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Genshin Impact: Zhongli Build Guide – The Best Artifacts,

Looking to build Zhongli in Genshin Impact? Check out our Zhongli build guide for the best artifacts, weapons, and skills to use!

Who Is Zhongli In Genshin Impact?

Zhongli is a main character in the popular video game Genshin Impact, which was published globally on September 28, 2020. He is the current Geoclan Leader and a proud Liyue native.

“Zhongli is a 5-star Anemo Wind polearm user who thrives in supporting roles because to his impressive crowd management skills. He possesses an elemental Burst that may swing the tide of any fight by causing huge Anemo damage and applying many debuffs in an area of effect. Furthermore, Zhongli’s Normal Attacks may cause Dizziness and Vacuum effects, providing him even more crowd control options in battle.

Zhongli should be equipped with Artifacts that boost his Anemo DMG or raise his Energy Recharge rate so he may utilize his Elemental Burst more often when built for maximum DPS. Zhongli may be a formidable opponent with the appropriate squad composition and equipment.

Builds For Zhongli In Genshin Impact

Zhongli is a formidable Geo-based fighter that can do huge elemental damage and is one of the greatest characters in Genshin Impact. He is an extremely adaptable character due to his massive AoE strikes, crowd control powers, and overall high damage output. When combined with other characters of various elements, his ability to impart Geo-debuffs to adversaries makes him even more powerful.

To get the most out of Zhongli, you must equip the appropriate artifacts and abilities.

The Gladiator’s Finale Set, which grants additional Anemo DMG, and the Noblesse Oblige Set, which provides bonuses to both Anemo and Cryo DMG, are the greatest artifacts for Zhongli. Both sets provide a lot of Elemental Mastery, which will boost Zhongli’s elemental damage output. Furthermore, both sets give Critical Rate and/or Resistances boosts, which are essential for any build, especially Zhongli, who has to remain alive in battle for as long as possible by having a certain amount of protection against opposing attacks.

Best Weapons On Zhongli

When it comes to the greatest weapons for Zhongli, those with a four-star rating and excellent attack numbers are the finest alternatives. These weapons have the biggest damage increase and overall better stats.

The five-star Skyward Spine polearm, with a basic attack stat of 48, is one of these weapons. The passive function of the weapon delivers an extra 15% elemental damage from all sources, making it one of the more powerful alternatives for an elemental-based build on Zhongli.

Other four-star weapons to consider are the Aquila Favonia Claymore, Lion’s Roar Bow, and Prototype Crescent Polearm. All of these weapons need Birch Wood to be crafted, which can be obtained in Genshin Impact’s Liyue area near Wolvendom.

Best Artifacts On Zhongli

The finest artifacts for the Elementalist Zhongli are recommended by the Genshin Impact Zhongli Build Guide. This collection of Artifacts focuses on support and damage dealing skills, with a special emphasis on healing, by casting a broad net for elemental effects and energy.

Artifact sets are important for improving stats and offering utility benefits to the player. The Gladiators Finale Set, which gives improved Dodges, ATK%, HP bonuses, is the ideal build for Zhongli. This enables him to boost both his DPS capabilities and his durability when confronted with bosses or foes. Furthermore, this set grants an extra 20% CRIT rate with 20% or more of Max HP, making him even more strong in close quarter combat circumstances. Due to their great attack range and general adaptability when used with his elemental burst talent, which may draw foes towards it for attack combos or crowd control effects, his most effective weapon option would be either Polearm or Claymore.

Whats The Best DPS Team For Zhongli?

Zhongli is a five-star character in Genshin Impact and one of the finest DPS characters. He may be employed as a primary or secondary DPS if you have other five-star heroes. Zhongli’s ideal squad would have three physical damage dealers and two support characters. Because Zhongli’s main duty is to do physical damage, he would benefit from the following team composition:

  1. A physical damage dealer with a fast attack speed, like Xinyan or Razor.
  2. A crowd-controlling physical damage dealer, such as Beidou or Bennett.
  3. A character focused to healing and crowd management, such as Barbara or Diona.
  4. An extra support character, such as Venti or Noelle, to use elemental reactions and construct shields/barriers for your team members.
  5. Finally, there is Zhongli himself. His elemental talent generates a shield that enhances the physical damage delivered by your party members inside its radius, making him an essential component of any dps-oriented team composition.

