The how’s and why’s of negotiation

Although its importance has diminished in our culture, there are still places today where bargaining is downright mandatory. Here’s what you need to know about successful bargaining!

When making a purchase, we sometimes prefer to put a product back on the shelf because we are multiplying the amount on the price tag. It doesn’t even occur to us to try to negotiate a better price with the seller, even though the art of bargaining goes back thousands of years. Many are afraid of failure, although by mastering some skillful practice, we can become true masters in this field. 

Is there a bargain?

According to surveys, 89 percent of those who have ever tried to bargain for something have been successful at least once, taking the product home at a better price than the original. Yet, according to researches, many are afraid to bargain because they feel they would find rejected from the other party anyway and be ashamed of it and would brand them “cheap.” Although the expert believes that not only is it worth trying to bargain at a neighbor’s garage fair or flea market, but even a doctor or car dealer can skillfully practice the art of negotiation if we know the tricks to it. But what are they?

Be discreet

In addition to you, there may be plenty of other shoppers present in that particular store or room who, encouraged by your example, would immediately begin to bargain as soon as they hear you warp into something like this. So be as quiet and discreet as possible so that others are not informed of your intentions. This will better win the trust of the seller.

Be diplomatic

For a humble, kind buyer, sellers are far more lenient than someone who puffs or tries to force their will on them. Always be compromising and cooperative.

Make sure they do a good deal with you

In return for selling the particular vehicle to you cheaper at a car dealership, promise them that you will take it to them for repair in the future if there is any problem with it. In retail, don’t forget to stress how important it is for you to support local small businesses over multis. Sellers are more likely to start negotiating a price with you if there is a good reason for it.

Put it well

 Don’t let them shake you off quickly. To a question like, “Wouldn’t you like to let go of fifteen percent of the price of this TV?” Anyone can easily say no. On the other hand, if you put it this way, “this television looks great and would fit my wall perfectly. Can you help me?”, You already started a conversation in which you can express your opinion on the given thing, at the same time listening to the other person’s arguments.

Show me you’re in a picture

If the other party sees that you have some expertise in the thing in question, such as cars or antiques, it will be easier for you to tell the truth, and seeing your expertise, you will be more inclined to agree to a common ground. 

This implies a little bit of time and also some research and preparation. First of all, you have to know one thing or two about the subject and what to look for. Second, you have to be prepared for every situation. One great way to prepare for this is by playing online casino games. There you never know what comes next, so you can be prepared for every situation.

Always know how much that is

Look at things not only in your field but also in terms of market supply and prices before you start bargaining. It’s important to know what the realistic amount they can be charged for a particular product or service is and how much you can still deduct it in a sober manner.

Take advantage of the awkward silence

 Embarrassing silences can often occur during bargaining when neither party can say anything. Let us not be frightened, but let us take advantage of these moments. During the sudden pause, you are both waiting for the other to speak first. If we are patient enough, we will not break the silence, our “opponent” may give up the fight and say yes to our offer.

It doesn’t matter where and when we bargain

 If you try to negotiate a price at a store or company that has countless rivals in the same line of business, you have a better chance of success, as the other party may be afraid that you will try your luck more than the competition in unfavorable conditions. It is also worth paying attention to the different end-of-year, and other sales as each store try to get rid of its accumulated inventory as quickly as possible.

Jeremy Edwards
Jeremy Edwards
On Chain Analysis Data Engineer. Lives in sunny Perth, Australia. Investing and writing about Crypto since 2014.

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