An Essential Genshin Impact Wood Guide: Where to Find All Types of Wood

Looking for a comprehensive guide on where to find all the different types of wood in Genshin Impact? Look no further! This guide has everything you need to know about where to find wood, what kind of wood is best for what, and how to make the most of it.

How To Get Wood In Genshin Impact?

Wood is a valuable resource in Genshin Impact, and it is utilized in a variety of tasks such as preparing food, improving your equipment, making new things, and so on.

To get wood in Genshin Impact, just locate and interact with trees, rocks, and other materials found around the environment. Cutting down trees yields unique bits of wood that may be used to make a variety of goods. Rocks may also be mined for ore, which is subsequently melted down to make charcoal lumps or wood logs. Interacting with select NPCs throughout the world may also result in rewards including wood resources.

Following these methods will ensure that players have a consistent supply of the resource they need to proceed through Genshin Impact and perform a variety of activities.

Where To Find Birch Wood In Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact gamers hunting for Birch Wood may have a tough time locating it. This is due to the fact that Birch Wood is a rare resource that can only be discovered in certain places of the game world. It is mostly earned by defeating the Hilichurl Harvester foes that spawn around Mondstadt and in the Stormbearer Mountains. When destroyed, these foes will drop Birch Wood as prize.

Other areas where players may discover Birch Wood include:

  • chests that appear at random in the game world,
  • participating in scheduled events such as fights or collecting competitions that provide prizes of Birchnutmeat and its related products, which include Birch Wood,
  • purchasing from merchants, however costs vary based on where it is acquired.

Available Furnishings From Birch Wood

Birch Wood is one of the most frequent woods found in Genshin Impact, and it is utilized to make furniture for Yoimiya’s home. Birch wood may be gathered from trees in the Liyue area and used to make chairs, coffee tables, couch beds, television stands, and other items. A single Birch tree may produce up to 5 pieces of wood, which can then be made into furniture in a Carpentry Shop.

Birch wood is ideal for building beds, chairs, tables, and other furniture for Yoimiya’s house since it is lightweight and simple to work with. It also has a soft tint that may offer warmth to your decor. When compared to other varieties of wood, things made from Birch Wood are also quite durable and need little care.

Where To Find Cuihua Wood?

In Genshin Impact, Cuihua Wood is a sort of wood resource. It may be used to make weapons, character advancements, and other goods.

The Cuihua Wood may be found in a variety of locations across Teyvat, the game’s environment. Look for it among trees in the game’s wilds and woods, frequently growing on the ground or on surrounding rocks. It will appear on your map with a yellow leaf indicator, so if you know what you’re searching for, it should be quite straightforward to spot.

If you can’t find it in your immediate surroundings, you may try some domain challenges or Ley Line Blossoms to help you find it. There are other prizes that may be gained by finishing specific missions that contain Cuihua Wood on their loot table.

Available Furnishings From Cuihua Wood

Cuihua Wood is a sort of unique wood that players in Genshin Impact may harvest. It is one of the most elusive and difficult-to-find furniture materials. This sort of wood can only be obtained from the Sucrose NPC in Monstadt, who carries it with her and exchanges it for Mora. Sucrose has five distinct Cuihua Wood furnishings:

  • A candle holder
  • A blue flower lamp
  • A wooden stool
  • A wooden housebed frame
  • A folding tabletop screen

Although her prices vary based on the season and time of day, each item typically costs between 8500 and 10500 Mora.

Cuihua Wood Furnishings may also be purchased from other NPCs in Genshin Impact, such as Katheryne in Mondstadt General Goods or Vatyr at Liyue Harbor. They often cost somewhat more than what Sucrose charges, but they are an excellent method to get this uncommon form of Furnishing material.

Where To Find Cedar Wood In Genshin Impact?

Cedar wood is a valuable resource in Genshin Impact, since it is needed to make numerous goods and improvements at the Blacksmith. For their travels, players will want to collect as much cedar wood as possible. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to locate.

