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Vivo offers mega deals on Daraz Mobile Week 2021 –

Daraz is the first ever mobile payment platform in the country and it is focused solely on mobile phones. It is a one-stop shop for all your mobile payments needs. To celebrate its one year anniversary, it has decided to bring back its popular Daraz Mobile Week, and has made mega deals available across its entire range of products.

We already know about Vivo’s obsession with gaming and it seems that the Taiwanese company is not ready to quit. With the help of its own real-time streaming service, the company will offer you a chance to win a Vivo phone you won’t be able to buy, merely by playing a game on the platform that Vivo is developing, called “VivoStream”.

Vivo, in partnership with, has announced some great offers for its customers during Mobile Week 2021. From the age of 16. On June 20, 2021, customers can participate in a virtual sale and purchase Vivo smartphones with various gifts. Vivo, one of the leading smartphone brands in Pakistan, offers premium gifts like original QCY headphones and an insulated bottle with Vivo logo. The brand offers many more freebies when you purchase its best-selling smartphone models. Fans of the brand can also take advantage of great deals on Vivo devices through the Mega Deal Basket exclusively at Vivo’s flagship store at The company is also offering its customers the best-selling Vivo Y20 smartphone. To participate in the draw, customers must participate in the Mission Possible promotion or play the Rs 1 rupee game on This year’s Daraz Mobile Week 2021 has already started on June 16 and will last until June 23. June 2021. A full range of Vivo smartphones is available, as well as premium gifts to go with the best-selling models. Buying Vivo smartphones through the Vivo flagship store ensures fast delivery of your purchases nationwide and secure payment methods.

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Vivo, in collaboration with, will be giving a presentation to its customers during the Daraz Mobile Week 2021, which will be held on the 16th. Early June 2021, good business. Shoppers can participate in the virtual world of mobile phones and choose their favorite Vivo smartphone with incredible gifts. As a consumer-focused brand, Vivo constantly strives to meet the changing needs of consumers and bring pleasure to its users. To offer its customers great surprises, Vivo has partnered with to present great offers during Daraz Mobile Week 2021. As a brand partner of Daraz Mobile Week 2021, Vivo will be giving away premium gifts such as original QCY headphones, an insulated bottle with Vivo logo and much more with the purchase of its best-selling smartphone models. Vivo fans can also enjoy great deals on Vivo’s innovative and trendy gadgets through the Mega Deal Basket, exclusively at Vivo’s flagship store at Vivo is also offering its customers the best-selling Y20 smartphone. To enter the draw, customers must register for the Mission Possible program or play the Rp 1 game on Daraz Mobile Week 2021 will run from Sept 16-20 to June 23, 2021 and will showcase the full range of Vivo smartphones as well as premium giveaways that come with the best-selling models. Moreover, customers can enjoy free and fast delivery nationwide and secure payment methods when purchasing Vivo smartphones at Vivo’s flagship store. Visit Vivi’s flagship store at and take advantage of these great deals now:

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