FAQs on Internet Speeds – What Speed do You Need

Nowadays, we live in a digital world where everything is found to be digitalized. Everything has become smart enough, such as smart TV, smart home, and many other things. All these smart appliances are using the internet service for functioning, so it becomes very important to have a good internet speed at your home. A good download speed of at least 25 Mbps is an essential thing, and an upload speed of 3Mbps is found to be a good internet speed. Some people get away with the fewer Mbps, whereas others need more internet speed, but the good internet speed is 3Mbps and 25 Mbps. 

The internet speeds are usually given in terms of the download speed; for example, if you are planning to have the recommended internet speed of 25Mbps for download and 3Mbps for upload, then it would be simple enough to have the 25Mbps speed of internet service. With this recommended internet speed now, you can watch the movies on YouTube, and Netflix, play most online games, and attend zoom meetings. If this does not seem to be a good internet speed, then you can just make use of the tool to get a personalized recommendation of your home or office internet speed, or you can also calculate the internet speed that you need. In underdeveloped countries, the lack of access to the internet prevents people from accessing vital services and connecting with the world at large. Additionally, inadequate infrastructure and limited resources can create roadblocks for providing internet access, but that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to find good internet for rural areas in some parts of the world.

Most Appropriate Internet Speed for Playing The Online Games 

Online gaming is found to be one of the most important activities which a huge number of people do in order to kill their boredom. Also, this is found to be the one and only activity that requires the fast upload speed. This is because the actions and the game loading that you perform in the game are being uploaded to the server for other players to view and communicate with you. So, you will require a minimum internet speed of 4-8Mbps if nobody is using your bandwidth at home or office. Unfortunately, the slower internet plans will affect the upload speed, so you would need a consistent good network speed to experience the feel of the game. 

If you are the only one at your home, then 25Mbps of internet speed is enough and recommended for having the smooth gamin. However, speed is not the only factor that matters in gaming; latency and ping also play an important role as well in the internet speed while gaming. So, it is your responsibility to check other network devices’ performance and their functionality while playing the games online. 

What is Meant by Fast Internet?

The fast internet is a connection with the speed of 100Mbps. In which the FCC (Federal communication commission) defines that high-speed or broadband internet should provide a minimum of 25Mbps download speed and 3Mbps upload speed of internet. Also, it has been recommended this download and upload internet speed be of good internet speed. But now, this is not considered the fast internet speed as many of the internet service providers are now providing the 100Mbps speeds of internet service on basic level plans. 

With the 100Mbps of speed, you can do plenty of the things where it is found to be sufficient internet speed for many people. Also, with this internet speed now, you can connect five devices to the same network. You will not be facing any kind of buffering and stuttering, and other kinds of delay while watching the movies where the internet connection will be uninterrupted with this 100Mbps of speed. 

How to Calculate The Internet Speed That You Require at Your Home or Office?

The requirement of internet speed generally depends on the two main things, namely.

  • How you use the internet service
  • How many people are currently using the internet service?

Generally, different online activities require different amounts of bandwidth to function. When you are watching an HD quality movie online then, it requires a large amount of data compared to watching the movie in low resolution. The bandwidth and internet speed are found to be interchangeable factors, but they are not exactly found to be the same thing. 

For example, if the internet is a road, then data are considered as the cars where the speed is determined by how fast the car travels, and bandwidth is termed as the number of open lanes on the road. So, if you have 100 data cars going at the same speed, then you will be getting a fast internet speed. Else, the speed of the internet will be below. 

Why Does The Internet Speed Gets Vary as Per Location?

The main reason behind the variation of the internet speed as per the location is nothing but the bandwidth and number of users gets to keep on changing from one location to another, so the internet speed also gets changes. Moreover, each and every location of people will be performing different kinds of activities online where all these activities will use a high amount of internet speed. 

The change in online activities reflects the speed of the internet. Based on the number of users and their online activities, the network speed gets changed, but at the same time, when there is a greater number of network antenna transmitters and receivers available, then a huge number of users can access the internet at the same speed.

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