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Building the Best Amber DPS Build in Genshin Impact: A Guide to the

Looking to build the best Amber DPS build in Genshin Impact? Check out our guide to find out the best ways to use Amber to DPS in Genshin Impact.

Who Is Amber In Genshin Impact?

Amber is a character in Genshin Impact, a free-to-play open world action RPG created by miHoYo. She is the primary heroine of the Liyue area and the Crux Fleet’s commander. Amber is recognized for her loyalty, dependability, and limitless bravery, which makes her a crucial member of your squad in Genshin Impact and can help you take on foes with ease.

Amber has elemental talents such as fire, lightning, and wind. She’s skilled in both near and long range warfare. Her skill set enables players to create an outstanding DPS (Damage Per Second) build for her, giving her strong battlefield capabilities and enabling her to be the focal point of your Genshin Impact DPS builds. Her ultimate ability grants players access to explosive damage as well as Area-of-Effect crowd control capabilities, making it far simpler to take down enormous hordes than it would be without them.

Best Amber Builds In Genshin Impact

Amber is a Dual-Element Hydro/Pyro fighter with high Burst DPS potential in Genshin Impact. She is ideal for Climax confrontations and quite effective against Hydro opponents. This guide will go through the finest Amber builds for increasing her damage output and making her a productive member of your squad.

Amber may be built in a multitude of ways, and this guide will go through them all, from top-tier DPS Builds to ones that concentrate more on supporting skills for your other characters. We’ll go through her stats, artifacts, weapons, skills, and constellations so you may customize her to your team’s requirements and playstyle. To maximize Amber’s DPS potential, team her up with a Catalyst user like Diluc or Venti to inflict Melt on foes, which makes full use of Amber’s Pyro elemental damage.

Best Amber Builds In Genshin ImpactBest Weapons On Amber Burst Sub-DPS Build

Amber is a strong character for those trying to develop a Burst Sub-DPS. To get the most out of this character, make sure she has the greatest weaponry available. The following weapons are suggested for Amber:

  • The Flute, which raises CRIT rate, which helps create greater damage during spike moments and can be raised up using ascension materials;
  • Sacrificial Fragments, which improve normal attack damage;
  • Skyward Pride, which recharges energy while performing elemental skills;
  • The Black Sword, which gains elemental mastery with talent materials like as Crystal Chunks and Divine Clusters; and
  • Royal Greatsword, which gains CRIT rate and extra physical damage to all regular attacks as it advances in ascension levels.

Whats The Best Team For Amber?

When assembling a team in Genshin Impact, it is critical to examine the characters and synergies that will best compliment Amber’s powers.

Amber is a Pyro-based character with a high potential for single-target burst and AoE damage. She thrives in DPS positions owing to her very short cooldowns and fast attack speed. While Amber may be part of a variety of teams, the most successful ones usually include at least one additional Pyro user, such as Diluc or Xiangling, as well as multiple Cryo users, such as Mona or Ningguang.

Cryo characters offer strong crowd control and keep adversaries off balance, allowing Amber to concentrate on inflicting damage. Characters such as Xiao and Kaeya may also be employed to offer crowd control while simultaneously increasing Amber’s attack strength with their Elemental skills.

Finally, consider bringing characters that can heal your team, such as Barbara or Noelle, to guarantee they survive the battle.

1. Sub DPS Team Comp

In Genshin Impact, the Sub DPS Team Comp is a relatively new team comp. This squad is built on Cor Lapis as the primary source of burst damage DPS. Sub DPS teams are designed for quick bursts of high-intensity damage.

This squad is mainly reliant on a few key characters and their elemental skill and burst damage skills. It is made up of four characters: two catalyst wielders, one bow user, and one claymore user who employ Charge Attack and Elemental Bursts to cause tremendous amounts of damage to adversaries in a short amount of time. While all four characters contribute to the team’s total DPS capabilities, Cor Lapis is regarded as the team’s primary generator of burst damage. This makes him vital in combat for rapidly and effectively dispatching massive, strong opponents.

