Genshin Impact Realm Currency Guide: How To Farm for Maximum Rewards

Looking to farm some Realm Currency in Genshin Impact? Here’s a guide on how to get the most out of your farming efforts!

How Does Realm Currency Work In Genshin Impact?

In Genshin Impact, Realm Currency is a form of unique currency. It is used to buy products from the Realm Depot, which is housed in the city hall of Mondstadt. Prime Weapons, Artifacts, Character EXP Materials, and other goods are available at the Realm Depot.

Daily activities occurring inside the game world are the most prevalent method to acquire Realm Currency. Players that complete these events will get a range of prizes, including Realm Currency and other things. Furthermore, some milestones or goals within game content may provide players with Realm Cash in addition to regular currency such as Acquaint and Intertwined Futures Fates.

Players can also buy extra Realm Currency via Genshin Impact’s Real Money Shop, which takes real money as payment for premium currencies like Primogems, Acquaint Fates, Intertwined, and Mora. Players may then use these currencies to buy stuff from the Realm Depot or to engage in other activities across Genshin Impact’s universe.

Farming Realm Currency Fast In Genshin Impact Guide

The Realm Currency in Genshin Impact is a vital component of the game. It’s used to buy top-tier things and exceptional prizes from the Paimon’s Bargains Store, as well as to level up characters, weapons, and relics. In the long term, farming it swiftly and effectively may save you a lot of time.

Realm Currency may be obtained through participating in a variety of activities in Genshin Impact. Daily commissions, Side Quests, Time Trials, Treasure Hunts, and Weekly Shops are all part of this. Completing daily commissions that give 20⨉ each time they are completed is one of the finest strategies to produce Realm Currency rapidly. Purchasing special Realm cash packs from the shop will also provide you with a consistent amount.

Another option for farming is to finish domains, which will earn you some currency each time you complete them, but this should only be done after you’re out of resources or when all other options have been exhausted. Finally, participation in events typically offers you with a large quantity of Realm Currency, so take advantage of them whenever they are available.

Realm Currency: Jar of Riches Tiers

In Genshin Impact, a free-to-play action adventure game published by miHoYo, the Jar of Riches levels are an example of high rarity realm money. This realm money may be used to buy goods such as special weapons, artifacts, and resources. There are five levels, each with its unique set of goodies.

The Legendary Jar of Riches is the highest tier, with a chance to drop high-quality weapons and artifacts. The Exquisite Jar of Riches is the next tier below, and it has a chance to yield rare 4-star weapons and artifacts. The three remaining levels are Epic, Rare, and Common Jars of Riches. Each one drops prizes of decreasing quality, such as 3-star or 2-star weapons and artifacts, as well as ordinary goods such as mora coins or primogems.

Farming for maximum rewards requires players to go through the various levels in order to get rarer drops:

  • Legendary Jar of Riches – chance to drop high-quality weapons and artifacts.
  • Exquisite Jar of Riches – chance to yield rare 4-star weapons and artifacts.
  • Epic Jar of Riches – chance to drop 3-star weapons and artifacts.
  • Rare Jar of Riches – chance to drop 2-star weapons and artifacts.
  • Common Jar of Riches – chance to drop ordinary goods such as mora coins or primogems.

How Much Time Does It Take For Realm Currency To Fill?

The time it takes for Realm Money to fill up in Genshin Impact varies depending on the sort of currency you’re using and the activity you’re doing.

For example, if you use Adventure Rank-based Wendishore Realm Currency, it will take around 8 hours for the currency to entirely fill up. This is because your Adventure Rank improves every 8 hours, rewarding you with more Wendishore Realm Currency.

It may take longer to fill up if you use a certain sort of low rarity or free Realm Currency, such as Dragonspine Tokens or Spiral Abyss Realm Currency. Before reaching their full capacity, these currencies normally need a specific number of actions and tasks to be done:

  • Dragonspine Tokens demand users to fulfill daily activities in Dragonspine in order to level up their characters and get better prizes.
  • Spiral Abyss Realm Currency, on the other hand, demands players to run through chambers in the spiral abyss over time in order to maximize their benefits.

Is Realm Currency Unlimited?

“Is Realm Currency unlimited?” asks the query. The answer is yes, even though it may not look so at first. Realm Currency may be farmed indefinitely, and there are many techniques for doing so.

  • Completing daily rituals
  • Defeating foes
  • Unlocking treasures
  • Trading with other players
  • Taking part in major events such as Boss Battles or World Bosses

Farming using these ways will earn a specific amount of Realm Currency every try, but the payout will be capped after a certain number of playthroughs of any particular activity. As a result, if you try enough times, you will ultimately exceed your maximum farm limit for any particular activity.

How To Increase Adeptal Energy Rank?

Adeptal Energy levels impact your character’s power and your chances of obtaining particular prizes. Within Genshin Impact, players may raise their Adeptal Energy rank by raising their realm cash. This is accomplished by conquering dungeons, gaining awards, and completing weekly challenges.

Increasing your Adeptal Energy rank unlocks higher-level prizes such as divine artifacts, rare resources, and other goodies.

Gaining Momentum, which helps you to advance quicker towards higher levels and eventually win prizes, is one method to enhance your Adeptal Energy rank. Momentum may be obtained directly via activities or indirectly through participation bonuses, which provide momentum in exchange for performing particular tasks. This may be accomplished by:

  • Playing the Spiral Abyss
  • Defeating world bosses, elite bosses, or regular enemies

All of which will boost your momentum ranking up your Adeptal Energy level quicker than any other activity in Genshin impact.

Is Furnishing Every Realm Worthwhile?

Realm Currency in Genshin Impact is a significant item that players may use to acquire rare and powerful artifacts. However, before putting in the effort, there is one crucial issue to consider: Is it worthwhile to outfit every realm?

The solution is dependent on the objectives of each individual participant. Because of the considerable quantities of awards available from higher-level worlds, outfitting each realm may be worth the effort for those striving for maximum benefits. The more challenging worlds include more tough foes who, when destroyed, award more precious treasure. Other players may choose a less time-consuming method, focusing on aiding friends or completing event tasks instead. Finally, it is up to each player to determine whether or not outfitting every realm is valuable for them.


To summarize, Genshin Impact’s realm money system is a terrific method to gain prizes, but it takes a lot of grinding to get the full advantages. Farming realm cash may be accomplished through completing daily and weekly tasks, fulfilling daily bounties, or purchasing and selling resources on the trading market.

When you have a sufficient amount of realm cash, you may spend it to purchase special products, upgrades, and other prizes from the Realm store. Keep track of your progress to ensure that you don’t miss out on any of the game’s prizes.

Genshin Impact Realm Currency Guide: How To Farm

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