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Genshin Impact Venti Guide: All You Need to Know About Ascension Materials

If you’re looking to ascend your Genshin Impact Venti, you’ll need to know all about the ascension materials. Check out our guide to get you started.

How to Get Venti Genshin Impact?

First things first: how to unlock Venti as a playable character in Genshin Impact? Well, sadly, Venti is not a free character. You actually have to do a bit of grinding to unlock him, or rather ‘wish’ for him.

Those familiar with the game are aware that players unlock new characters and other assets in the game by using a resource called Wishes. Wishes can in turn be bought with two other resource types, called Acquaint Fates or Intertwined Fates. Those, in turn, can only be purchased with another resource called Primogems, which is the main resource in the game.

So, what does a player need to unlock Venti? First, players need to lose the 50-50 to unlock Five Star Characters. Once you do that, you can unlock Venti for 90 Wishes.

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Genshin Impact Venti Ascension And Talent Materials

Genshin Impact Venti is a famous gaming character who is an Anemo Archon with the ability to control wind and lightning. To reach Venti, players must collect different ingredients, which may be obtained in bosses and dungeons or bought in-game. Anemo Sigils, Crystal Chunks, Slime Condensate, Witch’s Marks, Magic Crystals, and Pure Crystals are all ascension materials for Genshin Impact Venti.

Talent Materials are also required in order to advance Venti and understand his abilities. The following are the Talent Materials necessary to improve Venti:

  • Wind Catalysts
  • Wind Wheels
  • Wind Orbs
  • Guide to Wind’s Ascension
  • Novice Guidance Book Wind
  • Cyclone Guide Book Wind
  • Stormbreaker Core Books Wind

All of these things may be earned via gameplay or bought with real money from the Genshin Impact store. By gathering all of the resources required for Venti’s ascension, players may unlock strong skills that will aid them on their trek through Teyvat.

Genshin Impact Ascension Materials

In Genshin Impact, Ascension Materials are essential components of character and weapon ascension. You must gather four certain elements, which vary depending on the thing you’re seeking to climb, in order to ascend a character or weapon. For example, Berries, Cor lapis, Anemo Sigils, and Northlander Sword Prototypes are required to climb Sea Breeze Dandelion Jean, whereas Summertime Sparkle Barbara needs Berries, Geo Sigils, and Northlander Bow Prototypes.

To gain these commodities, players must fulfill activities such as beating monsters and unlocking chests in different areas. These items may also be obtained in the Souvenir Shop or purchased from merchants for Astral Ore. As a result, before stepping out into the land of Teyvat, players must grasp what sort of material is necessary for each character/weapon ascension.

Venti: Ascension Upgrade Path

Venti is a key character in the popular mobile game Genshin Impact, which has amassed a large fan base since its first release. Venti may be enhanced by climbing him as you continue through Genshin Impact. This entails acquiring particular ascension materials in order to ascend your character and unlock new powers and levels of strength. The particular ascension materials you will get will be determined on the character you are upgrading and the route they pursue.

Ascending Venti requires four different materials:

  • Anemoculus Resonance Stones
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore
  • Recruit’s Insignia
  • Lingering Craftsman’s Remains

Before you may improve Venti, you must first acquire all of these elements in order to advance your character to the maximum degree possible. Furthermore, each item category has numerous levels; with each level, the number of things needed to completely fulfill that category’s essential items grows. Because of this approach, it is critical that you pay great attention to the kind and level of each material item Venti need for Ascension before beginning to gather them.

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Genshin Talent Materials

Venti’s Ascension requires talent materials. These materials may be collected through performing missions, exploring the environment, hunting down monsters, and gathering resources like as ore, wood, and other resources.

Talent materials are often obtained solely after finishing a quest that awards them or by harvesting them from geo objects around Teyvat or their related Geo Statue. A Bright Ley Line Blossom, for example, may only be obtained from its associated Geo Statue in East Mondstadt. When vanquished, Geoculi also drops these things.

Furthermore, some of these elements are only available in particular domains, and even then, they have specified respawn places and drop periods, so it’s critical to pay attention to your surroundings in order to get what you need:

  • Perform missions
  • Explore the environment
  • Hunt down monsters
  • Gather resources like ore, wood, and other resources.
  • Harvest from geo objects around Teyvat or their related Geo Statue
  • Vanquished Geoculi

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Best Genshin Impact Venti Build

The Genshin Effect Venti is a character that may be recruited by players. Venti is a ranged character with the Anemo element, and his versatile skill set allows him to be beneficial in a number of circumstances. Venti’s potential must be completely realized by properly building him.

Venti’s ideal build should prioritize increasing his Anemo damage output as much as feasible. This includes equipping artifacts that increase Elemental Damage or Energy Recharge, as well as weapons that boost these numbers even further. Exile Set and Gladiator’s Finale artifacts are ideal for enhancing Elemental Damage, while Serpent Spine gives more Energy Recharge to fuel skills more effectively. Favonius Warbow and Sacrificial Bow are two formidable weapons with high basic stats that may be utilized to increase Anemo damage even further.

