Genshin Impact Guide: How To Level Adventure Rank Fast

Check out this Genshin Impact guide on how to level up your Adventure Rank quickly and efficiently so you can get back to exploring Teyvat!

What Is Adventure Rank In Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact relies heavily on Adventure Rank (AR). Your Adventure Rank impacts your ability to participate in certain activities and earn prizes. You’ll be able to unlock higher ranks and get access to new tales, objects, and regions as you acquire AR experience. Currently, the highest Adventure Rank that can be obtained is 50.

Completing various in-game narrative quests, daily commissions, events, domain challenges, and other activities will improve your Adventure Rank. As your level rises, you’ll be able to access additional characters’ Story Quests, which give extra prizes or resources for upgrading your weapons. You will also have the ability to take on higher-level domains in return for greater prizes such as ascension materials for characters or weaponry that will assist you advance in the game. In addition, improving your Adventure Rank unlocks achievements with their own set of prizes.

Decreasing World Levels

Reducing World Levels is one way to quickly increase your Adventure Rank in Genshin Impact. This entails doing things like contributing a particular quantity of items, accepting World Quests, completing domains, and going on adventures. You will get Decreasing World Level Rewards for each of these tasks. Items such as Adventure Experience Books and even top-tier ascension materials such as Kazuha’s Prayers to the Grassland are among the rewards.

By repeating these tasks, you can quickly raise your Adventure Rank and gain access to additional material. It should be remembered that the higher your Adventure Rank, the faster you can lower your World Levels. Furthermore, the more you do it, the greater the rewards will become.

Benefits Of Leveling Adventure Rank

Leveling up your Adventure Rank in Genshin Impact may bring several advantages. Adventure Rank ARP has a direct impact on the bounty prizes accessible to you and boosts your chances of collecting Kazuha’s ascension materials. It also unlocks additional content such as domains, high-level expeditions, and unique world bosses.

Completing daily commissions, exploring places, collecting books from chests, engaging in Ley Line Outcrops, and unlocking new waypoints may all help you level up your Adventure Rank. Any of these actions will offer you experience points, which will ultimately increase your total rank. As you progress through the ranks, new goods, such as relics with great stats and upgradeable characters, will become available to help you level up your adventures.

Here are some of the ways to level up your Adventure Rank:

  • Completing daily commissions
  • Exploring places
  • Collecting books from chests
  • Engaging in Ley Line Outcrops
  • Unlocking new waypoints

How Does Leveling Adventure Rank Work?

In Genshin Impact, leveling Adventure Rank (AR) grants players access to additional narrative material, characters, and prizes. Adventure Rank experience is earned by completing numerous activities known as Commission Quests around Teyvat’s realm. These are highlighted with a blue book symbol ???? on your map and may be accepted and finished at their corresponding NPC interaction places.

Other activities such as exploring Domains and participating in events that earn AR Experience Points will also provide players with AR experience. As you advance through the ranks, you will also get access to a variety of rewards tailored to your playstyle, such as:

  • Greater World Level treasure
  • More character slots for Co-Op play
  • Inventory Expansion
  • And other benefits.

When a player achieves Adventure Rank 16, they will be able to take on more challenging tasks known as Archon Quests, which give tremendous prizes that will help them advance farther.

How To Level Up Fast Gaining Adventure EXP In Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an action-RPG set in a fantasy setting with interesting characters and a compelling plot. Players control their own character, which they may use to explore the environment, acquire stuff, and combat opponents.

Gaining Adventure EXP (Æ) grants the Adventure Rank. This may be accomplished in a variety of means, including:

  • Completing daily commissions
  • Reaching milestones on the global exploration map
  • Completing challenges
  • Questing
  • Exploring other regions of the game

Players will also obtain Æ via:

  • Opening chests
  • Activating waypoints around the game
  • Battling opponents in dungeons or towers

To level up quickly by accumulating Adventure EXP Æ, it is necessary to engage in all of these activities on a regular basis in order to obtain as much EXP as possible. Additionally, some things may speed up the pace at which players level up, so keep an eye out for them while exploring and performing tasks.

1. Do Quests

Yumemiru Wood is an uncommon resource found across the game world in Genshin Impact. It is used to make a variety of goods, including the Adeptal Energy Bomb and the Blackcliff Warbow.