With this well-rounded team composition, you will produce several overlapping effects that will aid enhance your party’s total cumulative DPS.


Itto is a special Genshin Impact feature that allows users to build their trust level by playing co-op mode with trusted friends or guild members. Itto enables up to five users, known as “Itters,” to come together and play collaboratively while accumulating trust rating along the way.

Each member in an Itto group will gain trust rank at the completion of the task. The quantity of trust gained in this manner is proportionate to each player’s trust rating and participation to the mission. The greater the trust rank of all Itters participating in an Itto session, the greater the rewards.

As a result, it is critical for players to build dependable party members and guilds on whom they may rely for assistance while participating in activities such as Itto sessions.


Gorou, also known as Sucrose in the game, is a playable character in Genshin Impact. He is an alchemist from Inazuma, which is east of Liyue. He went to the same alchemy school as Klee and Xiao, and his ambition is to become a well-known alchemist across Teyvat.

Gorou wields a staff and has a variety of skills that enable him to control things, generate explosions, and shield himself with barriers. His primary weapon is the Crescent Pike, which contains elemental spells built in that may be employed in fight. His specific build will be determined by the artifacts you give him; but one of the more common Sucrose builds makes use of the Noblesse Oblige artifacts, which enable him to manufacture shields and deal Anemo damage to opponents trapped nearby.

Sugerros, when equipped with these artifacts, may transform into an exceptionally strong support character capable of protecting your squad from opponents while simultaneously providing tremendous area-of-effect Anemo damage.


The character Albedo is one of the greatest locations to get cedar wood in Genshin Impact. He’s a five-star NPC who lives in Mondstadt. Albedo often sells cedar wood as one of his commodities. This wood may be used for many things, including manufacturing artifacts, improving weapons and armor, and even preparing meals.

The quantity of cedar wood he sells varies depending on the day and time you get it from him. If you’re trying to stock up on cedar wood, be sure to check his products on a frequent basis. Furthermore, if you’re playing Genshin Impact with the Zhongli build, having access to cedar woods is critical for making artifacts and other in-game stuff.

Zhongli: Ability Rundown

In Genshin Impact, Zhongli is a five-star geo character that specializes in long-range assaults with his hallmark weapon; the great sword. He has a diverse set of skills that enable him to both harm adversaries and defend teammates, making him an incredibly adaptable character.

His passive ability ‘Dominus Lapidis‘ increases the strength of geo element assaults, while his other abilities include ‘Starshatter,’ which does AoE damage, and ‘Starfall,’ which deals damage to foes within a certain range. He can also build Geo Shields to defend friends from incoming damage and even reverse enemy attack effects. Zhongli also has access to Elemental Burst, which enables him to momentarily boost his defense.

Zhongli is certain to be an important asset to any squad composition with the correct build and artifacts.

Dominus Lapidis: Elemental Skill

Klee is a selectable character in Genshin Impact who specializes in doing damage with explosives and lightning. Her Elemental Skill is Dominus Lapidis, which fires an explosion into the air before splitting into a series of lightning spheres that attack several adversaries. This talent may be charged up to three times, each time doing greater damage and striking more foes. Not only that, but if you strike many adversaries with the charged attack, they will be stunned for a brief period of time.

Klee, like many other characters in Genshin Impact, may equip Artifacts that boost her strength and make her even more effective in combat. Finally, Klee is an excellent addition to any squad due to her outstanding Elemental Skill and the added power supplied by Artifact Sets such as Brave Heart or Thundering Fury.