Furthermore, since he’s such a flexible character, equipping items to guard against other elements while still delivering respectable damage works as well; which is why the Amber pieces of the Thundering Fury set are ideal additions for protection as well.

Best Weapons

The greatest weapons in Genshin Impact generally have many levels and kinds that you may upgrade. Most of these weapons need ascension materials, which might vary depending on the weapon type, since various commodities like as crystals, ores, and character specific materials are required. These are often difficult to locate and will take some time to collect due to the rarity of some of these things.

To make your life simpler, we’ve listed the greatest weapons in Genshin Impact, as well as their ascension materials, below. It’s worth noting that the more stars a weapon has, the more resources it’ll need to ascend.

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Best Artifacts

The Best Items in Genshin Impact are a collection of artifacts created by Heron, Mondstadt’s master smith. These items may be obtained as prizes from Heron’s daily commissions. Heron’s Invitation is the substance needed to make the Best Artifacts, which may be gained through collecting materials from different elemental realms and completing World Quests. Heron’s Invitation is also necessary for characters to reach the five-star level.

With particular ingredients required for each character, locating these goods might be difficult. Global exploring and completing world and regional bosses for their appropriate tokens and drops is the most typical strategy to fill up your necessary resources. To advance, you must also execute daily commissions from Heron, as well as Abyssal Domains and their rulers.

Best Team Comps For Venti

Venti is an archer in the Genshin Impact game who can provide both assistance and harm. He is one of the most powerful characters in the game, with a plethora of devastating powers at his disposal. With his bow, he can paralyze opponents, heal teammates, and deliver tremendous quantities of damage.

When putting up a team around Venti, keep his archery capabilities in mind and concentrate on maximizing his usefulness as a support and damage dealer. Venti functions well when paired with characters that can help him manage the crowd, such as Diluc or Razor.

Venti also benefits from barrier-based support characters like as Diona and Mona, who can shield him as he pushes forward to deliver damage. Venti also works well alongside other archers, such as Fischl or Chongyun, who may give him with elemental boosts and debuffs. Finally, Venti’s ultimate ability grants him ascension resources when he defeats foes. Using him alongside characters with huge HP pools will let you get the most out of this ability.

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Freeze Comp

One of the greatest Genshin Impact Gorou builds available is the Freeze Comp. This build focuses on freezing foes with Venti’s elemental burst and then finishing them off with Gorou’s attacks in one blow. The Freeze Comp is particularly effective against difficult opponents that are impervious to physical damage, such as bosses and other formidable opponents.

It is critical to climb Venti first in order to optimize the efficiency of this setup. You will need two types of sacrificial fragments to accomplish so: pure and vitalized. You may raise Venti to level six by combining these two resources into a single ascension material, allowing you to use his ultimate elemental burst talent, which freezes all opponents in range. Additionally, in order to maximize Venti’s skills during battle, he must be equipped with the appropriate artifacts and weapons for his element.

Electro-Charged Comp

In Genshin Impact, Electro-Charged Comp is a sort of substance that is necessary to completely climb Hu Tao. It may be obtained through fighting adversaries, destroying crates, and mining mineral deposits. Farming Electro Hypostasis, which can be found in the center of Stormterror’s Lair in Liyue, is the most effective method to harvest this material. These monsters have a chance to drop two of this material apiece, as well as other resources required for Hu Tao’s ascension.

Remember that the Electro Hypostasis has an elemental attack, therefore bring characters with oppositely charged elements as your primary DPS for them.

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Ventis Constellations

Venti from Genshin Impact is one of the most powerful constellation characters in the game. He wields a bow and fires lightning bolts that target numerous adversaries at once, making him a valuable tool in combat.

His ascension supplies need the collection of a variety of objects. Materials are classified into five types: Anemo Sigils, Geo Sigils, Ore, Treasure Hoarder Insignias, and Character Experience Materials. Along with these things, there are special constellations that, when utilized, will reveal unique perks.

Venti may get more strong with each level as his stat boosts rise in tandem with his experience levels. His Constellations enable him to improve by using special Crystals that are only available during particular events or via specified levels of combat passes. Venti’s ascension will be unlocked whenever a certain number of Crystals are gathered and utilized on a certain Constellation level, offering him greater HP, Attack power, or even access to new abilities.

Ganyu Talent Materials, Or How To Play Towards Ventis Strengths?

Venti is a formidable Anemo in Genshin Impact. He is a 5-star character and one of the game’s most powerful characters. He has an intriguing collection of skills that allow him to be adaptable and beneficial in both PvE and PvP situations.

