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A Guide to Kazuha’s Ascension and Talent Materials in Genshin Impact

Looking to get ahead in Genshin Impact? Then you’ll need to know all about Kazuha’s ascension and talent materials. In this guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know to get Kazuha to the next level. But first things first: who is Kazuha?

Kazuha Overview

Genshin Impact is a popular action role-playing video game that has captured the attention of gamers worldwide.

One of the most sought-after characters in the game is Kazuha, a wanderer who hails from Inazuma. Kazuha is a skilled swordsman who possesses the power to control the wind, and his unique set of skills has made him a fan favorite.

Kazuha Level Up Materials

If you’re looking to level up Kazuha in Genshin Impact, you’ll need to collect a variety of materials. Kazuha’s talent materials are essential for increasing his skills, and you can find them by completing various quests and activities. In addition, you’ll need Kazuha level up materials, which can be obtained by defeating bosses and opening chests.

Kazuha Honey Genshin Impact

One of the most important Kazuha materials in Genshin Impact is Kazuha Honey. This rare item can be found in the wild and is essential for leveling up Kazuha’s talents. Kazuha ascend materials are also crucial for increasing his power, and you can obtain them by defeating bosses and completing certain quests.

To build a strong Kazuha in Genshin Impact, you’ll need to focus on his skills and abilities. A good Genshin Kazuha build will include items that enhance his wind-based attacks and his sword skills. You’ll also need to gather Kazuha talent books, which can be obtained by completing specific quests and activities.

kazuha talent materials

How Old Is Kazuha? (Genshin Impact)

If you’re wondering how old is Kazuha in Genshin Impact, he is 19 years old.

Kazuha Ascension Mats

To ascend Kazuha, you’ll need a variety of materials, including Kazuha ascend material and sea ganoderma. The number of sea ganoderma required varies depending on the ascension level. You can read in more detail below about the particular Kazuha ascension materials.

In conclusion, Kazuha is an exciting character in Genshin Impact, and leveling him up requires a variety of materials and items. Collecting Kazuha genshin impact materials, such as Kazuha talent materials and Kazuha ascend materials, will help you create a powerful Kazuha build. So, get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure and make Kazuha the strongest character in your party!

Kazuhas Ascension: Is It Worth It?

Kazuha Kazuha is the game’s first Samurai and the newest 5-star character in Genshin Impact. She wields an Anemo Sword, making her an essential weapon for confronting difficult monsters or surviving perilous encounters with her high DPS burst damage and crowd control from her accurate genshin impact anemo sub sword attacks.

However, reaching her full potential will need ascension, which will provide her access to additional abilities and enhanced stats. Ascending a character needs a significant amount of resources, which raises the issue of whether it is really worth it?

If you intend on utilizing Ascending Kazuha for challenging stuff or pushing for high scores, she is well worth considering. Ascendant characters have enhanced skills and attributes, making certain missions much easier to complete. As a result, before committing to an ascension, players should carefully examine their available resources.

Ascension materials are often dropped from dungeons, bosses, chests, and domains around the globe of Genshin Impact, so players may begin collecting them while leveling up their characters. Knowing which elements are needed to climb at each step of Kazuha’s growth is also vital in order to save time acquiring them all.

kazuha materials genshin impact

Kazuha Ascension Materials in Genshin Impact

Kazuha is one of five new characters introduced to the Genshin Impact roster with the 1.5 update. Kazuha must rise in order to boost his level and unleash his unique abilities and attacks. Players must gather particular ascension ingredients for him to do so.

There are two types of ascension materials: common ascension materials and character-specific ascension materials. Character-specific resources, on the other hand, are unique to each character and can only be discovered in specified areas or gained by performing specific objectives. Slime Condensate, Whopperflower Nectar, Hoarfrost Core, Crystal Chunk, and Cecilia’s Memory Fragments are the most prevalent Kazuha Ascension Materials. Furthermore, certain region-specific products, such as Sichuan Pepper, may be utilized as substitute upgrades for Kazuha’s ascension levels. Collecting these things will enable players to unlock each of Kazuha’s tiers until he reaches level 90, at which point his entire potential will be revealed.

Kazuha Genshin Impact Ascension Materials: What You Need

Kazuha is a gacha character in Genshin Impact, and his ascension and talent materials are critical to his leveling up. We’ll go through all of the items you’ll need for Kazuha’s ascension and skills in this tutorial. We’ll also explain where you may locate them, how to get them, and give further information regarding Kazuha’s potential.

You will need:

  • Noctilucous Jade
  • Crystal Chunk
  • Pure Diligence Material
  • Mora Genshin Impact money
  • Hero’s Wit obtained through weekly commissions in Mondstadt
  • Character Ascension Materials to advance Kazuha

Some of these goods may be obtained by participating in any boss fight or domain battle. Character Ascension Materials may be obtained as drops from certain bosses or purchased straight from the shop using Mora.

