Genshin Impact Heart Island Chest Guide: How To Get What You Need

Looking for a Genshin Impact Heart Island Chest Guide? Here’s how to get what you need from these chests, including the coveted Anemo and Geo Sigils!


Genshin Impact Heart Island is an exotic location in the Genshin Impact game world that may be accessible at the pinnacle of the Starsnatch Cliff in Mondstadt. This island is host to a multitude of uncommon materials and goods due to its twisted vegetation and unusual minerals.

This Genshin Impact Heart Island Chest Guide will offer you with all the knowledge you need to find what you need to enhance your exploration and adventure on Heart Island. You may learn how to get primordial ore, crystal chunks, geoculus shards, and other items by visiting this page. Furthermore, this tutorial will instruct you on how to locate certain chests containing the items you desire so that you may get them quickly and easily without having to search endlessly.

What is Genshin Heart Island?

Heart Island is a mystery location in the Genshin Impact universe that originally surfaced during the “Chalk Prince and the Dragon” limited-time event. You may get chests in this location that hold valuable things as prizes, such as Primogems, Mora, and other supplies. Players will get a quest when they reach Level 15 that will take them to Heart Island to begin their search for wealth.

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The island is in Liyue Harbor and can only be reached by utilizing the Anemo Archon’s flying ability. The island has three levels: Novice, Normal, and Master. Players must go through all three levels in order to optimize their resources collected from each chest located on Heart Island in order to get higher prizes. In order for their prizes to be revealed at the conclusion of each level, players must gather all of the chests placed over the landscape before time runs out.

How to Unlock Heart Island

Heart Island is a unique island in Genshin Impact where players may connect with people, accomplish tasks, and discover chests containing valuable treasures. To reach Heart Island, players must first finish the game’s main narrative mission before entering the Spiral Abyss. Along the route, players must gather wind gliders.

Players will be able to access three extra chests after they get to Heart Island. To accomplish so, they must:

  1. Locate and activate three pillars scattered across the island.
  2. Gather orbs concealed across Heart Island, generally in bodies of water or landmarks, and bring them back to the pillar.
  3. After activating all three pillars, players may open the last chest for a prize.

What Are The Chests In Heart Island?

Chests on Heart Island are unique objects discovered across the island in Genshin Impact. They may be opened to yield a variety of gifts, including money, consumables, and primogems. The following are some of the most prevalent types:

  • Coin Chest: These chests hold either Mora, the game’s money, or Genesis Crystals, which are utilized for character advancement.
  • Elemental Chests contain elemental ore, which is required for weapon enhancement.
  • Supply Chest: These chests hold a variety of commodities such as food ingredients and other agricultural supplies.
  • Boss Chests appear after beating a boss on Heart Island and contain important goodies such as primogems, rare artifacts, and talent manuals.
  • Event Chest: Event chests occur at specified spots on Heart Island during special events, carrying gifts like as weaponry or even battle pass points.

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How To Get The Chests In Heart Island Genshin Impact

The Genshin Impact Heart Island chest sites are dispersed around the planet and might be tough to locate. Fortunately, each breast is easily identifiable since it is adorned with a ❤️. Each chest contains a range of prizes, including weapons, artifacts, character EXP resources, and more.

It’s advisable to search around each of the islands on the map to locate them all. Most chests are situated on an elevated place or hidden away in a corridor that takes some platforming to access. Furthermore, certain chests may be concealed under trees or shrubs, which you must cut at with your sword to disclose.

Remember that these chests are refreshed every week, so don’t be concerned if you didn’t get anything from them this time.


Anemoculus is a major collectable item in Genshin Impact, and it may be discovered by solving various puzzles and activities across Heart Island. For example, you may locate one by toppling all the windmills in a certain location. Anemoculus Oculi are sources of energy and power required to boost your character’s powers.

You may boost your character’s total DPS (Damage Per Second) by acquiring Anemoculus Oculi. Furthermore, if you have accumulated a certain number of oculi, you may use them to buy strong artifacts from the item store, which will improve your character’s performance even further.

With these consequences in mind, keep a look out for Anemoculus Oculi whenever possible when traveling through Heart Island.


Geoculus are unique treasures that may be found across Teyvat in Genshin Impact. They are utilized to level up the Statues of the Seven, which will provide you character ascension resources for Barbara’s constructions. There are 18 Geoculus in total, however discovering them might be difficult for certain players. To make things simpler, here’s a fast way to finding all 18 Geoculus and obtaining what you want from Heart Island’s chest.

Geoculus places may be found around Teyvat, including beaches, lakes, caverns, shrines, and more. Furthermore, their positions are shown on the globe map by an orange glowing rock icon. These collectibles may also be obtained by completing specific domains and battling elite monsters known as Hydro/Pyro Slimes. Geoculus may also be purchased or obtained via Gacha Pulls or daily Wish prizes.

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Luxurious Chest

The Luxurious Chest is a unique sort of chest discovered on Heart Island in Genshin Impact. This chest differs from the other chests on the island in that it will present you with some valuable gifts upon opening. The sumptuous chests are frequently surrounded by trees and can be recognised by their purple color and a diamond emblem at the top of the chests.

Each opulent box normally contains four rewards: Primogems, Adventure Rank experience, Character Ascension materials, and, on occasion, Intertwined Fates. To unlock this box, you’ll need an Anemo Sigil, which can be obtained by completing event challenges or daily commissions on Heart Island. Opening Luxurious Chests is one of the finest methods to get Adventure Rank experience in Genshin Impact, therefore use them whenever feasible.


The Heart Island Chest event by Genshin Impact is a terrific chance to get your hands on some rare and sought-after goodies. Following the tactics provided in this article, you should be able to get what you want with little difficulty.

To conclude, before tackling the chest challenge, make sure you activate all three checkpoints; if feasible, have numerous characters with different components on them. Keep cool and attentive while avoiding any problems that may arise. You’ll be able to receive your prize from Hearts Island if you follow these tips and tactics:

  • Activate all three checkpoints.
  • Have numerous characters with different components on them.
  • Keep cool and attentive.
  • Avoid any problems that may arise.

Genshin Impact Heart Island Chest Guide: How To Get

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