His distinct collection of abilities enables him to dominate opponents and give significant AoE assistance to teammates. His Elemental Skill, “Bane of Storms,” releases an Anemo blast and inflicts an Omen status condition on opponents, lowering their resistance to Anemo damage. His Elemental Burst also generates a strong wind current capable of gathering foes for tremendous AoE damage.

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Venti’s actual strength comes from his Ascension Materials; each of which has a distinct influence on Venti’s power level. Players must prioritize particular resources to enhance Venti’s stats while also synergizing with other characters’ skills to optimize efficiency with his level ups. Windwheel Aster blooms, in particular, boost Venti’s physical attack power when at or above 50%. Furthermore, Teachings of Ballad are best employed to strengthen Venti’s Elemental Skill, forcing him to depend more on Xingquisword assaults rather than regular attacks, which may be increased further by Glaze Lily petals, which raise Normal Attack DMG by 10-20%. Finally, Damaged Mask fragments may boost Venti’s Energy Recharge rate by 20-40%, enabling him to employ his skills more often during battle circumstances.

Passive Talent: Windrider

Windrider is one of the passive abilities connected with the Venti character from Genshin Impact. This skill boosts Venti’s ATK and Movement SPD while also granting Venti the ability to glide for a brief period of time after falling long distances. The passive talent has three levels, and each level may be unlocked by ascending Venti using Character Ascension Materials.

Character Ascension Materials may be gained in a variety of ways, including completing Story Quests, AR-EX, Domains, and specific events and activities such as the Battle Pass. Characters that attain Adventure Rank 20 or above will also get an Invitation of Heron, which can be traded for a Character Ascensions Item of their choosing at Xigu Antiques in Liyue Harbor.

Passive Talent: Stormeye

Passive Talent is an attribute that a character gains as they climb. Venti will get the passive skill Stormeye upon rising. Stormeye raises Venti’s attack speed by 24% and extends the range of his Elemental Skill and Burst.

This passive is very beneficial since it not only boosts Venti’s overall damage but also extends the range of his elemental burst. This allows Venti to attack numerous foes rapidly with his burst, making him considerably more dangerous in team engagements. Venti may also spam his Elemental Skill more often with the Stormeye passive, enabling him to store more energy for even greater combos and increased damage output.

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Skyward Sonnet

One of the greatest builds for Venti, a five-star character in Genshin Impact, is the Skyward Sonnet Genshin Impact Jean Build. This strong build takes use of the Skyward Sonnet weapon’s unique effects and optimizes Venti’s ability as an Anemo user, making him one of the greatest characters to have on your squad.

Skyward Sonnet increases Venti Atk and energey recharging. This build additionally makes use of four artifacts that provide ATK boosts and increased elemental damage:

  • Gladiator’s Finale is for melee characters.
  • The Exile is for two-handed weapons.
  • Thundering Fury is for ranged players.
  • Viridescent Venerer is for bow users.

With these combos, players may easily get some powerful bonuses that do enough damage to rapidly dispatch adversaries. Furthermore, this build makes advantage of Venti’s skill set and passive Talents to ensure that his power is utilised properly.

Elemental Burst: Winds Grand Ode

Winds are the elemental burst. In Genshin Impact, Grand Ode is Ayato’s level 6 elemental burst. 1 Wind Orb and 5 Elemental Shards of the same element type are required to build the burst. Ayato will unleash a tremendous windwave that does AoE Anemo DMG, regenerates some HP for all party members, and increases their movement speed by 40% to 25% for 10 seconds.

Furthermore, any foes touched by the elemental burst will suffer an Anemo debuff, which decreases resistance to all elements save Anemo. This allows your allies to take off foes with elemental combinations and reactant reactions more easily.

The effect may be enhanced further after Ayato has attained Ascension level 4 or above, when the overall HP regeneration will rise from 28% to 33%. Furthermore, a Perfect Being passive skill may enhance the damage dealt by Winds Grand Ode by up to 15%.

How Old Is Venti Genshin Impact?

How old is Venti from Genshin Impact, actually? According to internet sleuths, Venti is 15 years old, which is pretty young. But that’s Venti’s biological age, he’s much more older in chronological time. In chrono years, Venti is 2600+ years old. So, Venti Genshin Impact age = 15 biological years, and 2600+ chronological years.

Venti Genshin Impact Gender

What is the gender of Venti from Genshin Impact? Venti is male, although his appearances may confound you, since he looks quite feminine.

How Tall Is Venti Genshin Impact?

Finally, let’s conclude this article on a more trivial but no less fun note. Plenty of players actually develop crushes or sympathies for their Genshin Impact characters, and they like to fantasize and think about their attributes. One of the most common questions about Venti is just how tall is he? Well, no one really knows, but according to a very popular Tweet, Venti is 157.3 cm tall, making him nearly 5’2” in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Venti Guide: Ascension Materials - Weapons - Artifacts

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