How to Easily Destroy Momentum Discs in Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact is a free to play gacha game that has taken the world by storm.
In this game, there are many things that can be done in order to make the game more fun.
One of those things is to destroy Momentum Discs.

What is The Never-Ending Battle?

The Never-Ending Battle is a one-time event encountered in Genshin Impact. It has various unique battle systems, making it one of the most difficult events in the game. During this combat, players must struggle against a never-ending wave of opponents and destructible barriers called the Momentum Discs.

When struck with an attack, these discs steadily fill up with energy and finally burst, doing tremendous damage to all characters in the area. To quickly destroy Momentum Discs, players should seek out the Claymore, a weapon that delivers a devastating punch and can easily take out any Momentum Disc within range. Elemental Reactions like Overload, Melt, and Vaporize may also be utilized to cause massive amounts of area damage and swiftly destroy these discs.

Choosing The Difficulty

One of the most crucial phases in farming low rarity and free momenta discs in Genshin Impact is choosing the difficulty of your runs. The difficulty levels span from Story Mode through Domination Mode, with several levels within each tier. Because rare momentum discs appear significantly more often during higher level runs, the higher the difficulty, the more probable you are to meet them.

If you’re searching for a fast and simple method to farm up some free/low rarity momentum discs, sticking on Story Mode is the way to go. In Story Mode, you’ll be able to generate a steady supply of momentum discs without sacrificing too much health or resources.

Defeating Onslaught

When it comes to fighting Onslaught Discs in Genshin Impact, Rosaria is one of the greatest characters to utilize. She is a four-star polearm user who strikes with Cryo elements.

Rosaria’s passive increases her CRIT DMG by 20%, and she also does double damage if she hits from behind an adversary, making her highly powerful against adversaries with shields such as Onslaught Discs. Furthermore, because of the range of her polearm, Rosaria may easily attack these adversaries from a safe distance while still gaining a CRIT benefit.

Her ultimate ability, Raven Spire,” is exceptionally potent; it delivers 500% ATQ DMG at all levels with no possibility of evasion or reflection. This makes Rosaria a good character for fast destroying Onslaught Discs while staying safe in Genshin Impact.

How Does Momentum Work in Genshin Impact?

Momentum, often known as “Disk Actions,” is a key fighting component in Genshin Impact. Momentum, when triggered, immediately increases your character’s strength and speed for a brief period of time. Momentum, in addition to delivering an instant boost in battle effectiveness, alters the trajectory of your skills and influences their range and reach.

Momentum is obtained by collecting discs dispersed across each level and may be utilized once gathered. When a disc is struck with an elemental attack that matches its element type, it explodes, doing damage to all opponents within range. If the player’s character collides with the disc before the explosion, they will get Momentum unless they already have their maximum bonus.

Activating Momentum not only boosts the power of your attacks, but also offers perks such as:

  • Faster attack speed
  • Shorter cooldown durations
  • Faster movement speed

If a player is able to connect many discs, they will get extra advantages that will dramatically boost their fighting capabilities.

Destroying Momentum Discs

Destroying Momentum Discs is an essential action in Genshin Impact that may assist players in advancing in specific portions of the game. Momentum Discs are unique indicators that appear as glowing, purple-colored discs strewn around the environment. When these discs are destroyed, they drop gifts such as Primogems, Adventurer’s Experience, and Anemo Sigils, which may be quite important throughout your trip. Destroying Momentum Discs is one of the greatest methods to speed through Genshin Impact’s narrative campaign and get some additional prizes.

You must employ an elemental attack or a physical weapon, such as a bow or sword, to destroy a Momentum Disc. A specific weapon, such as a Claymore sword, performs especially effectively since its hefty strikes quickly penetrate the protective barrier of these discs. If your character has an elemental skill that corresponds to the type of disk you are destroying, it will do more damage and boost your chances of success. Stay attentive while dealing with any form of adversary in Genshin Impact, especially challenging and rewarding foes like momentum discs.

Obtaining Wind-Blessed Harpastum

Wind-Blessed Harpastum is a unique item in Genshin Impact that can easily demolish Momentum Discs. These Momentum Disks may be discovered in various areas around the game and can be used to boost your character’s attributes and earn prizes such as Primogems.

These discs, however, are very difficult to shatter since they require a great deal of power. Fortunately, with the assistance of Wind-Blessed Harpastums, players can easily crack open these Momentum Disks. To earn this item, players must complete certain types of missions or visit specific locations of the game. There is also a chance that Wind-Blessed Harpastums may drop from enemies or special treasure boxes near Teyvat:

  • Completing certain missions
  • Visiting specific locations
  • Dropping from enemies
  • Dropping from special treasure boxes near Teyvat

Purchasing Wind-Blessed Harpastum

Obtaining skill materials is a key component of progressing characters in Genshin Impact. They need Wind-Blessed Harpastum to rise in order for the character known as Shenhe to appear. While beating foes and hoping for a drop is one way to gain this substance, there are other, far quicker and more dependable options.

Wind-Blessed Harpastum may be obtained most reliably by buying them at the shop using Intertwined Fate or Acquaint Fate. Both varieties of Fates may be acquired for 30 Original Resin apiece from the ancient Good Hunter in Liyue port. The shop also sells packages in which you may get more Harpastum with less Resin. When buying bundles, look for any discounts or special promotions on certain amounts of Harpastum to get the most bang for your buck.

How To Use Wind-Blessed Harpasta on Momentum Discs?

Wind-Blessed Harpasta is a strong item in Genshin Impact that can easily shatter Momentum Discs. To utilize it, you must first ensure that your character is equipped with the appropriate Wind-Blessed Harpasta. After activating the appropriate Wind-Blessed Harpasta, all you need to do is:

  • Stand close or on top of the Momentum Disc
  • Perform your character’s basic attack

When the Momentum Disc is sufficiently damaged, it will shatter and disclose its contents. Using Wind-Blessed Harpasta on Momentum Discs makes completing puzzles and progressing through Genshin Impact’s different dungeons and challenges a lot simpler.

Momentum Discs vs Berseker Opponents: Whats Better?

Momentum Discs versus Berserker Rivals: Which Is Better? When deciding the sort of opponent to confront in Genshin Impact, many players consult 3F.

Momentum Discs are opponents who demand the player to gain speed and strength in order to beat them swiftly. This may be accomplished via the use of elemental attacks, charged attacks, and other movesets.

Berserker opponents demand more strategic methods, have big health pools, and may be incredibly devastating. The trick here is determining which of these two will be more advantageous in assisting you in winning the sort of battle you need to win.

  • While Momentum Discs are weaker than Berserker opponents, they react well to elemental assaults and may be eliminated swiftly and easily.
  • Berserker opponents, on the other hand, have large health pools, necessitating the application of a variety of methods and techniques to effectively take them down.
  • Finally, it is up to the player’s skill level and the kind of combat they want to win, since both techniques have advantages and disadvantages.


In the game of Genshin Impact, takeaway refers to the process of eliminating an opponent’s Momentum Disc. Takeaways are earned when one team drives the other team’s gliders over the edge or causes them to collide with objects. This may be accomplished by the use of numerous strategies, such as directing your own gliders in a certain direction so that they knock down opponents’ gliders, or through the use of special attacks.

Takeaways are vital because they provide your side an edge and may help you gain early control of a match. Takeaways also aid in the planning of future plays, allowing you to make smart movements and establish momentum for your side. Finally, takeaways are critical for teams who wish to drive their opponents into unfavorable situations and win control of important map spots.

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