Genshin Impact: Building the Best Albedo Support with Weapons and Art

Genshin Impact offers a lot of different playstyles with its many characters. In this guide, we’re focusing on Albedo and how to make him the best support possible with the right weapons and artifacts.

Who Is Albedo In Genshin Impact?

Albedo is a character in miHoYo’s open-world role-playing game Genshin Impact. Albedo is a Geo Archon and the Captain of the Investigation Team. He is the Knights of Favonius’ primary alchemist. He has a positive yet serious manner and deeply believes in justice and honor.

Albedo is a skilled Hydro elemental user who specializes in mid-to-long range battle from a distance and with his unique protective skills. Albedo is one of the most powerful supports in Genshin Impact; because to his strong Hydro powers and supporting Talent Tree. As such, he may be utilized to heal teammates and create useful shields to defend them from enemy strikes.

Players may choose to invest in four star weapons and artifacts such as Wolf’s Gravestone or Lost Prayer To The Sacred Winds to increase his damage output even further.

Best Albedo Builds In Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact, Albedo is a 5-star Geo catalyst user from the country of Mondstadt. He’s a skilled alchemist who can make strong weapons and artifacts to aid other adventurers and destroy adversaries. His trademark weapon, a catalyst called the Replica Rod, grants him control of Geo energy, which he may employ offensively or defensively.

To maximize Albedo’s value for your squad, you must have the correct mix of weapons and artifacts available for him to employ. The optimal Albedo build emphasizes on increasing his Geo damage output while also boosting defensive attributes such as health and shield.

The ideal weapon options for Albedo include:

  • Skyward Atlas or Lost Prayer to Heaven catalysts, which both boost Albedo’s Elemental Skill damage.

Artifact sets such as Noblesse Oblige and Gladiatorial Finale are also excellent alternatives since they provide Albedo with additional Elemental Skill damage as well as advantages such as improved attack speed, physical damage mitigation, and critical rate.

Using two pieces of Exile armor will further increase Albedo’s Geo damage output by lowering opponent resistance to it.

Best Weapons On Albedo

Best Weapons On Albedo is a Genshin Impact build that focuses on giving Bennett the best. Bennett has Cryo elemental damage and is classified as a support character. This build will concentrate on the suggested weapons and artifacts to optimize his utility as a Cryo Support Character.

Albedo’s finest weapon will be either the Aquila Favonia or the Favonius Greatsword. Aquila Favonia is the big hitter, increasing his CRIT Rate by 20% and granting him a 5 times damage boost while employing charged attacks. The Favonius Greatsword improves his Energy Recharge by 20%, enabling for additional usage of Elemental Burst throughout combat.

Noblesse Oblige or Archaic Petra are the finest artifact sets for Albedo. Noblesse Oblige raises all party members’ Elemental Damage by 15%, while Archaic Petra enhances Albedo’s Base HP by 25%. Both sets are excellent alternatives for improving all party members’ fighting skills and increasing Albedo’s staying power as a support character.

Best Artifacts On Albedo

Artifacts play a significant part in maximizing Albedo’s potential. This article offers the finest artifact set for Albedo, which includes two 4-piece sets, one 2-piece set, and a few potent single artifacts.

  • Gladiator’s Finale and Viridescent Venerer are the two 4-piece sets; the former is eventually more potent but more expensive, while the latter is less expensive and easier to get. Both 4-pieces considerably improve Albedo’s physical damage output while also delivering various advantages depending on which parts are selected.
  • Furthermore, the Lavawalker outfit is commonly utilized on any Anemo character since it considerably increases Energy Recharge while also offering additional perks.
  • Finally, owing to their tremendous potency in boosting Albedo’s performance in combat, single artifacts such as Retracing Bolide and Heart of Depth are excellent selections.

Whats The Best Team For Albedo?

