What Are The Biggest Online Industries In 2022?

The Internet has taken the world by storm, whether in our daily lives, education, or even the giant industries. So what are the Biggest Online industries in 2022!?


This one should be a no-brainer. We’ve all heard the stories of the mega $100 billion fast fashion store shein and its recent success. It’s not a one-off; there are plenty of new stores merging up as well as big brands joining and constantly evolving the industry. E-commerce has made shopping super convenient to do our shopping. Especially during recent pandemic times, many of us had to resort to e-commerce for even our groceries.

It should also be said that the internet and mobile devices have also greatly impacted the rise of online shopping!

Sports Betting

Sports betting and the Igaming industry have risen to great heights in 2022. Mobile devices, multiple payment methods, and enticing bonuses and promotions have all led to a directory of new online betting providers constantly joining the online world. Since you can now bet while on the go or even while the game is live, sports betting has become easier and more convenient for punters. No list will be complete without mentioning this gigantic online industry.

Social Media

Sites like Facebook have recently been sued for a $90 Millions Class action settlement, but that hasn’t stopped users from using social media platforms. As a matter of fact, Social media has been on the rise. In fact, data shows that social media platforms have been steadily growing by 10% each year. Again the movement is probably due to smartphones and tablets as well as access to high-speed internet.

Search Engines

Search Engines power the internet, so it’s no surprise that with the increase in internet use, search engines’ popularity has also risen. Search engines are our chosen saviors when it comes to finding anything on the web, be it gambling sites, Netflix, or homework research.

Entertainment Industry

As more and more people get attached to the online world, many of our favorite sources of entertainment have also found their way online. If you want to watch a movie or series 9/10, you’re going to use a streaming service, listen to music, and you’ll hit up Spotify or Apple music. Even to watch out for favorite sports, most of us use the online streaming service since it’s always easy on us, even when on the go, and efficient.

The music industry, in particular, has gone mostly digital, with very few new artists reeling cd or vinyl versions of their music. For the most part, you either stream the service or buy it online and download the song/album onto your device.


Today most of the advertising is done online. Although advertisers still use local forms of marketing such as posters, billboards, and television, much of the advertising today is done online. Whether through social media influencers or video ads, this mode of advertising is mostly done online. Advertising online has given many the opportunity to reach out to a number of potential clients for relatively cheap in comparison with more traditional advertising methods. Before the internet was a thing, advertising would mean getting a designer, a printing press, and of course, man-hours handing out posters or paying a nice sum to be on a billboard or television.

Today advertising can also be done for free, except many experts will say this form of advertising is only relevant when newer social media platforms make it to the sea. Social media grannies like Facebook offer very little to users looking to advertise organically without boosting posts.


Yes, blogging has been a massive hit ever since it first became a thing on the internet. Blogging is a great way for users to connect with other people and later fans. Blogging success will heavily depend on the market of choice, but pick the right niche, and you could be looking at quite the successful journey. Bloggers are the official online influencers, and today many bloggers are, in fact, social influencers and or do product reviews.

Like many industries, blogging comes with its own tips and tricks for success. For the most part, many of the massive blogging companies have huge SEO experts going through said blogs to add keywords in hopes of increasing website rankings. Blogging also makes use of several of the industries in this list for its success, including streaming services, the entertainment industry, social media, and e-commerce.


Just like Pope Francis is not retiring, the internet doesn’t seem to be slowing down. In fact, the internet is constantly growing into what one day will be called the metaverse, where humans have even enjoyed a life digitally, but that’s all for debate and another article. It’s clear many industries have benefited from the internet and will continue to do so.

Jess Shaver
Jess Shaver
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