Cedar wood may be gathered in Genshin Impact from the numerous woods present across Teyvat. Cedar Trees may be found in a variety of settings, including Suguha Pool, the Dawn Winery, Yaoguang Shoal, and Wuwang Hill. On their journeys, players may also come across them near Statues of The Seven. Cedar trees are also a random drop from enemy chests and chests discovered when participating in activities such as Ley Line Outcrops or Domains. Finally, they may be bought for 10 Anemoculus apiece from Katheryne in the Mondstadt Adventurer’s Guild and presented by other players for free once every day.

Available Furnishings From Cedar Wood

Cedar Wood is one of the most frequent timber resources in Genshin Impact and can be found everywhere around Teyvat. It is used to make a variety of Furnishings that characters may use to adorn their houses.

Many furniture manufactured from Cedar Wood will be accessible to Zhongli players in their Genshin Impact quests, such as the Cedarwood Steamer, Cedarwood Chopsticks, and Cedarwood Rice Spoon. When donned, each item provides an extra stat boost, especially a 2% ATK gain for Zhongli characters.

There are also many additional furniture items available, such as chairs, tables, and beds, that provide passive advantages when put in players’ houses. Finally, players may create wooden sculptures out of cedar wood that will increase the HP and ATK numbers of any character that visits them in the game’s universe.

Where To Find Fabers Fir Wood?

Faber’s Fir is a kind of wood found in Genshin Impact. It is also known as Blue Spruce. This sort of wood is required for the creation of numerous high-level goods, particularly weapons and shields.

Faber’s Fir may be found in Mondstadt’s Dragonspine mountain area, however it can be difficult to find owing to its special ecological needs and the regular changes caused by winter.

Players should seek for huge trees near bodies of water, such as rivers or lakes, to find it. They should also consider the time of day, since Faber’s Fir trees are more likely to emerge early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Players should also keep a watch out for patches of blue ice spread over Dragonspine – These frosty areas indicate the presence of Faber’s Fir.

Available Furnishings From Fir Wood

Fir Wood is one of the wood kinds in Genshin Impact. Fir Wood is obtained from Kazuha, who can be located in Mondstadt. Fortunately, he restocks his inventory on a regular basis, so you won’t have to wait too long to get your hands on some Fir Wood. Other rare resources, such as Crystal Chunks, may also be obtained from Kazuha. When you buy anything from him, he will offer you some extra crafting resources that you may use for other recipes.

There are several alternatives available when it comes to Fir Wood furniture:

  • Tabletops, chairs and benches
  • Nightstands and beds
  • Cabinets and drawers

Decorations such as flowerpots and lights are also available, as is outdoor furniture such as wicker seats and tables for your patio or garden. These products may also provide a distinctive touch to your house, showcasing your creative style.

Where To Find Pine Wood In Genshin Impact?

Pine Wood is one of the ingredients required for Genshin Impact. It may be used to make various artifacts and may be needed to improve Statues of The Seven. To find Pine Wood, players must go to certain regions across the globe that are home to pine trees. Pine Trees sprout around mountain peaks, so if you’re exploring a new location and see a mountain in the distance, go check it out.

If you’ve been looking for Pine Wood, keep reading. Here’s a list of some typical places to look for it:

  • Springvale is close to Stormterror’s Lair
  • Northwish Slope is close to Springvale
  • Dragonspine is close to Thundering Firmament
  • Dawn Winery is north of Mt. Aozang
  • Dragon Ridge is close to Starfell Lake

Pine Trees may also sprout at random anywhere in the globe, so keep an eye out for them while you explore.

Available Furnishings From Pine Wood

When it comes to making furniture for use in Genshin Impact’s Zhongli Constellations, pine wood is one of the most significant sorts of wood. Pine wood is found all throughout the globe, mainly near bodies of water and rarely in woods.

Pine Wood, when harvested and carved, may be used to make basic furniture such as tables, chairs, and beds. Apart from furniture, Pine Wood may be used to make a variety of decorations including as pots, vases, arrows, and more. Finally, Pine Wood may be used to craft weapons like swords, spears, and staves, which are often featured in the game’s fight scenes.