Albedo is one of the most adaptable characters in Genshin Impact, capable of both support and damaging roles. When assembling the greatest Albedo support team with the appropriate weapons and artifacts, consider his strengths and limitations when picking team members. Albedo is best played as a support character due to his kit, which includes crowd control, healing, and shields. He is also highly tanky due to his S1 shield, as well as possessing strong elemental mastery, allowing him to deal out Elemental Reactions on foes such as Vaporize or Melt.

When it comes to Albedo team members, you should prioritize characters that can give extra crowd control or healing. Characters like Amber and Xinyan are strong supporters of Albedo due to their capacity to administer Pyro status effects and offer crowd control from a distance. Diluc may be combined with Albedo for further Elemental Mastery buffs, whilst Venti can be utilized for his huge AoE heals or shields. Finally, Tartaglia works well with Albedo’s shield abilities and does extremely high AoE damage over time.


Zhongli is one of the greatest support characters in Genshin Impact. He is a Geo energy character that can deal significant damage and debuffs to adjacent adversaries.

Dominus Lapidis’s passive Elemental Skill, “Inflicts severe Geo damage as well as a 30% ATK loss on opponents inside the AoE. It also increases their Elemental DMG by 5%. When his current Elemental Skill Advent of Frost is activatedWhen this spell is cast, it reduces the damage caused by nearby opponents by 10%.”

Unlike other characters, Zhongli has two distinct weapons, making him an excellent overall support character. One is named The Skyward Scepter, and it grants him an extra 15% Geo DMG boost. The second weapon, Wolf’s Gravestone, grants him an additional 24% CRIT DMG boost as well as a 15%-20% bonus CRIT Rate on successful strikes. He also has two artifacts that boost his DPS and give extra elemental benefits. These are the sets Noblesse Oblige and Gladiator’s Finale.

Overall, Zhongli is an all-around strong support character that can handle several duties, such as crowd management and damage dealing, in a single package. If you want to develop a strong Albedo support squad around Zhongli, then improving his weapons and artifacts should be your first goal.


Genshin Impact players who want to construct the greatest Albedo Support should prioritize weapon and art talent upgrades. Each of his weapons, the Staff of Homa and the Favonius Sword, has its own set of active, passive, and secondary effects. They will get more stronger as you enhance them with Mora. With his Art Talents, Albedo can channel elemental force into a variety of potent benefits and debuffs. These include enhancing the damage done by his attacks and lowering the damage done by hostile strikes.

Investing in improving all of Albedo’s weapon and art abilities is critical to guaranteeing he’ll be a valuable member of your squad in Genshin Impact.


Albedo from Genshin Impact is one of the game’s most distinctive characters, with a great amount of customization accessible. Bennett’s ideal team begins with Albedo as his support character, since he has high elemental damage capabilities and works well with Bennett’s weaponry and art.

After that, think about which weapons and artifacts are ideal for Albedo. When combined with a two-set Skyward Harp or Dark Iron Sword, the Wolf’s Gravestone considerably boosts Albedo’s Elemental Mastery and provides him with more HP to work with. An artifact set like Resolution Of Sojourner may raise elemental damage output by 50%, while Vitality of Renewal is specifically designed to improve Albedo’s healing skills.

Finally, assembling a squad that complements Bennett is critical to make the most of Genshin Impact’s formidable support character.


In Genshin Impact, Noelle is the perfect choice for the best team-up with Bennett. This water-tuned character specializes in shield-bearing and provides a variety of assistance to her friends.

Noble Millennium Blades, Noelle’s Elemental Burst, enabling her to construct a massive barrier that not only shields Bennett but all other friends in its area. This barrier can absorb up to 500% of Noelle’s Max HP for 30 seconds, significantly increasing Bennett’s durability and rendering him almost invulnerable.

Noelle also offers offensive assistance with her Elemental Skill, which delivers a 12% ATK boost and an Elemental Burst Skill, which enhances the Normal and Charged Attack DMG of all party members by 20%. With these skills, Noelle is an excellent addition to any Bennett squad, as she can give both defensive and attacking talents.