2. Character Synergies

In Genshin Impact, character synergies are essential to any successful Amber DPS build. This is because, while playing as Amber, you’ll want to round out your squad with additional characters that can assist her in maximizing her damage output. When utilizing Amber’s Charged Attack, for example, you should employ characters such as Kaeya and Childe who can CC (Crowd Control) foes while the ability is active.

While playing with Amber, other characters such as Xiangling, Razor, and Mona give extra elemental damage boosts. Finally, Bennett provides an additional 20% healing, which helps keep the squad alive.

While there is no perfect team composition for Amber, it is crucial to evaluate how your character synergy selections will effect her overall performance in combat and make your selection appropriately.

Amber: Ability Rundown

Amber is a well-known character from the video game Genshin Impact. She is an archer and the daughter of Favonius’ knights, making her an ideal pick for a DPS build. However, determining which skills to use and when may be tough, so it’s critical to get all of your data straight before engaging in combat.

We’ll go through all of Amber’s abilities, including their cooldowns and how to utilize them most effectively in battle, in this tutorial. We’ll also look at how to design Amber to optimize her damage potential using elements like elemental reactions and weapon scaling. You’ll know precisely how to make your Amber DPS Build as potent as possible by the conclusion of our Amber Ability Rundown Guide.

Basic Attack: Sharpshooter

Sharpshooter is a basic attack talent unlocked as part of Fischl’s third ascension. It raises Fischl’s basic attack DMG by 20% and delivers a 40% lightning resistance debuff to foes in her vicinity for 12 seconds, rendering them susceptible to her lightning-based abilities.

To go to Fischl level 3, you’ll need the following items:

  • 10 Mystic Enhancer
  • 4 Runic Core
  • 14 Blooming Catalyst
  • 4 Clean Prisons

This skill boosts Fischl’s DPS while also letting her to impart a crucial status effect to foes. It may let you develop an exceptionally strong Amber DPS build in Genshin Impact when combined with her other ascension levels and elemental talents.

Explosive Puppet: Elemental Skill

Fischl’s Elemental Skill in Genshin Impact is Explosive Puppet. When utilized, an artificial companion resembling Fischl emerges and fires a bolt of lightning at surrounding opponents. This first blow delivers Lightning damage, but the chain lightning that follows deals Electro damage. It also includes two levels, each with its own set of resources and Talent growth path.

Fischl’s basic ascension material – Brighteye Brew – and 10x Fragile Bone Shard are required for Level 1 Talent materials. To advance her Elemental Skill to the next tier, she will require one more ascension material – Everflame Seed – as well as 20x Shiny Flügel Core for Talent materials.

Fiery Rain: Elemental Burst

Amber’s trademark move is Fiery Rain, also known as Elemental Burst in Genshin Impact. This ability allows her to fire a barrage of arrows that burn nearby foes. It may be used to trigger Pyro reactions such as Melt or Overload, and is an excellent technique to swiftly wipe away big groups of foes.

It can also heal Amber if she has the passive skill “Firestarter” activated.

When used, the Fiery Rain ability provides an initial burst of Pyro DMG and then continues to do damage over time while burning the surrounding opponents. Because the basic Elemental Burst damage is augmented by the character’s attack strength, it is critical that Amber’s equipment be ideally matched to her job for this ability to be most effective.

Amber Passive Talents

Amber is a one-of-a-kind 5-star Cryo polearm user in Genshin Impact, and if properly constructed, she has the potential to become one of the game’s most powerful DPS characters. One of the most important methods to personalize an Amber build is to choose her best passive skills.

The three finest passive skills for Amber are: Cold-Blooded Strike, Icewalker, and Elemental Mastery.

  • Cold-Blooded Strike boosts damage to foes with less than 50% health and improves Amber’s usual attack level by two at ascension 4.
  • Icewalker gives up to 27% resistance to Cryo DMG and decreases stamina consumption by 5 points at Ascension 4.
  • Elemental Mastery adds 15 points to the character’s strength with all elements, including Cryo, by at Ascension 4.

These three passive abilities provide a solid basis for creating an excellent Amber build in Genshin Impact.

