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The MOP Up: PUBG Mobile snaps its fingers and bans millions

The battle royale shooter genre is getting crowded. But as more and more players flock to the genre, companies must do everything they can to make sure the overall quality of the experience is high, and the users continue to return.

After nearly two weeks, we’ve finally got the details on the PUBG Mobile ban.

PUBG Mobile has taken a strong stance against cheating, and it appears to have the community on its side. This week, the game’s developer, Tencent, announced that it has banned the accounts of six million players for cheating. Tencent says that it chose to ban these six million players because they were the most active cheaters, and that – though it has not released data – appears to be true. Cheating in PUBG Mobile is incredibly common, and this week’s announcement is a strong indicator that the game is taking steps to stamp it out.

This could be one of the biggest prohibition hammer blows we’ve ever seen: PUBG Mobile has announced that it has deleted 3,884,690 accounts over the course of the week due to cheats and hacks. Impressive, but it’s not a good sign that there were nearly four million cheaters in the game before it was caught.

And this is justthe beginning ofthe rest of the news! Read on to discover other small MMO news and videos from the past week in this edition of The MOP Up (and if you don’t see the news we should be covering, give us a hint)!

Gameforge has added patch 107 to TERA version with class balance adjustments, UI improvements and boss fight changes.

Star Wars Galaxies Legends will be holding Empire and Remembrance Day… throughout the month of July. It’s a long day: Empire Day is now also a day when loyal Imperials mourn the loss of their Emperor. What was originally a day to commemorate fallen soldiers is now also a day to celebrate the establishment of the New Republic for former members of the Rebellion.

With theMU origin update 16, the Halidom system was added to increase the power of characters.

Hi-Rez is involved in Blockchaininitiatives that should give you chills.

Meanwhile in PUBG , new map and weapons were released in the 12.2 update.

Get your Animal Crossing: T-ShirtsNew Horizons ! Or not! I’m not your mother, I’m not dressing you.

Host ofCyberpunk 2077 feels that the game has been brought to a satisfactory level, but still needs work.

Path of Exile has confirmed that they will NOT make Ultimatum a permanent mechanism in the game. However, we like the content and we might come back to it later.

Hey, guys: Warface is now available in the Epic Game Store:


Path of Exile has released another video showcasing some of the excellent hideouts that have graced the gaming community:


The MMO industry produces more and more news every year – no single site can cover it all. That’s why each week we bundle all the extras into The MOP Up, our weekly compendium of MMO news that we don’t want to see lost in the rush of time. Send us your messages on our information line!

ViewAlthough mobile gaming is not a new thing, the phenomenon has recently garnered a lot of attention and become a hot topic in the gaming industry, with the recent surge in the popularity of the battle royale genre.  The reason for this is the rise in the popularity of a battle royale game called “PUBG” (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds). Millions upon millions of people have played this game, and it’s now the most viewed mobile game in the world. All of a sudden, PUBG’s popularity has made it a target for those who don’t want anyone to play their game. This is because of a feature that was introduced in the game, known as the “anti-cheat measure”, which keeps people from using. Read more about pubg banned in which countries and let us know what you think.

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