You’ll need Hero’s Wit weekly commissions in Mondstadt, as well as Talent Books relevant to the main character’s weapon type and character level books that match to their current level, for his talent upgrade materials. Talent Books may be be purchased straight from the shop with Mora, while character level books drop at random or can be acquired from merchants placed around Genshin Impact. We hope you find this tutorial useful in obtaining all of Kazuha’s Ascension Materials.

kazuha level up materials

Kazuha Talent Materials

Kazuha’s abilities are the primary means of increasing your character’s strength in Genshin Impact. Kazuha has a unique mix of skills that may be used to a number of scenarios. With each level, each character may climb up to four times and unlock their talent tree. Kazuha may unlock her skills after her first ascension, and they will be accessible to her after she reaches level 40. She will eventually unlock all six levels of her skill tree, as well as two special talents accessible just to her.

Specific goods known as “Ascension Materials” must be obtained in order to ascend Kazuha by fulfilling daily commissions or hunting for them with the proper resources. Ascension Materials are often regional things obtained in the same area where she is, while some may need unique resources from farther distant regions in Teyvat. To make things simpler for players, there is an interactive map within the game that can be utilized to swiftly and simply search down these commodities.

Basic Attack: Garyuu Bladework

Garyū Bladework is Eula’s Basic Attack Talent in Genshin Impact. This Talent is obtained at Adventure Rank 20 and needs three Talent Level-Up Materials as well as three ascension levels to unlock. Garyū Bladework delivers physical damage according on the character’s Strength and adds 2 stacks of ice to opponents when used correctly. Physical RES is lowered for 10 seconds for enemies that are struck. This strike is effective for crowd control as well as chip damage.

Eula’s finest team would be characters that can assist build up combos or employ crowd control skills while she performs her basic attack at close range. Other characters with healing and support skills might also be introduced to make the squad stronger overall. Players will be able to use all of Eula’s entire potential while performing her Basic Attack: Garyū Bladework with this team composition.

kazuha honey genshin impact

Chihayaburu Elemental Skill

Eula’s Chihayaburu Elemental Skill generates a strong cutting strike that does damage to adjacent foes while also applying the ‘Frostflower’ effect. For 12 seconds, this effect enhances Eula’s attack by a percentage, stacking up to 5 times.

The greatest Eula team should include players whose elements may produce Frostflower responses, since these reactions can be significant tools for building up combinations and enhancing Eula’s damage output. A squad comprised of Cyro, Hydro, and Anemo is perfect.

  • Cyro characters, such as Kaeya or Mona, have the ability to freeze foes in place, whilst Hydro characters, such as Amber or Diona, may utilize their elemental talents to apply the Swirl response to frozen enemies while boosting Eula’s assaults.
  • Having an Anemo character on the squad, such as Jean, also enables you to set up Vacuum blades with Eula’s Frostflower effects.

Kazuha Slash Elemental Burst

Kazuha’s Elemental Burst, also known as “Kazuha Slash,” is a devastating AoE strike that does Physical Damage and causes shockwaves to all foes in the area. This burst is compatible with all five of Kazuha’s elements, enabling players to flip between them during fight and employ the optimal element for each occasion.

Dragon Fang is the most significant talent resource for Kazuha, which may be obtained against Lv. 20 or above elite adversaries or through daily commissions. It is utilized to activate Kazuha’s last ascension level and his Elemental Burst ability.

Other talent supplies include:

  • Whopperflower nectar, which can be collected by fighting Hydro Slimes;
  • Silksong Threads, which are dropped by defeated slimes in the Dragonspine area; and
  • While employing a Geo element character in your squad, the Geo Hypostasis Nameless Treasure Talent Material may drop from any regular enemy in the Liyue or Dragonspine areas.

how old is kazuha genshin impact

Kazuha Passive Talents

Passive Talents are a crucial aspect of Chongyun’s squad formation in Genshin Impact. These are special powers found on weapons and characters that provide benefits to their users. Passive Talent benefits may offer an additional edge of power to your character’s build, so make sure you select the greatest ones for your build.

Chongyun already possesses two five-star passive skills, Guardian of Clouds and Pressure Point: Frost. When Chongyun is the sole character on the field, Guardian of Clouds offers a 20% boost in Elemental DMG and a 10% increase in Physical DMG. Frost boosts Elemental Mastery by 86 every time a Normal Attack strikes an opponent, up to 4 times every 15 seconds. When fully developed, this skill grants Chongyun 344 extra Elemental Mastery.

Other useful Passive Talents for Chongyun include:

  • Arcane Awakening, which raises Resistance by 24%,
  • Sha Vials, which boosts damage by 12% against foes with less than 30% HP.