Albedo: Ability Rundown

In the popular Genshin Impact game, Albedo is a five-star character. Geo is his major element, and he is a supporting character. His utilization of Geo components lets him to excel in crowd control, shielding, and damage, which may be quite valuable in a team composition. Albedo also has access to a range of utility talents, which may help him be more successful in specific scenarios.

When putting up a good Albedo support setup, take into account not just his elemental talents, but also the weapons and artifacts he should use. Weapons are vital in ensuring that Albedo’s abilities strike hard and proc frequently; depending on how the build is configured, certain weapons may even trigger strong Elemental Reactions when combined with appropriate Elemental Skill or Burst options. Using Artifacts also aids Albedo’s overall effectiveness by providing regular buffs and stat boosts – both inside and outside of combat – to guarantee that his team members are constantly topped up and ready to go.

Basic Attack: Favonius Bladework Weiss

In the Genshin Impact game, Favonius Bladework Weiss is a basic attack passive skill accessible to Albedo. This passive skill enhances the damage of all Weapon Skills and Albedo’s Normal Attack damage with each strike in a weapons combo. Albedo’s Normal Attack and Weapon Skills gain strength with each hit.

After four consecutive strikes, a crystalized sword will appear and strike foes, causing extra damage. This effect may be activated up to five times every ten seconds. The extra strength for the crystalized swords will be equivalent to the fourth strike of his combo attack, making it an incredibly useful talent for Albedo in fight.

Abiogenesis: Solar Isotoma Elemental Skill

In the game Genshin Impact, Albedo’s Elemental Skill is Abiogenesis: Solar Isotoma. It generates a crystal at Albedo’s current position that, after 1 second, releases a gust of wind that deals Anemo DMG to adjacent opponents and gives AoE Hydro/—/Anemo-mix elemental absorption. The talent has an ATK Bonus of 60% at max level and may launch three times each cast. When thrown, it also leaves a 2 second energy trail that dazes opponents around. Furthermore, if Albedo is within range when the skill is used again, it boosts his DEF by 10% for 10 seconds.

This talent is crucial for players wishing to build around Albedo as a support role or off-tank, since it not only does continuous AoE damage, but it also delivers significant damage absorption that keeps him safe while doing massive amounts of damage to opponents.

Rite of Progeniture: Tectonic Tide Elemental Burst

The Rite of Progeniture: Tectonic Tide Elemental Burst is a unique elemental ability accessible to the Albedo character in the video game Genshin Impact. Albedo may use this strong talent to create a circular area of effect in front of him and deliver elemental damage to adjacent foes. Furthermore, the Tectonic Tide has a chance to leave behind an ore field, which grants a temporary bonus to Albedo and his troops.

When playing as Albedo, players may utilize Amiibos to get extra benefits when utilizing the Elemental Burst ability. Characters may acquire more attack power, quicker cooldowns, and even increase the quantity of ore fields left behind while utilizing Tectonic Tide by donning Amiibo weaponry. When utilizing this ability, players may get additional Health Points (HP) and higher Elemental Mastery benefits for their whole team by donning an Amiibo artifact set. Using these items together dramatically improves Albedo’s fighting effectiveness in Genshin Impact.

Albedo Passive Talents

One of the most important aspects to consider when creating a superb Albedo support is his passive abilities. Albedo’s passive abilities are classified as Support and Leader. His Support Talents increase elemental damage, while his Leader Talents increase damage and critical hit rate, depending on the element Albedo is utilizing.

Albedo’s passive skill known as Geo Traveler, in particular, boosts his speed while seeking geo crystals. This allows him to discover and gather them more quickly during fight. Furthermore, it enhances the quantity of Crystalline Reaction in his area, providing your squad with even greater elemental mastery advantages while utilizing Geo abilities within range.

Albedo’s passive powers make him an excellent pick for any Geo-based aspects in Genshin Impact. His abilities make him not only a competent fighter, but also a superb supporter of your party members, assisting them in reaching their full battle potential.