Planet Befall: Elemental Burst

Kazuha is one of the Genshin Impact free-to-play characters. She is an Adeptus from the freshly discovered realm of Planet Befall, and she mostly employs Geo Vision in combat. Exuberant Flames, her Elemental Burst, causes an elemental reaction with her Geo Vision and causes a tremendous explosion. It also generates a Pyro shield, which absorbs damage and decreases incoming damage by 25% for up to 15 seconds. This Pyro shield may be utilized to defend her comrades while also doing harm to her foes.

Kazuha uses a two-handed polearm weapon known as the Primordial Jade Winged-Spear, which allows her to perform AoE strikes with tremendous effectiveness. She can use Geo Constructs on numerous adversaries at once, making her an excellent crowd control combatant. Finally, most of her talents have a cheap energy cost, making it simple for players to spam them in combat.

Zhongli Passive Talents

Zhongli Passive Talents are skills accessible to the playable character Zhongli in the video game Genshin Impact. They provide him numerous talents and boosts, helping him to become a powerful and effective war fighter. Pillar of Primordial Strength and Dominus Lapidis are the most essential passive abilities.

Pillar of Primordial Strength boosts Zhongli’s health by 20%, making it easier to take strikes from opponents. In contrast, Dominus Lapidis improves his Anemo DMG Bonus by 15%. This implies that as compared to other characters, his Anemo attacks will do greater damage.

There are also passive talents, such as Abiogenesis, that improve the pace at which energy recharges, enabling you to employ Zhongli’s special powers more often. Each talent may be strengthened further using artifacts or weapons, making Zhongli a more formidable combatant in battle.

Zhongli Constellations

The Zhongli Constellations are a collection of seven extra attributes or constellation levels that are exclusive to Zhongli, one of Genshin Impact’s primary characters. When maxed up, all seven constellations, also known as stars, grant an extra boost to his total stats, making him even powerful and more adaptable in combat.

Players may get Constellation Pieces via regular gameplay, achievements, and special stores, and then complete the tasks to level up each one. Completing all 7 stars will provide him a unique passive skill that he may employ in combat. It not only increases his damage output and resilience, but it also enables him to earn energy every time he strikes an opponent with a charge attack, which can be utilized for additional benefits such as healing teammates or charging elemental reactions.

Level 1 Constellation Rock – the Backbone of Earth

One of the most significant artifacts for Zhongli’s constellation built in Genshin Impact is the Level 1 Constellation Rock Backbone of Earth. When he wears this relic, he has a huge shield that absorbs up to 50% of incoming damage until it is destroyed. This may be very important when facing challenging adversaries or when Zhongli wants to remain alive while teammates face off against formidable opponents. The shield may also be enhanced further via Star Quest unlocks and weapon ascension, offering extra bonus benefits like as improved knockback resistance and a 30% increase in healing received.

Furthermore, when combined with other artifacts or augmented by unlocking and upgrading its constellation stars, the Backbone of Earth delivers extra elemental absorption. All of these benefits make it an obvious option for anybody trying to optimize their Zhongli build.

Level 2 Constellation Stone – the Cradle of Jade

The second Constellation Stone in Genshin Impact is Cradle of Jade, which can be discovered at Guyun Stone Forest in Liyue. It is a level 2 constellation stone that provides the Sandbearer Wood item to the user.

As the name says, obtaining this Constellation Stone will need performing specific activities. To get the Sandbearer Wood item, the player must gather four pieces of jade dispersed across Guyun Stone Forest. After collecting all four parts, they must interact with the Cradle of Jade Constellation Stone to get their prize.

Because of its improved CRIT Rate and Energy Recharge stats, the Sandbearer Wood is a good artifact for Zhongli builds, making Zhongli even stronger at dealing damage and supporting other members of the group.

Level 3 Constellation Jade – Shimmering through Darkness

The Level 3 Constellation Jade – Shimmering through Darkness artifact set is best suited to Kazuha in Genshin Impact. It increases Kazuha’s damaging output while also providing him with more defensive usefulness. This set increases his energy recharge rate, energy damage, defense rate, and resistance to crystallizing or petrifying enemy bodily parts. It also offers him an Elemental Mastery benefit, which boosts his attack power when he activates Elemental Reactions. This is one of the strongest weapons for Kazuha to utilize since it increases his survival and attacking capabilities while facing formidable opponents.