Best Amber Builds In Genshin Impact

Amber Constellations

Amber constellations are essential components of any Genshin Impact DPS setup. These constellations have strong active, passive, and ascension effects that boost both damage output and resilience. These so-called “starry boosts” are all centered on the Anemo element, which is specialized for DPS.

Most players will choose to level up their four primary Amber constellations for the greatest results; Vermilion Knight wields the Starfell Sword. Whirlwind Thrust, a three-star film by Klee Fischl received four stars, Boreal Wolf Noelle received five stars, and Celestial Arrowhead: Thundering Fury Amber received five stars.

The following are three more less important but possibly valuable Amber constellations:

  • Mappa Mare
  • Bombardment Beacon
  • Puppets in Peril

Understanding the power of these Constellations is critical for any aspiring DPS main.

Ambers Ascension: Stats And Material Costs

Amber is one of Genshin Impact’s most strong characters, excelling in both offensive and defensive fighting. To optimize Amber’s strength, you must first grasp her ascension metrics and the resources required. This tutorial will provide you an overview of the metrics you should pay attention to while rising Amber, as well as the resources you should acquire or purchase at each level of her ascension.

To begin, it is vital to remember that Amber has five stages of ascension. Before she can be advanced, each tier demands a certain quantity of resources and Adventure Rank EXP points. Amber, for example, takes 1 Teachings of Freedom and 2000 Adventure Rank EXP points to reach level 40 at level 20. Amber also gains permanent stat increases based on her ascension level, so keep this in mind when planning how you want her construct to grow.

It will be time to climb Amber if you have acquired all of the required items and earned enough Adventure Rank EXP points.

The stats you should prioritize while designing your build are:

  • Physical DMG Bonus%
  • Attack%
  • Elemental Mastery%
  • Crit Rate%

The final two will assist enhance your overall damage output, while the first two will particularly raise your Physical Damage production; all four combined create synergy, allowing your build to perform optimally for Amber.

Amber: The Last Outrider: Lore & Ability Showcase

Amber is a 5-Star character in the game Genshin Impact who uses the Cryo Ice Element and is often seen riding her beautiful horse. She tries to rebuild her country and defend its residents as the last Outrider of Fontaine. She is a skilled warrior with polearm weapons, using devastating Cryo strikes to freeze opponents and deliver huge damage.

Her passive skills concentrate on boosting herself and her allies;, but her active abilities encompass single-target damage, crowd management, and area of effect strikes. She may employ elemental reactions such as “Cryo+ Hydro” to temporarily freeze huge numbers of foes.

If you want to make the most of Amber’s flexibility while also increasing your DPS damage per second output in Genshin Impact, then this tutorial will walk you through crafting your Amber setup for optimum performance. Overall, Amber: The Last Outrider is an excellent team member owing to her ability effects, which may bring out the best in other characters in the party.

How to Obtain Amber?

Amber is a 5-star character in Genshin Impact, and she is one of the game’s most flexible and strong characters. Amber may be obtained by rolling her from the gacha banner or purchasing her with Acquaint Fate, which is shared with other 5-Star characters available via the Gacha Banner. To harvest Acquaint Fates, you must participate in Domains and Ley Line Outcrops with your Amber or other five star characters.

Amber must be properly built after she has been gotten and leveled up in order to attain her full potential. This includes arming her with appropriate artifacts and weapons, as well as appropriately employing elemental skill so that she can deliver as much damage as feasible. Finally, spend Constellation levels to boost attributes like attack damage and elemental mastery for even more optimization.

Paimons Bargains

Paimon’s Bargains is a Genshin Impact game skill that can only be employed by Amber, a member of the Adepti group. This ability is unique in that it features a passive enhancement that enhances Amber’s attack speed and damage when she has more than three stacks of Elemental Energy on her.

Amber will want to combine Paimon’s Bargains with other abilities that increase her attack speed and damage to get the most out of it. Scarlet Quartz may be used to obtain a 20% attack speed benefit, while Abyssal Domain can be used to enhance the duration of Elemental Recharges by 20%. Combining these skills with Paimon’s Bargains will allow you to develop a strong DPS build with Amber.

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