Overall, Pine Wood is an excellent resource when it comes to furnishing your house with items that are both elegant and functional.

Where To Find Sandbearer Wood?

Sandbearer Wood is a sort of wood used in Genshin Impact to manufacture different objects such as weapons, shields, and shields. Sandbearer Wood may be obtained through collecting at certain spots.

Sandbearer Wood may be found at Liyue Harbor, near the entrance to the Yaoguang Shoal region. This is shown on your map by a yellow star with the caption ‘Gathering Spot’ above it. Gather this wood with care, since it is guarded by several terrible beasts.

Sandbearer Wood may also be obtained from various resource nodes scattered around Liyue. These resource nodes are marked with blue stars and provide players with a guaranteed chance of obtaining Sandbearer Wood when they are harvested. However, since these resource nodes emerge at random, they may not always be accessible when required. As a result, collection from the previously stated Liyue Harbor region is often the most dependable supply of this sort of wood.

Available Furnishings From Sandbearer Wood

Sandbearer Wood is one of the wood varieties encountered in Genshin Impact. It is a rare substance utilized in the creation of many weaponry.

Sandbearer Wood is a light yellow wood that may be combined with Amber Catalyst, Steel Dagger, Four-Pronged Plow, and White Tassel to create weapons. It may also be used to improve other weapons, such as the Flute, giving the weapon more attack strength and speed.

It is not difficult to get this material from stumps or fallen logs, yet it may take some effort to discover better quality pieces of Sandbearer Wood so that you may improve your existing weapon to a higher level.

Where To Find Bamboo Segments In Genshin Impact?

Bamboo Segments are a kind of wood that may be used to make items in Genshin Impact. They are mostly employed in the creation of higher-tier weaponry, artifacts, and furniture.

Bamboo segments may be found everywhere around the Genshin Impact globe, however they cannot be gathered from resource nodes. They can instead only be obtained through looting chests or fighting leyline bloom plants and treasure hoarders in the wilds. Because Bamboo Segments are so scarce, players should keep an eye out for chest locations on their excursions to ensure they collect as many as possible. Best wishes in your search for Bamboo Segments.

Available Furnishings From Bamboo Segments

Sucrose can make a variety of furniture out of bamboo segments. She is the only character with this skill in the Genshin Impact game, making her a vital component of your squad if you want to make any form of furniture out of Bamboo Segments.

Sucrose may transform unused Bamboo Segments into seats, tables, and other furnishings for your party’s base camps if you carry them with you. This also allows you to modify the design of your camp at any time without having to purchase new furniture or decorations. Sucrose’s effectiveness makes him a must-have character for any Genshin Impact player trying to improve their camp.

Where To Find Adhigama Wood In Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact relies heavily on Adhigama wood. It may be used to make tools, enhance weapons and armor, and come up with new recipes. Adhigama Wood is an unique substance that can only be found in Genshin Impact’s Mondstadt district. It grows alongside tall trees in woods and may be gathered from trees that have been felled. When harvesting Adhigama Wood, use a hatchet since it yields more than other equipment such as swords or spears. In addition, you may need to shatter rocks nearby in order to reach any Adhigama Wood nodes.

Adhigama Wood may also be obtained by destroying geo constructions or slimes present around the Mondstadt area, so keep an eye out for opponents and bosses if you’re hunting for more of this material. Keep an eye out for Adhigama Wood stacks, since they have a larger probability of falling after being gathered. Finally, Anemo Slimes have a larger probability of dropping Adhigama wood than other foes, so if you’re seeking for additional Adhigama wood, they’re your best choice.

Available Furnishings From Adhigama Wood

Adhigama Wood is a rare sort of wood discovered in Genshin Impact that is required for specific recipes. Adhigama Wood might be utilized to make particular resources and things if you’re seeking for them. The Adhigama Wood must first be obtained before it can be used.