All of these abilities combined may offer Chongyun a significant advantage in combat.

Cloud Strider Utility Passive

Cloud Strider Utility Passive is one of Kazuha’s five passive abilities in Genshin Impact. This passive ability boosts Kazuha’s movement speed by 12/14/16/18/20%, enabling him to maneuver across the Genshin Impact map more swiftly.

Cloud Strider Utility Passive can be obtained in Genshin Impact by spending Talent Materials on his ascension level. To do so, go to the Character tab on the left side of the screen and utilize Talent Materials to raise Kazuha to Ascension Level 4. This passive ability, if obtained, will significantly increase your character’s speed anytime it is active.

Cloud Strider Utility Passive raises Kazuha’s stamina regeneration rate by 4% when sprinting and 6% while gliding, in addition to improving movement speed. This helps him to traverse more territory than other characters and better use his elemental abilities.

Kazuha Talent Materials

Kazuha Talent Resources are unique materials required to unlock new abilities for Kazuha in Genshin Impact. These resources are often difficult to get and may be obtained from a number of sources, including world bosses, things purchased with primogems, chests discovered while traveling the globe, battle rewards, and more. You will need appropriate Talent Materials to unlock additional skills for Kazuha’s five-star ascent.

The following Talent Materials are required:

  • Crystal Chunks – may be obtained as World Boss drops or via Ley Line bloom tasks, or they can be bought with Primogems from Mondstadt’s Adventurer’s Guild.
  • Glaze Lilies – may also be discovered as World Boss drops or in chests near ruins.
  • Mystic Enhancement Ores – may be earned by killing Elite opponents.
  • Divining Scroll Fragments – must be obtained via excursions into Teyvat’s wilds or bought from shopkeeper Katheryne in Mondstadt.

Collecting these Talent Materials is necessary for Kazuha to unleash all of her ascension abilities.

genshin kazuha build

How To Obtain Kazuhas Talent Upgrade Materials?

Kazuha is a formidable swordsman with a variety of fascinating skills and one of the selectable characters in Genshin Impact. He lives in Liyue and is a member of the Harbinger faction. He must gather talent upgrading materials in order to further improve his skill and unlock new abilities.

Completing certain activities, such as daily, archon quests, or certain domains, yields talent upgrade resources. They may also be gained as a drop from select monsters or as a prize for participation in events such as bounties or bosses.

  • Fey Flowers gained from domains,
  • Mysterious Stone Monuments earned by beating elite opponents,
  • Slime Condensates obtained via daily commissions

are some examples of skill upgrading materials. Obtaining these resources and feeding them to Kazuha’s talent node will progressively raise the player’s strength and, eventually, unleash his full potential.

Which Talent To Upgrade First? A Detailed Overview

Kazuha, a five-star character from the Genshin Impact world, with a diverse set of abilities that may be enhanced with the use of Talent Materials. There are various considerations to consider while picking which Talent to enhance first. Finally, it comes down to the playstyle and objectives you have in mind for Kazuha, as well as which Talent will assist you the most in your fights and excursions.

Sharpened Blades and Conquering Tide should be your top goals if you want to concentrate on her power as an attacker. These two boost Kazuha’s critical damage and attack power, respectively, making her a more formidable melee warrior. If you want Kazuha to be more robust in combat, she should concentrate on improving Tenacity of The Millelith, which improves her HP and Pyro RES by up to 37%. Absolute Reasoning boosts dodge rate, while Reflection of Doom delivers a 30% increase in regular strike damage.

Finally, the ultimate choice is up to you as the player, based on your preferred playstyle. Consider these factors carefully while improving Kazuha’s Talents to make her one of the best builds and an even more strong character. capable of facing any challenge.


When it comes to improving their characters in Genshin Impact, players have various possibilities. Players now have another character to improve with their hard-earned resources, thanks to the addition of Kazuha in the 1.3 update. This article will offer a summary of Kazuha’s ascension and talent material needs, assisting players in deciding which talents or ascensions to improve first.

A set quantity of EXP and specified resources must be earned at each ascension level up to level 90 while ascending a character in Genshin Impact. With Kazuha, however, just EXP is necessary for every ascension level from 1 to 90. Once all required EXP is earned beginning with Level 1, the player will be able to advance the character to their maximum level at that time.

Some characters, in addition to ascension materials, need Skill Materials for talent upgrades. Talent upgrades may result in higher stats and unique benefits that help distinguish characters and enable new options for players to approach battle situations in Genshin Impact. There are four distinct Talent Materials needed for Kazuha:

  • Windsong Lyre × 4
  • Nameless Treasure × 2
  • Lightpowder × 4
  • Anemo Sigil × 10

Mastery & Elemental Resonance

In Genshin Impact, Kazuha is one of several characters. Players must advance and improve him to the ultimate degree of power. Players must gather necessary ascension energy and talent materials in order to ascend and enhance Kazuha. This article will detail the many levels of Kazuha’s ascension material locations, costs, and whether or not they can be farmed. It will also explain which elemental resonances should be exploited to enhance his battle efficiency.