Albedo Constellations

Albedo Constellations are exceptional bonuses discovered in Genshin Impact that provide the character’s attributes a huge boost. These benefits might take the shape of increased attack damage or the inclusion of a whole new effect or power.

There are various Albedo Constellations available, which you may get by equipping certain weapons and artifacts on your character. Certain weapons and artifacts provide access to certain constellations, while others need the use of rare resources such as Hero’s Wit or Teachings of Ballads to be unlocked.

Building a strong support position in Genshin Impact requires a decent build using Albedo Constellations. Building around Albedo with the correct gear will allow you to make the most of your support characters, making them a vital element of any team comp.

Albedos Ascension: Stats And Material Costs

Albedo’s Ascension is an important aspect of Genshin Impact, since it enables players to level up the character Albedo, an alchemist and one of the game’s most powerful characters. Players are charged with gathering ascension ingredients in order to ascend Albedo. To advance to the next level, players must acquire an increasing quantity of resources and spend an increasing amount of Mora, the game’s money.

The players must gather several sorts of ascension material such as:

  • Hero’s Wit
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore
  • Crystal Chunk
  • Treasure Hoarder Insignia
  • Firm Arrowhead
  • and many more.

The cost and scarcity of each material differ. To get all of the elements required for Albedo’s Ascension, players must labor hard and plan. Additionally, while ascending Albedo, players should consider the stats that will be enhanced or unlocked. Attack damage, HP regeneration rate, energy recharge rate, and other factors are included. Players may design their ideal support system with weapons and artifacts that match their squad composition by knowing these numbers and earning enough material for Albedo’s ascent.

Albedo: Contemplation in Chalk: Lore & Ability Showcase

Albedo is one of five playable characters in the free-to-play action role-playing game Genshin Impact. His story starts with his boyhood pal Klee. Albedo, who was born in Mondstadt, the city of knowledge and culture, is renowned as the “mystery alchemist,” and he often wears white chalkboard sleeves that display his different exploits.

He is an alchemist who is skilled in concocting potions and other concoctions. Albedo is also an expert in cryo-elemental fighting and creation magic. He fights foes and bosses using both Cryo and Geo elements, often mixing them to produce strong effects such as delaying adversaries or covering land with reactive ice or stone barriers. He also has a big sword with him, which he employs for physical strikes.

Albedo is not only a skilled warrior, but he also knows a lot about old wisdom and can comprehend the ancient language inscribed on ancient artifacts. He has discovered secrets about the world’s past via his studies, which he will reveal with players during their adventure. Finally, Albedo may be developed into a strong support character in Genshin Impact using a mix of weapons and artifacts that best fit him while still enabling him to employ his particular abilities efficiently.

How to Obtain Albedo?

In Genshin Impact, Albedo is a 5-star character and one of the key characters in Liyue. He is the leader of the Noble House’s Investigation Team and an adeptus alchemist. Albedo is an excellent support character that can help your team’s damage output in combat. He specializes in sword strikes and has several elemental talents that are related to water, as well as a geo shield ability that may aid defend your group during conflicts.

Albedo may be obtained by collecting 40 Primogems from killed opponents or via exploration, events, login bonuses, and wishes. To get him, you must also buy a “Venti’s Last Wish” Banner from the shop for 1000 Primogems or 680 Genesis Crystals. You may unlock Albedo after you have gathered enough resources.


Finally, Albedo should be one of the first characters players consider while assembling their Genshin Impact squad. He’s a must-have for any squad because to his inherent support talents and diverse weapon choices.

Players will desire to get the Festering Desire sword due to its high damage output and elemental skill. The Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern artifacts are also excellent picks since they give additional energy recovery and attack benefits, respectively, making Albedo a vital member of any squad.

With so many alternatives, Albedo is an excellent pick for anybody wishing to bolster their Genshin Impact squad.

Genshin Impact Best Albedo Support Build Guide: Weapons - Artifacts

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