This tutorial will explain the many furnishings that may be made using Adhigama Wood, as well as their associated ascension prices. The ascension cost is simply the amount of money and resources required to raise a certain item from its basic level to its maximum level. These furnishings have been categorized by kind and ascension cost for simplicity of viewing, so you can quickly determine which furniture needs which materials for ascension.

Where To Find Aralia Wood In Genshin Impact?

Aralia Wood is required for the creation of weapons, tools, and equipment in Genshin Impact. Aralia Wood can be discovered across Genshin Impact’s open-world area and is an excellent method to get a head start on making new goods.

Aralia Wood may be found by searching for particular sorts of trees; it is often found on the outskirts of woods, at the foot of mountain ranges, and near rivers and lakes.

Aralia Wood may also be found by defeating certain types of monsters in Genshin Impact. Large creatures, such as Hilichurls, are known to drop Aralia Wood as treasure when killed. Additionally, Aralia Wood can be found in few chests throughout Genshin Impact; players should look for these chests at geothermal vents and ruin areas.

Finally, Aralia Wood may be purchased from merchants such as Good Hunter in Mondstadt or Qingce Steward in Liyue Harbor. The price of this commodity varies based on the seller, however it is often less expensive than other materials.

Available Furnishings From Aralia Wood

Aralia Wood is one of the various materials available in Genshin Impact. This wood may be used to make furniture and other goods, as well as a source of ascension materials. Aralia Wood may be harvested from a variety of sites across the globe, but they also spawn more often in some areas.

The furniture accessible from Aralia Wood is heavily influenced by how you improve them and which characters you utilize for crafting. These furnishings are all made of Aralia Wood and may provide some great perks to your camp:

  • Beds
  • Chairs
  • Tables

Individuals who use them often get bonus stats. Furthermore, certain pieces of furniture made from Aralia Wood provide a boost to experience points for characters that utilize them for crafting. This additional experience might help your character level up faster and give more ascension material if required.

Where To Find Brightwood?

Brightwood is a kind of wood discovered in Genshin Impact that is utilized in many recipes. It is more uncommon than other woods and may be difficult to locate, so knowing where to look for it might be beneficial.

Brightwood is most typically found in Mondstadt in the Stormbearer Mountains, although it may sometimes be found elsewhere. Look for them at Flora Pool and Glider Point, as well as the Northland Bank river lengths north of Stormbearer Mountains. Additionally, players may come upon some Brightwood by chance when mining mineral deposits throughout Teyvat. When seeking for Brightwood resources, look for brilliant glowing indications and sparkles on the ground that indicate ore deposits that may include Brightwood when mined.

Available Furnishings From Brightwood

Brightwood is one of the numerous varieties of wood found in Genshin Impact, and it is used to make furniture and other products. Brightwood may be found in places like Mingyun Village, Wolvendom, and Yanxia in the Liyue area. It may also be found in chests strewn across the globe.

When you have enough Brightwood, you may use it to make different furnishings at a Furnishing Crafting Bench. Brightwood furnishings range from chairs and tables to candlesticks and even paintings. The degree of these furnishings is determined by the quantity of Brightwood utilized in their creation. Higher level furniture needs more Brightwood than lower level furniture. After reaching a particular level, certain components may demand additional resources such as Anemo Sigils or Silver. At level 3, for example, certain chairs may cost 1 Silver Ore to construct.

Where To Find Fragrant Cedar Wood In Genshin Impact?

Fragrant Cedar Wood is a wood resource that can be found in Genshin Impact. It may be used to build a variety of goods, such as the eye of Perception, which increases the likelihood of receiving more rewards from enemies; Amber Masonry materials; or even a few relics.

Fragrant Cedar Wood may be found in a variety of areas across Genshin Impact, including the wilds, The Stormterror’s Lair, and numerous more. To discover it, gamers can look for Fragrant Cedar Trees on high-altitude peaks around Mondstadt and Liyue. Fragrant Cedar Trees have golden leaves that have an unique perfume and are generally surrounded by level ground or tiny hills. When the fragrance surrounding the spot grows stronger, the players will know they have discovered them. Once there, players must gather the logs that are laying on the ground for Fragrant Cedar Wood collecting.