Ascension materials are classified into numerous levels, ranging from ordinary 1-star to legendary 6-star The kazuha viridescent venerers determination noblesse oblige emblem is a symbol of the hard work and dedication required to acquire materials from all around the globe, with various suppliers offering varying quantity and quality of ascension gear. Farming these goods can be a great way to save money while still gaining strength quickly.

Meanwhile, elemental resonance Understanding which element is ideal for Kazuha and which dps swirl support best weapons to use is a matter of personal opinion, since each has unique strengths and limitations that may favor various playstyles. It is critical to activating strong strikes such as launching a lightning storm on adversaries or grounding them by laying an electro-charged puddle under their feet when employing water elemental skills.

kazuha ascension mats

Team Synergy

When it comes to choosing the perfect squad for Bennett in Genshin Impact, Team Synergy is crucial. A successful team should have a great synergy between the characters and their abilities in order to build up combos and deliver additional damage effectively.

Bennett, for example, has an Elemental Skill that turns foes into Anemo crystals. He also has an Anemo Elemental Burst, which does Wind elemental damage to adjacent opponents. Characters like Venti, who provides continual support with his Elemental Burst, synergize well with Bennett’s kit, allowing him to build up his abilities more effectively and deliver more damage.

A good team chemistry is required while assembling the strongest squad for Bennett and assuring the greatest outcomes in combat.

Additional Factors

There are a few other considerations to consider while deciding on the appropriate team for Bennett. There are additional factors to examine apart from his fundamental strengths and limitations. Some of these factors include:

  • How effectively Bennett’s abilities fit into the entire team composition.
  • How well he synergizes with other characters on your team.
  • The overall speed of your team, since Bennett’s regular attack has a longer animation.

It is ultimately up to you to choose which combination will be most beneficial for your party. However, by taking into consideration all of these aspects, as well as Kazuha’s ascension and talent materials in Genshin Impact, you should have no trouble creating the ideal team for Bennett.

Genshin Takeaway

In Genshin Impact, Takeaway is a crucial element of Kazuha’s Ascension and Talent Materials. Players may acquire material things such as Character Exp, Mora, and Crystals from killed foes or treasure boxes in Takeaway. This enables them to be utilized for character advancement and skill leveling, enabling players to increase the strength of their characters and make them more powerful.

Takeaway materials may also be used to refine goods and unlock characters’ special abilities. Takeaway is an excellent tool for players who want to advance swiftly in the game and increase their power levels. On Genshin Impact’s official website, players may learn more about Takeaways and how it relates to Kazuha’s Ascension Materials.

genshin kazuha build

Kazuha Talent Materials: Summary

Genshin Impact has become one of the most popular action role-playing games in recent years. One of the new characters in the game is Kazuha, a wandering samurai with unique abilities. As players progress through the game, they need to level up and upgrade their characters to keep up with the increasing difficulty of the game.

To level up Kazuha, players need to obtain the appropriate kazuha level up material, which can be found by farming specific materials. Additionally, players need to gather kazuha upgrade materials, which are required to upgrade his skills and abilities.

Players can also use the parametric transformer to convert certain materials into others, but it’s important to note that there is a cooldown period before it can be used again. The cooldown period is often referred to as the cd of the parametric transformer.

To ascend Kazuha, players can follow the kazuha ascension guide and gather the necessary genshin kazuha ascension materials. These materials can be found by completing certain quests, defeating enemies, or opening treasure chests. A kazuha materials guide is also available to help players find the necessary materials.

One of the unique features of Kazuha is a welcome surprise for players who wonder how to unlock lumenstone potential. This requires a certain amount of sea ganoderma, which players can farm by exploring the game world. Kazuha’s skills and passive talents can be found on the kazuha wiki genshin impact page.

To ascend Kazuha, players need kazuha build materials, which can be found by farming specific materials. Players also need kazuha leveling materials to level up Kazuha’s talents and abilities. A kazuha preparation guide can help players gather the necessary materials.

In summary, to level up and upgrade Kazuha in Genshin Impact, players need to gather specific kazuha level up material and kazuha upgrade materials. Ascending Kazuha requires players to gather genshin kazuha ascension materials and sea ganoderma to unlock the potential of the lumenstone. A kazuha materials guide and kazuha preparation guide can assist players in gathering the necessary materials, and the kazuha wiki genshin impact page provides information on Kazuha’s skills and passive talents.

Genshin Impact Kazuha Guide: Ascension Materials - Talent Materials

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