A Comprehensive Guide to Acquiring Peace Talismans in Genshin Impact

Tired of always losing in Genshin Impact? Check out our comprehensive guide on how to acquire powerful peace talismans to even the playing field.

How To Get Peace Talisman What is The Lantern Rite Event?

The Lantern Rite event in Genshin Impact is a seasonal event that occurs at various periods of the year. Players have access to many unique areas where they may get Peace Talismans during this period. These talismans are utilized in the game to boost stats and skills, providing players with an edge in combat.

To participate in the Lantern Rite event, players must first unlock specific places. They must first achieve numerous tasks, such as exploring different places and battling formidable monsters, in order to do so. After completing these activities, players will be able to visit the unique spots and interact with the bright lanterns scattered over the landscape. Collecting these lanterns will provide the player with a Peace Talisman, which may be utilized to earn extra stats or activate unique powers when carried by characters.

During the Lantern Rite event, players may also participate in limited-time activities that award them for completing particular tasks quicker than others:

  • Exploring different places.
  • Battling formidable monsters.
  • Visiting unique spots.
  • Interacting with bright lanterns.
  • Collecting Peace Talismans.
  • Participating in limited-time activities.

Lantern Rite: Requirements

The Lantern Rite event in Genshin Impact is significant because finishing it grants you a Peace Talisman. The Peace Talisman provides a huge boost to your stats, thus obtaining one is critical if you want to progress in the game.

You must have finished all five Statues of The Seven questlines, gathered all seven copies of the Unusual Hilichurl Head Crests, and slain all eight monsters in Chapter 1: Act 3 Farewell, Archon of Light to participate in the Lantern Rite. A specific number of Story Keys are also required to unlock all of the sculptures.

Once you’ve completed these prerequisites, you’ll be allowed to speak with Baal at his lantern station and begin planning for the Lantern Rite event. Completing this event will get you Primogems and unique Event Commissions, which can be redeemed for Adventure rank XP or Barbara’s Shop products.

How To Reach Theater Mechanicus

Theater Mechanicus is a crucial venue in Genshin Impact since it is the only place where you may get the desired Peace Talismans. Here’s how you may get entrance to this secret place and obtain these potent goodies.

To go to Theater Mechanicus, you must first finish a task in the game. Following that, a quest sign will emerge in the area, directing you to the secret spot. When you arrive at the entryway, look for a giant bluish-green emblem on the ground to engage with Theater Mechanicus and begin your trip.

As you travel through Theater Mechanicus, you’ll encounter a variety of opponents, so come prepared to fight. You may also come across useful objects such as souvenirs, which provide additional advantages when utilized in combat. Finally, at the conclusion of your adventure, you will be rewarded with five Peace Talismans, which may be utilized to raise stats and character strength. Best wishes.

Stage#1: The Origin of the Lanterns

In Genshin Impact, the first stage of primordial jade winged spear ascension cycles is The Origin of the Lanterns. Players must acquire four distinct varieties of Peace Talismans from four separate lantern places throughout Liyue at this level.

In Genshin Impact, the Peace Talismans are required for raising a weapon to its greatest level. Each lantern has its own set of Peace Talismans, which are distinguished by color: red, green, blue, and yellow. Before they may climb their weapon, players must gather each sort of Peace Talisman. After collecting all four kinds of talismans, the player may fuse them together to make a single Primordial Jade Winged Spear. This spear is used to enhance your weapon throughout the ascension process.

Stage #2: Liyue: Theater Mechanicus

The second stage of the Genshin Impact method to gaining Peace Talismans focuses on Liyue’s Theater Mechanicus. This level is mostly concerned with earning particular forms of Genshin Impact GI cash known as Farming Realm Currency Fast.

To finish this level, players must successfully accomplish several tasks scattered across the realm in order to get these goods. In general, this may be accomplished by solving puzzles or fighting opponents that are randomly placed in each section. Farming Realm Currency Fast will enable you to buy things from Theatrical Merchants in the Theater Mechanicus to upgrade your character with new abilities and powers. Furthermore, some of these shops offer special cosmetics, so don’t miss out.

Finally, certain tasks may need the use of specialized equipment or weapons, and may reward players with unique goods such as shards and jewels required for character advancement. Make use of these goodies to have an easier experience during your trip in Genshin Impact.

How To Unlock Festive Fever?

Festive Fever is a spectacular Genshin Impact special event. To unlock it, players must collect the Peace Talisman, which is a difficult item to gain. Fortunately, there are other methods to get them, allowing every Genshin Impact player to take part in this incredible event.