Level 4 Constellation Topaz – Unbreakable and Fearless

The Level 4 Constellation Topaz – Unbreakable and Fearless is one of the most powerful artifacts accessible in Genshin Impact. This artifact offers Zhongli special aids that boost his survivability, enabling him to remain strong even in the most difficult battles. The artifact set reduces physical damage and, when coupled with four other parts in the set, reduces all incoming damage by 35%. Taking damage also boosts Zhongli’s resistance to interruption by 50%, making him very defensive.

This potent item may also offer a 15% boost in elemental skill and burst DMG. Finally, after absorbing elemental DMG once every 30 seconds, this constellation gives a 20% shield recharging rate. Genshin Impact players will undoubtedly benefit from this magnificent Level 4 Constellation Topaz – Unbreakable and Fearless, thanks to its exceptional stats and benefits.

Level 5 Constellation Lazuli – Herald of the Order

Adhigama Wood can be discovered in the Level 5 constellation Lazuli – Herald of the Order in the Genshin Impact game. It is a resource used in the game to improve characters and weapons. It is located in Mondstadt and has five levels that may be accessed with Constellations. Each level, when finished, awards Primogems, Anemo Sigils, Mora, Adeptal Energy, and Artifacts.

Some Constellations are connected with specific materials such as Adhigama Wood, in addition to unlocking prizes related to their completion. Rewards from the Lazuli constellation include Primogems, up to 8 Adhigama Woods, and weapon-specific upgrade materials. This substance is required for character weapon upgrades and should be acquired by players who want to optimize the potency of their character.

Level 6 Constellation Chrysos – Bounty of Dominator

Chrysos – Bounty of Dominator, the sixth and capped constellation level of Zhongli’s talent branch, boosts Stealth DPS by 15% when below 50% Health. This is very effective since it greatly increases Zhongli’s Ultra damaging buffs, enabling him to quickly burst down foes.

Players will need to spend 18 chest-level stars and 12 normal-level stars to achieve this 6th level Constellation and activate the amazing effect. Because to the high cost of its stars, it is one of the most costly constellations in the game. However, it is well worth the price since it considerably enhances Zhongli’s already amazing damage output.

Players should work hard to acquire this constellation if they want to create the best Zhongli construct possible.

Zhonglis Ascension: Stats And Material Costs

In Genshin Impact, players will be able to use ascension to advance their character Zhongli to higher levels. Ascension grants characters higher stats, additional abilities, and increased overall strength. The method necessitates various resources for each character and degree of ascension, therefore it is critical for players to understand what materials they will need to correctly ascend their character. This article examines the stats and materials necessary for Zhongli’s ascent to level 80.

When climbing Zhongli, his basic stats are improved, and his health points rise with each stage of the ascension process. Other stat boosts from higher ascensions include physical damage bonus, elemental mastery bonus, and attack speed bonus. Each step needs a certain number of materials and Mora, which might rise with greater degrees of ascension, so players must ensure they have the resources for the desired level of ascent.

Finally, depending on the style of battle or engagements Zhongli want to participate in while playing Genshin Impact, there are artifacts that may considerably boost Zhongli’s performance or capabilities.


Ascension is a mechanism in Genshin Impact that enables players to raise the level cap of their characters, enabling them to attain higher levels and greater stats. It is an essential component of character development since it may considerably improve your characters’ potential strength.

To ascend, you will require Ascendant Materials, which may be obtained from a variety of sources, including domains and roaming monsters. Furthermore, each character needs their own set of ascension supplies. After gathering the proper resources, you may advance your character to the next level cap in return for a specified quantity of Mora, Genshin Impact’s in-game money.

Each new ascension level also unlocks new passive Talents that your characters may employ to gain an advantage in battle.


The Genshin Impact Zhongli Build Guide has a section about Phase. It is a 4-star artifact set that boosts character energy regeneration and recharge by 15%. There are two pieces in the Phase set, one complete set of four artifacts, and two sets with just two pieces.

