Genshin Impact Guide: Jean Ascension Materials, Best Weapons, and Artifacts

Check out this Genshin Impact guide to learn everything you need to know about Jean’s ascension materials, best weapons, and artifacts!

Genshin Impact Jean Ascension And Talent Materials

In Genshin Impact, Jean is a five-star character. Her skill resources, ascension materials, and greatest weaponry are required for players to effectively develop their Jean. Jean’s level is raised using ascension materials, while her formidable powers are unlocked with talent materials.

Jean’s greatest weapons deliver greater damage than lower-tier weapons, making them one of the most sought-after goods in Genshin Impact.

Jean’s ascension material comprises Hero’s Wit obtained by killing Elite Foes, Stardust obtained by beating bosses, Mystic Enhancement Ore obtained by defeating enemies in the Starfell Valley domain, and so on. Her strongest weapon is The Flute, which enhances attack dependent on your attack stat while switching elements and grants a bonus to elemental mastery. Finally, artifacts such as Gladiator’s Finale provide a bonus Element DMG Bonus% and increase Attack DMG by 25%.

Players may quickly enhance their Jean and turn her into an unstoppable force in Genshin Impact with the right resources.

Ascension Materials

Jean needs the following Ascension Materials:

  • Iron Ores: Used to level up Jean to level 40.
  • Shimmering Sands: Used to increase Jean’s level after level 40.
  • Divine Crystals: Used to unlock all of Jean’s Talent enhancements.
  • Ominous Ochre Stones: These are required to unlock all of Jean’s Constellation enhancements.
  • White Iron Chunks: Used for weapon ascension and stat improvements on artifacts.

Talent Materials

In Genshin Impact, Talent Materials are necessary to break beyond electrical barriers. These obstacles may be found all throughout the globe, barring routes and doorways. To shatter them, players must first create an Electro Sigil, which needs talent ingredients.

These materials may be obtained through killing electro-type opponents or as prizes for travelling into the Spiral Abyss. Jean’s talent materials Jean requires various talent supplies at each level, thus players should store up properly to reach the Max Level Baal. They should also keep in mind that more sophisticated versions of these goods may be discovered by targeting higher-level tiers, which are unique to her and will aid her ascent towards the Max Level Baal.electrical monsters and Spiral Abyss levels.

Best Genshin Impact Jean Build

A Genshin Impact Jean build The Genshin Impact Aloy The Impact Aloy Ascension The Genshin Impact Xinyan weapon you chose for Jean is the most crucial element to consider while designing her, as it combines a formidable weapon with enough artifacts and ascension materials to offer her the full spectrum of her powers. This is the finest choice.Jean’s preferred weapons are ones that provide her an edge in burst damage, attack speed, or both.

Equipping artifacts that boost Jean’s Elemental Mastery or Attack may also assist her abilities deal more damage. Finally, acquiring sufficient ascension materials and the appropriate combination of stats will enable Jean to advance to the next level and unlock amazing passive powers. This combo will give you a well-rounded character capable of facing any challenge in Genshin Impact.

Best Weapons

Kaeya is a playable character in Genshin Impact and is a popular pick among gamers owing to his powerful crowd management skills. To get the most out of this character, players should consider equipping him with some of Genshin Impact’s greatest weapons. These weapons may be rather pricey, but they are well worth it for such a formidable character.

The greatest weapons for Kaeya are ones that boost his Elemental Mastery while also increasing his Elemental Skill damage. Skyward Pride, Deathmatch, Favonius Lance, Sacrificial Fragments, Prototype Archaic, and Crescent Pike are the most powerful alternatives. Prototype Archaic is a 4-star weapon that grants a significant Elemental Mastery Boosts to Element Mastery are granted by Kaeya’s talents or regular strikes, as well as an extra 15% DMG increase for any element reaction triggers. When utilizing specific abilities or elemental reactions, the Impact Xinyan Ascension weapon also provides a boost. as well as extra passive effects such as enhanced attack speed or increased total CRIT DMG.

Best Artifacts

It is critical to equip Jean with the greatest Artifacts while maxing out her Ascension level and unlocking the four-star skills available in the Genshin Impact game. Artifacts are unique objects that may be fitted to your character to provide them extra stats or advantages.

Two Star of Destiny pieces and two Gladiator’s Finale pieces from Noelle’s collection of artifacts are the best for Jean. Jean gains an attack bonus stat from the Star of Destiny, while the Gladiator’s Finale grants her greater critical damage. These artifacts’ bonuses allow Jean to do much more damage, making her one of the strongest four-star characters in Genshin Impact.

Furthermore, wearing four artifact set pieces offers extra advantages such as improved attack speed, attack or defensive stats, or critical rate, making them even more potent when combined.

Genshin Impact Jean Guide: Ascension Materials - Best Weapons - Artifacts

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