What Are The Guidelines for Completing and Using a CMR Waybill

Being one of the essential documents in international cargo transportation, it is important that you learn how to fill the CMR waybill. This document should be filled according to the CMR Convention guidelines. In this article, we will highlight the characteristics of the CMR waybill and the requirements for filling and using this document.

Characteristics of the CMR Waybill

Here are the characteristics of the CMR waybill:


CMR waybills are standard in all countries that have ratified the CMR protocol. This means that you will use the same CMR document when exporting goods from Germany, Belgium, Tunisia, or any other CMR-ratified state. The document is also available in three languages.


The CMR waybill is not a negotiable instrument. All concerned parties must obtain and sign the document for the goods to be commercially transported internationally via road. The carrier must have the CMR waybill at all times during transit.


Article 4 of the CMR convention stipulates that the CMR waybill remains valid in the event of damage, loss, or absence of merchandise. It does not expire.

Rights Reservation

The carrier reserves the right to refuse to transport the merchandise if the CMR waybill is not completed and signed by the concerned parties. The consignor and consignee can also withdraw the delivery of the goods at any time during transit. The CMR waybill is not a document of title. It does not imply or declare ownership of the goods.

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Guidelines for Filling and Handling the CMR Waybill

CMR waybills should be prepared and issued by the carrier in four copies, each assigned a specific color code. The red copy is for the consignor, blue for the consignee, green for the carriage company, and black for administrative purposes.

The consignor should fill in all essential details on the CMR document before the consignment begins. The carrier can also fill in the form on the consignor’s behalf, but the consignor shall remain responsible for the accuracy of the information.

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The carriage company must travel with the CMR document and issue it to the consignee for signing on arrival. The transit process is considered complete after all parties sign the CMR waybill.

Final Thoughts

The CMR waybill should be completed and handled as per CMR Convention. This document is standard in all CMR-ratified countries and is a non-negotiable instrument. The carrier must hold the document when transporting goods by road and across international borders, where at least one country is a signatory to the CMR Convention.

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