If you’re seeking for speedy energy regeneration, the four piece set is great, since it will offer you a complete 30% increase in energy recharge/regen speed when the 15% from both parts is taken into consideration. The two-piece sets, on the other hand, although not providing nearly as much of an increase in energy regeneration, are much superior in terms of character damage output. This makes the Phase artifact set ideal for players who want their characters to be able to utilize their skills more often in short succession without having to wait too long for their Energy Meter to recharge itself.


In Genshin Impact, leveling is a crucial step that adds to character and weapon development. Characters advance in level via completing quests, fights, and weekly commissions. Weapons are improved via the use of resources, talent improvements, and ascension.

When a character reaches level 20, he or she may ascend to improve their basic stats. Reaching certain levels also unlocks additional skills that provide the character enhanced stats or benefits. Weapons may also be climbed to get additional stats or effects, as well as greater rarity. Each weapon has a different level limit based on its rarity.

Leveling is a vital stage in fully developing a Genshin Impact character and improving their effectiveness in combat with strong weapons and abilities at their disposal.


In Genshin Impact, base is the cornerstone of every character construct. A base is made up of a variety of artifacts, weapons, and people that serve as a solid basis for future customization. The foundation should have items that deliver the highest damage, higher stats, or particular benefits that are customized to your team’s playstyle for each character in Genshin Impact. When developing a strong foundation, it is critical to strike a balance between these three parts.

An artifact build of two sets of Gladiator’s Finale and two sets of Bloodstained Chivalry is suggested for Zhongli since it provides a significant physical damage boost as well as elemental mastery. This build may then be enhanced by donning Crests or weapons such as Primordial Jade Winged-Spear or Wolf’s Gravestone to increase the quantity of health and defensive stats.

When constructing a Zhongli base in Genshin Impact, it is critical to analyze all potential bonuses and ensure that they complement your team’s overall plan.


In Genshin Impact, HP is a vital stat that is required for success in various activities, such as combat with foes and bosses. The artifacts you equip have a significant impact on your HP in the game. Certain artifacts may increase Zhongli’s HP.

The Archaic Petra and Gladiator’s Finale four-piece artifact sets are the greatest for increasing Zhongli’s HP. The Archaic Petra set increases your character’s maximum HP by 20% and includes two extra stats that assist to improve your maximum health even further. Gladiator’s Finale, on the other hand, should be utilized if you desire a more aggressive build for Zhongli, since it improves his Physical Damage while also increasing his max HP by 25%. Both of these artifact sets will significantly improve Zhongli’s combat survival.


In Genshin Impact, base stats are the basic statistics linked with a character. These stats may be boosted by donning certain items, leveling up, and accomplishing specific activities. They are ATK Attack, HP Health Points, DEF Defence, and Energy Recharge, and they govern how much damage is inflicted, how much damage is sustained, and how fast energy is restored while utilizing character skills. These characteristics may also be enhanced by equipping artifacts.

In order to create an excellent Zhongli character in Genshin Impact, pay attention to base stats and ensure they’re correctly tuned with the suitable artifacts.


Attack (ATK) is the stat that controls how much damage your character can do while attacking. The greater your ATK number in Genshin Impact, the more damage you can deliver to opposing targets. Because this number is influenced by both weapon and artifact values, it is critical to equip the greatest artifacts and weapons possible to optimize your character’s damage output.

You may boost your ATK numbers in Genshin Impact by raising your character level and using elemental reactions. Characters like Zhongli, who do not have an inherent elemental reaction tied to their strikes, may take advantage of extra damage benefits from an elemental reaction by employing an elemental combination with a catalyst or bow user.


Base is an essential component of any Genshin Impact build since it serves as your character’s basis. The artifacts or equipment you pick for your foundation will impact your character’s strength and ability to deal with different difficulties.

This tutorial will teach you how to choose the best foundation artifacts for Zhongli With so many zhongli xinyan fischi lisa eula to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which ones to prioritize and what benefits to look for. It’s important to remember that these choices aren’t set in stone, so feel free to experiment with different combinations. That being said, having a guide to help you find the perfect mix of attributes, bonuses, and weaponry for your particular playstyle could be invaluable.

