The Best 6 Casino Review Sites for 2021

With an average of 1.6 billion people worldwide choosing to gamble online, the online gambling community has been booming in recent years.

As a result of this, new online casinos are launched almost daily in order to keep up with the demand. As a new player, it can be intimidating to try and find the right site or even the right game to play. It can all be very confusing. It can be difficult to understand casino bonuses, and what payback percentage is, or why having few payment options is bad. You can make the process of choosing an online casino easier by using a site that reviews them, such as these top 6 best-rated review sites., while being one of the top casino review sites for 2021, is so much more than that. Not only can you find all the UK online casinos you could imagine, but they even include a section on strategy and tips, giving players the opportunity to learn how to increase their chances of winning. shows you recommendations for sites and games by clearly displaying their bonuses and promotions, taking away the stress of finding the best discounts available. On top of that, they offer exclusive bonuses. To top it all off, they provide detailed guides for the most commonly played games including blackjack, poker and roulette, and so many more.

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If you are new to online gambling and looking to find the best place to start, is just the place for you. With only reviewing casinos that are licenced by the UK Gambling Commission, it is ensured that all the sites they promote are not a scam, and 100% legitimate and safe to use. Since 2015, they have been regularly posting reviews about all sorts of casinos. Ease of access seems to be a top priority for them. As you open the site, you see all sorts of online casinos they recommend, along with a rating and a link directly to the site. You can choose to browse by category instead, by clicking on top-rated, most popular, highest bonus percentage, and newest casinos, to name a few. One of the best features of this page is that it goes into so much detail, all the way to how to register with an online casino, making it especially useful to beginners.

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Having been up and running for 25 years, is one of the oldest casino review sites, and also considered one of the most versatile. Its shows the best options for people in whichever country they reside making online gambling accessible to anyone of legal age.

To refine your search even more, they provide of search function where you can put in the game of your choice, the device you will be playing on, and your preferred pay-out speed, and they will find the site most compatible to what you are looking for. Not only can you find any games you want to play but you can also keep up to date with anything and everything going on in the gambling industry through their news feed.

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The first thing you see as the site opens is a whole hoard of casinos that come highly recommended by experts. This is just one of the bonuses that makes such a fantastic site for those looking to find out more about different online casinos.

Reviews are plentiful, coming in both video and written format, you can find out almost anything there is to know about the online gambling world from games to bonuses that different casinos offer, to news about all the happenings in the world of gambling., founded in 2012, is a site exclusively for online casinos based in the US, as stated in the name. The way online casinos are chosen to be recommended is by focusing on fast pay-out and secure deposits, player safety, and site inscription trusted software providers, and top-rated customer support.

As soon as the site is accessed, you will see a list of recommended sites, but along with that, you will see all of the payment options available for each online gambling site.

Being around for 21 years now, is one of the livelier and more fun websites that reviews online gambling sites. With the option to play for fun, while playing these free games they provide tips and strategies through your play to better your skill for when you start playing with real money.

Here you will also find instructional videos on hundreds of different games and all the news you need to know about everything online gambling. One of the site’s best features is that one of the first things you see is what casinos are recommended for you to play in your country.

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