gene set. You can get different colored bonuses if you customize them. So you can have special configurations, like fire and water together, and also a special bonus, like an extra bonus for damage, which is really cool. In this game you can stack genes, but we won’t talk about that in this tutorial.

Well, that’s it for now. Just check the smell and weight of the eggs, and you can also use Monsterpedia as a reference. If you enjoyed reading this lesson, let me know in the comments below. We’ll be back with more Monster Hunter Stories 2 guides in the near future. Until then, take care of yourself and enjoy the game!

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