Available Furnishings From Fragrant Cedar Wood

Fragrant Cedar Wood is a kind of wood that can be found in Genshin Impact. It is not part of the Resource Camps or Gathering Level Systems and requires extra investigation to locate.

Fragrant Cedar Woods are used to make furniture and decor such as woven bamboo baskets, imperial three-legged incense burners, Pavana music boxes, and more. All of these products may spruce up your home and make it seem more magnificent. They will not only assist you in achieving maximum visual appeal, but they will also raise your Adventure Rank by providing prizes when put in the Residence’s home instance. This makes them necessary not just for their aesthetic appeal, but also for receiving greater rewards in terms of Adventure Rank growth.

Where To Find Karmaphala Wood?

Karmaphala Wood is an uncommon crafting material in Genshin Impact. It’s utilized to make a number of higher-level goods, including the Aquila Favonia weapon. Karmaphala Wood, which is rather difficult to discover and harvest, might seem to be a daunting resource to hunt down at times.

Gathering Karmaphala Wood from dead trees or stumps in the Liyue area of Genshin Impact’s map is the best method to get it. It may also be found by completing several Treasure Hunts in Liyue. Finally, you may purchase Karmaphala Wood from characters in Liyue, however this may be more costly than harvesting or discovering it yourself.

Finding Karmaphala Wood for your crafting projects should become simpler and less time consuming once you know where to seek:

  • Gather Karmaphala Wood from dead trees or stumps in the Liyue area.
  • Complete Treasure Hunts in Liyue.
  • Purchase Karmaphala Wood from characters in Liyue.

Available Furnishings From Karmaphala Wood

Karmaphala Wood, also known as Karmalite, is a valuable resource for Genshin Impact players. To get this resource and create various products from it, you must first raise your adventure level. The Ascension Materials for Kazuha, your 5-star character in Genshin Impact, are the most useful item you can manufacture using Karmaphala Wood. You’ll need a total of six items: three Starglitter and three Mystic Enhancement Ore.

If you wish to climb Kazuha, you’ll need at least four Karmaphala Woods, which you may get by buying them in the store, completing domain tasks, or just farming them around Teyvat. Once you’ve accumulated enough woods, use them to get the required furnishings, such as:

  • Peach Salvex’s Spiced Wine for three Starglitters.
  • Not Residual Ingredients for two Mystic Enhancement Ores.
  • The Enduring Stone Sword for one Mystic Enhancement Ore.

All of these goods are from various sections of Genshin Impact’s globe, so make sure you properly explore the map before beginning your quest.

Where To Find Maple Wood In Genshin Impact?

In Genshin Impact, Maple Wood is required for weapon construction. If you’re trying to update your gear, Maple Wood is something you should absolutely check into. It may also be used to boost your Adventurer Rank, which increases your Anemo/Geo/Hydro/Pyro elements and enables you to go farther in the main plot.

Maple Wood may be acquired in Genshin Impact by mining or harvesting it from trees located across Teyvat. It may also be obtained through completing Seelie tasks, and it can be obtained as a prize from vanquished opponents. Finally, it may be obtained from the material merchants in either East of the Starfell Valley or Liyue Harbor.

Available Furnishings From Maple Wood

Maple Wood is used to construct furniture in Genshin Impact, allowing players to personalise their houses. Maple Wood is a levels adventure rank resource that may be collected by exploring Mondstadt and its environs. To unlock Maple Wood furnishings, players must attain Adventure Rank 8 or above. Maple Wood-level furnishings become available to construct in the Paimon Menu at this level.

