A Comprehensive Genshin Impact Rosaria Build Guide: Best Weapons and Artifacts

Looking for a comprehensive Genshin Impact Rosaria build guide? In this guide, we’ll cover the best weapons and artifacts to use for Rosaria, as well as some tips and tricks to get the most out of her.

Best Rosaria Build in Genshin Impact

Rosaria of Genshin Impact is a master of stealth, capable of blending into the background and enhancing the effects of Stealth damage. This build guide focuses on making the most use of this character’s passive ability while also raising her total damage output.

This build makes use of four-star weapons like The Viridescent Hunt and Lion’s ROar, as well as five-star weapons like Deathmatch and Skyward Pride. Using these weapons in conjunction with artifacts like Bloodstained Chivalry, Gladiator’s Finale, or Pale Flame may increase physical damage output and critical rate. Furthermore, utilizing a certain set bonus such as Brave Heart or Gladiator may increase physical attack damage by up to 25%. With her Lvl6 Ultimate ability Superconduct, this Rosaria Build can deliver large quantities of Electro Elemental Damage, making her a formidable boss killer for Genshin Impact.


Artifacts are essential in unlocking the full potential of Genshin Impact Rosaria builds. Set bonuses are triggered anytime a character utilizes two or more pieces from the same set, and they may provide strong stat boosts such as an increase in damage delivered by a certain element or extra HP recovery.

It is recommended to choose Artifacts that have elemental damage, attack speed, and crit rate benefits that match their weapons. Furthermore, since certain aspects operate better with larger groups of players, it is critical that everyone has access to comparable Artifacts.

Finally, while selecting Artifacts sets, consider the talent levels. A high-level talent needs at least level 4 artifacts to be effective.


Weapons are crucial to a good Genshin Impact Rosaria build since they deal the majority of her damage. The greater the weapon’s basic attack stat, the more damage it will do. This is not, however, the only factor to consider while selecting a firearm. Weapons also have a Momentum benefit attached to them, which may be utilized to boost your character’s attributes even further.

Momentum is an enchantment applied to weapons that offers an additional attack or critical rate increase when you strike an adversary with regular attacks consecutively in Genshin Impact that may be up to 15%25. Those figures are cumulative, which means that each hit you land adds to the total until it reaches its maximum capacity after five strikes. This gives characters like Rosaria a significant edge since she excels at coping with successive attacks owing to her fast attack speed and short cool down period.

Each weapon in Genshin Impact has its unique Momentum stat, so players should choose the ones that are most suited to their character’s build and play style.

Genshin Impact Rosaria Build Guide: Best Weapons And Artifacts

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