Completing World Quests is the primary and most dependable method of getting Peace Talismans. World Missions may be found in the Events page and offer bigger rewards than other quests, such as Peace Talismans. Daily commissions are another dependable avenue for obtaining these things as well as other incentives.

At addition, players may pick up a quest from Katheryne in the Adventurers’ Guild and finish it for extra Talismans, Primogems, and Mora each time they accomplish one. If you are fortunate enough to attend special events or seasonal festivities, you may be able to claim free presents, which may include peace talismans. Finally, there’s a third option: you may buy them from Stormterror’s Lair for 60 resin each time.

So, via hard effort or pure luck, each Genshin Impact player has the chance to earn Festive Fever and its amazing prizes.

Step #1: Completing All That Glitters Quests

To get the Peace Talismans for the Rosaria Build in Genshin Impact, players must first finish all of the World Quests, commonly known as “That Glitters” Quests. These missions are accessible after finishing the Archon Quest “The Outlander Who Caught The Wind” and accepting Paimon’s quest “Searching For A Way Out,” and may be found at Mondstadt, Liyue, and other places on the map.

Completing these missions will earn you Oculi, which you may use to buy the Peace Talismans from Bode for the hefty sum of 800 Oculi each piece. These talismans may also be obtained as a random drop from Mondstadt’s Daily Commission Quests or by defeating bosses such as Andrius or Stormterror.

Step #2: Completing Lantern Rite Tales

After acquiring all of the requisite Peace Talismans from the four separate zones in Genshin Impact, the player is ready to begin completing Lantern Rite Tales. To get access to them, players must first achieve three conditions in each region: constructing a Statue of the Seven in each city, completing all Anemoculus and Geoculus tasks, and climbing particular locations. After completing these, players may access Lantern Rite Tales, which are indicated by unique blue quest icons.

There are eight chapters in Lantern Rite Tales. Each chapter has seven missions that include puzzle solving, combat difficulties, and escort assignments. After completing a quest, the player will be rewarded with items ranging from Primogems to weapons and relics.

It is vital to remember that specific squad configurations are required for certain missions to be successful%. 💯 It is advised that teams be made up of characters with varying talents in order to accomplish victory more readily. When playing Genshin Impact, team composition should not be disregarded.

How To Progress Through Theater Mechanicus?

Theater Mechanicus is a puzzle series seen in Genshin Impact. Players must solve the riddles to get unique peace talismans, which are necessary for increasing your character’s power and strength. The problems require resolving sophisticated electrical connections in an underground factory-like environment and then manipulating them with a range of instruments.

To continue through these puzzles, players must be aware of their surroundings and pay attention to the puzzle’s various moving pieces. To control the circuits, tools like keys, switches, cables, magnets, and even inserting missing components on the boards are employed. You may gain various levels according on how effectively you solve each puzzle, which offer you prizes such as Primogems, an in-game money, or even weapons or materials that can be utilized in other sections of the game.

Overall, it requires careful study paired with a lot of trial and error, but eventually players should be able to solve all of these riddles and get the desired peace talismans.

Theater Mechanicus: General Gameplay

Theater Mechanicus is a mini-game in Genshin Impact that enables players to obtain resources relevant to skill ascension and leveling up Sayu. The major goal of the game is to manage your resources wisely so that you may complete all of the stages with a 5-star rating or above.

Colorless orbs, fire, water, wind, and earth are among the five kinds of orbs in Theater Mechanicus that may be utilized to execute different tasks inside the mini-game. Colorless orbs are generally employed for level advancement, however the other element orbs provide distinct benefits such as shield regeneration or increased damage bonuses. In addition, players have access to unique characters that may be outfitted with character-specific weapons and armor. These characters also have special skills that may help them finish levels with greater scores or achieve goals more quickly. Finally, donning some artifacts may provide players with additional benefits such as improved movement speed or more damage mitigation.


Takeaway is an important method in Genshin Impact for acquiring strong talismans. Takeaways include sending one of your party members forward while the rest remain behind and wait for the target to drop its talisman. This is accomplished by sprinting or gliding around the region where the target spawns, then immediately forcing it to a location with limited space, such as small corridors or cliffs.

Once inside, it should be simple to endure against a single adversary, and when it falls, you’ll win a talisman or two that may be utilized to make high-level relics or level up current equipment. It’s a brilliant strategy that demands fast reactions but may pay off handsomely for those who practice it sufficiently.

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