We hope this tutorial provides you with a solid foundation for constructing Zhongli:

  • Prioritize artifacts with the following benefits:
  • Look for attributes and bonuses that suit your playstyle.
  • Choose the right weapons for your build.


DEF, sometimes known as ‘Defense,’ is a stat in Genshin Impact. It defines a character’s capacity to take damage from adversaries and measures their defensive capabilities. It’s crucial for Zhongli to have as part of his survival gear.

In this article, we’ll go over the greatest artifacts for increasing Zhongli’s DEF stat, as well as some tips and tactics for using them effectively. We’ll also go over the best weapons for a pure defensive build and which characters are most suited for a DEF build with Zhongli. By the conclusion of this book, you should have all of the tools and knowledge you need to develop an efficient defense-focused playstyle with one of Genshin Impact’s most formidable characters.

Special Stat

The special stat is a gaming element in Genshin Impact that enables players to personalize their character’s attributes. Six sorts of artifacts are connected with special stats, each of which delivers a distinct benefit. These artifacts are divided into three categories: common, rare, and epic.

Common artifacts give basic benefits that raise one single stat, but Rare and Epic artifacts provide extra bonuses that boost numerous stats. The special stat impacts total character strength and is often utilized to boost an individual character’s damage output or survival in battle.

Depending on how players choose to play the game, various builds need varied quantities of special stat points. A construct with better attack, for example, will need more special points than a support one. As a result, while designing builds, players must examine their artifact selections in order to optimize their effectiveness in combat.

Zhongli: Talent Upgrade Materials

Zhongli is one of Genshin Impact’s most strong playable characters. To increase his tremendous strength, he must enhance his skills, which necessitates the use of Talent Upgrade Materials. These resources may be obtained via a variety of means, including monster drops and event prizes.

Primogems, Hero’s Wit, Teachings of Gold, Guide to Gold, Mystery Energy Amplifiers, Character Experience Items, and other materials are available from Zhongli. All of these things are necessary for improving Zhongli’s stats and abilities and making him one of the game’s strongest characters. If players want Zhongli to realize his maximum potential, they need collect as many Talent Upgrade Materials as possible while playing Genshin Impact.

Zhongli: Dominance of Earth: Lore & Ability Showcase

Zhongli, often known as the Dominator of Earth, is a Geo-Archetype user and one of the major protagonists in Genshin Impact. He is a strong and enigmatic character that fights his battles using stone and mineral powers. He can conjure huge earth statues, build walls of rock and crystal to impede adversaries’ movements, summon lightning storms from the skies, shake earthquakes under his foes’ feet, manipulate time using old magic runes, and more.

Zhongli has a significant backstory attached with him, in addition to his tremendous talent. He is supposed to have been birthed from Geovishap Deity Stones that were freed during The Archon of Teyvat’s Calamity.

Zhongli’s vast grasp of Geo-Elemental Magic allows him to control matter and energy at will; making him particularly lethal in battle scenarios where he can swiftly turn the tide against his opponents utilizing his formidable powers. In addition to Geo-Elemental Magic, he has a fondness for artifacts that increase the strength of Earth, making him an even more formidable opponent on the battlefield.


Zhongli from Genshin Impact is the ideal character to choose for a spectacular build. His Elemental Skill and Burst may be employed in a multitude of ways, giving him an excellent pick for a wide range of team compositions. Furthermore, the artifacts you equip him with have a significant influence on his performance.

Depending on your playstyle and squad composition, the optimal set for him is the Noblesse Oblige, Gladiator’s Finale, and/or The Exile set. You will be able to fully use Zhongli’s qualities and optimize his damage output in combat if you equip these artifacts. It’s also worth noting that you may utilize different artifact sets based on the sort of adversary you’re up against or your own preferences.

Genshin Impact Zhongli Build Guide: Best Artifacts - Weapons - Ascension And Teams

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