In order to collect these resources and enhance their furnishing level, players must also discover the particular sorts of Maple Tree that sprout near people’s residences. When players reach Adventure Rank 8, they may buy Poetry Scrolls from any local shop in Mondstadt. They may investigate recipes for furnishing-level goods that need Maple Wood with these scrolls, but only after earning Adventure Rank 10 or above.

Where To Find Otogi Wood?

Otogi Wood is a kind of wood that may be used to build high-level weapons and equipment in Genshin Impact. It may be obtained by opening chests and harvesting trees.

Otogi Wood is obtained from the Yanhaipa Tree and the Bishui Plain Tree in the Liyue area. It may also be obtained from the Urchins and Gacha Pigs that spawn in Liyue.

Otogi Wood cannot be obtained by just chopping down a tree; instead, players must engage with a special sort of tree to get Otogi Wood. These trees are distinguished by their blue leaves, which change color when touched. After breaking down these leaves, Violetgrass clusters appear, which may be converted into Otogi Wood at any nearby crafting station.

Available Furnishings From Otogi Wood

Kazuhas Wood is the main source of wood in Genshin Impact, and it is required for the creation of various goods. Otogi Wood Furnishings may be made into furniture using Otogi Trees found near Liyue Harbor and numerous islands. Benches, seats, tables, and other furniture items, as well as valuable ore nodes, are available from Otogi Wood.

Otogi Wood’s furniture ranges in size, form, and substance, ranging from plain lumber to more complicated woods such as bamboo or lacquered wood. Each style of furniture has a unique artisan trait that tells you how it was made. Under the craftmanship data tab, the type of wood used and whether it was lacquered or not are noted. The crafting instructions for these furnishings may also be listed here, so players will know what mats they need to obtain.

Where To Find Yumemiru Wood In Genshin Impact?

Yumemiru Wood is a kind of wood crafting resource discovered in Genshin Impact. It is utilized in the game to create weapons, talismans, and characters. It is one of the rarest and most difficult to get materials in Genshin Impact.

Yumemiru Wood may be found by exploring the map and looking for chests, mineral veins, or plants. You could also strike gold by harvesting from plants or animals you come across on your adventures.

The best method to get Yumemiru Wood on a regular basis is to complete challenges such as:

  • Expeditions
  • Daily commissions
  • Domain riddles

In addition, you may buy it from the store using Genesis Crystals or Acquaint Fates, both of which are premium currencies in Genshin Impact.

Available Furnishings From Yumemiru Wood

Yumemiru Wood is a sort of wood that appears often in Genshin Impact. It may be used to manufacture furnishings that can be put within the player’s house, impacting Eula’s stats and quality of life in the game. Yumemiru Wood is a scarce material that is more difficult to get than other varieties of wood.

Yumemiru Wood is often used to make furniture such as beds, chairs, dressers, and tables. Each Yumemiru Wood-crafted item has distinct stats that impact Eula’s quality of life. Attack boost, health boost, energy replenishment rate boost, and elemental damage absorbed reduction rate boost are among these metrics. The greater the rarity of the Yumemiru Wood furniture item, the better its impacts on Eula’s quality of life. Obviously, a five-star rated furniture item will have much superior impacts than a three-star rated one.

How Much Wood Is Needed In Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact is a famous video game in which players must gather various kinds of wood for various in-game activities. Each variety of wood has distinct applications, therefore varying quantities are necessary. In order to move farther in the game, players must be mindful of how much wood they need.

Wood may be found in abundance across the global map, including Pinecone, Birch, Cedar, and Fir trees. Pinecone Wood is required for cooking, but Birch Wood is required for creating weapons and stuff. Players will also need Cedar and Fir Wood in order to enhance their characters or create artifacts. Collecting enough of these forests will help them advance in their Adventure Rank, allowing them to access higher-level stuff.

Furthermore, players may need particular materials such as Glaze Lilies or Cor Lapis if they intend to improve any artifacts they have equipped. While they are not exactly classed as wood, they are nonetheless part of the Genshin Impact environment and may be required for moving through the game’s many activities.

Genshin Impact Wood Guide: Where To Get All Types Of Wood

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