You may get Yumemiru Wood by completing tasks. Quests are a terrific method to advance in Genshin Impact and level up your Adventure Rank. Many of the tasks will award you with Yumemiru Wood as part of their prize, so be sure to read the details of each quest before accepting it. This allows you to gradually acquire enough Yumemiru Wood for crafting.

2. Open Chests

Finding and opening chests is one of the easiest methods to swiftly raise up your Adventure Rank in Genshin Impact. These may be found all across the earth, including atop high mountains, caverns, amid trees, and anyplace else a chest would be hidden. Your Adventure Rank will grow significantly each time you open a chest. However, some chests contain uncommon items of equipment or relics that, when acquired, may provide significant amounts of experience.

Furthermore, chests may contain Elemental Ores, which may raise your character’s star rank SR. Elemental Ores are uncommon goods that should be sought down and gathered since they are one of the finest methods to boost your characters’ strength levels. If you want to build a strong team for Eula, strive for maximum SR characters, since this will significantly boost their stats and damage output.

3. Offering Oculi To Statue of The Seven

One of the easiest methods to raise your Adventure Rank in Genshin Impact is to offer Oculi to the Statue of The Seven. Teyvat is home to seven statues, each of which offers prizes for completing a mission. When you finish all seven tasks, you will gain a significant Adventure Rank raise as well as a large amount of Adventure EXP and Mora.

Corresponding with elemental characters and weaponry will get you even more prizes for completing the Oculi Offerings Quest. Furthermore, this strategy does not need any grinding or repetition of content in order to get an Adventure Rank raise, making it ideal for players who wish to advance quickly without having to spend too much time farming goods or hunting.

4. Using Original Resin

Original Resin is one of the finest methods to quickly level up your adventure rating in Genshin Impact. When utilizing Original Resin, players may finish Domains, as well as other world bosses and tasks, quicker. This is an excellent method to level up quickly and keep your Adventure Rank current for Chongyun’s squad. It may be more difficult to beat monsters and tasks in bigger groups of players, but utilizing Original Resin helps you fulfill these objectives quicker and more reliably.

Original Resin will also enable you to earn more prizes for fulfilling objectives, allowing you to optimize revenues for your Genshin Impact squad with Chongyun.

5. Adventurer Handbook Investigations

Adventurer Handbook Investigations is a Genshin Impact activity that grants players Adventure Rank experience. These Investigations are assignments with a variety of goals that, when accomplished, provide players Adventure Rank Experience and Anemoculus.

Because his damage output is substantially larger than that of most other characters in the game, Albedo’s unique passive ability makes him an excellent option for finishing investigations. He has access to Crystallized Sands, a potent Elemental Burst talent, and excellent basic stats that make him ideal for exploration. He has access to Geoculus Resonances, which offers him an even greater edge in completing investigations owing to their reward-based nature, in addition to his high potential for dealing harm.

6. Unusual Hilichurls

Bennett is a well-rounded character in Genshin Impact that can fit into a variety of different builds. Unusual Hilichurls is a build that some players use with him. The concept behind this build is to stack three rare Hilichurls on Bennett, giving him an attack of over 8,000 points, incredible defenses, and an HP pool of over 10,000 points.

It’s also worth noting that since this build relies primarily on Bennett’s abilities, it doesn’t have the same energy recharge rate as other builds.

You’ll need three copies of the Unusual Hilichurl Artifact Set to do this: At level 2%;, Resolution of Sojourner grants attack damage, Teachings of Freedom grants Physical Damage Bonus, and Inheritor of Everlasting Fame grants Elemental Mastery at level 2. You should also buy some high-leveled talent books for Bennett to help him improve his own talents, particularly Retracing Bolide. With all of everything in place, you’re ready to face any challenge.


Finally, Genshin Impact is a fantastic game that pays you for exploring and finishing objectives. Complete Story Quests, battle pass challenges, Daily Commissions and Exchange Items, participate in events and domains, harvest enemy drops, and open chest prizes to fast level up your Adventure Rank. It may take some time to increase your Adventure Rank, but it will be worthwhile in the end.

Genshin Impact may be a very entertaining experience with patience and planning. If you need more assistance fast leveling up your Adventure Rank, be sure to check out our other Genshin Impact tips and tricks.

Genshin Impact Adventure Rank Guide: How To Level Fast

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